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dragonfly35 2 months ago


The driving was a bit tough and I got a bit sore from being in the car, but the trip was about the right length to work for me. Our room was lovely, and we were able to find some easy hiking that worked perfectly for this pregnant lady, and to explore some parts of Big Sur we didn’t see on our previous trip. And I ate and ate with no regard to nutrition. ;) I feel very refreshed and relaxed now, and am so glad we took this trip together. 1 month ago

dragonfly35I'm also doing June Bootcamp

on PopClogs (with a different name) but I’m open to possibly also making entries here or having slightly different goals. I’ll think about it. Nothing will actually start until I’m back from my trip, and since my first day back is a busy day, I possibly won’t start anything until near the end of the first week of June, to be honest. 2 months ago

dragonfly35OK, I'm out :)

I lost the thread of this towards the end of the month and did not do as well at tracking or really working on the goals I had set for this bootcamp. I’m headed out of town tomorrow, so I’m just going to close out May bootcamp now. I did find this goal helpful in motivating me to make time for the things that matter this month. I certainly did better than I had been doing in months previous! I hope to continue these kinds of routines over the coming months as well. 2 months ago

dragonfly35Eek! We leave tomorrow!

This week has been even busier than I’d expected and I feel a bit unprepared, but we leave tomorrow anyway. :)

Things I need to do

  • Packand organize car
  • Wash sheets and towels
  • Make up spare room bed
  • Print out instructions for dog sitter and leave any necessary items out for her
  • Mail check
  • Print out any important directions/ instructions in case phones don’t work
  • Water lawnand garden
  • Take out trash and recycling

Things I should do

  • Call groomer
  • Brush Blitz
  • Clean up dog hair
  • Clean bathroom
  • Do my laundry
  • Organize fridge
  • Trim baskets
  • Fill out paperwork for photo session, or at least email the lady and explain the delay2 months ago

dragonfly35HOW CAN IT BE MAY 28TH?

Is it time to panic yet? lol

I am feeling very low energy after a relatively high-energy week last week, and we are headed out of town this weekend, so I’m feeling the need to get organized a bit. Keeping the list super basic for now as I only have a couple of days to get stuff done in, and they are looking fairly busy as it is.

Vacation prep
  • Email check to dog sitter
  • Write up dog sitter instructions
  • Wash sheets and make up bed in spare room
  • Do a little research about our destination
  • Pack and get ready to go
  • Do laundry
  • Clean bathroom
  • Get CSA box and put veggies away
  • Trim baskets
  • Water lawn and gardens
  • Cut up strawberries
  • Give Trifexis
  • Brush
  • Call groomer
  • Fill out paperwork for photo session 2 months ago

dragonfly355/28/14 Wednesday 7:56pm gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For seeing students improve – so rewarding!
  2. For opportunities for much needed rest
  3. For a very effective fan
  4. For my prenatal class and a chance to reflect on my pregnancy journey
  5. For a damn good burrito :)

Thank you. 2 months ago

dragonfly35May 27 and 28

Oh, dear. The end of the month is looming! Well, I can say for sure that I have not succeeded in fully implementing the Power Hour, but it has been helpful to have as a goal. My food goals have slipped a bit since I passed the diabetes screen :) – guess I lost a little motivation. ;) But I have been mostly successful with regards to that this month.

Daily Power Hour

Tuesdays are always intense for me, and yesterday was no exception. Frankly, I think I only did 15 minutes out of my hour (more baby registry research). I did some cleaning, but probably not a full 15 minutes.

Today was also intense as I’d accepted an additional work assignment and was dealing with more fatigue again today. I definitely did more of my Power Hour, though. 45 minutes out of my hour done so far.
  • 15+ minutes cleaning up (lots of basic maintenance to do since I didn’t do much yesterday)
  • 75 minutes of yoga (went to my prenatal class today)
  • 15 minutes of various baby research projects

The Weekly Feast

Ugh. Have gotten totally stalled in the kitchen lately. Eating leftovers and things that don’t require real cooking. If the fatigue gives me a break, I hope to get back on track tomorrow. I did, at least, get to the store yesterday to stock up.

Nutrition for Today

Tuesday – recovering from Monday’s overindulgence. Ate mostly at home, except my usual (free) bowl of soup while working, and all pretty healthy. Drank lots of water.

Today – a bit of a slide due to the fact that I’ve been quite tired today and my willpower sucks. :) Grabbed a burrito for lunch (could have been worse, I guess). I did eat breakfast and dinner at home, but could have been healthier and more balanced with my food choices. Oh, well. Now that I’m reflecting on it, I realize it could have been much worse! Did quite well with the water consumption today as well. 2 months ago

dragonfly35I imagine

if it really is going to be shut down, that there will be a formal notice posted about a month beforehand like for the other websites the Robots have shut down recently. The nice thing about hearing through the rumor mill (a semi-confirmed rumor, I gather, as a user received an email) is that we have a little extra time to prepare ourselves. I am grateful for that if the site really is to be shut down. 2 months ago

dragonfly355/27/14 Tuesday 9:46pm gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For time to rest
  2. For leftovers
  3. For getting the important stuff done
  4. That I can still do headstand
  5. For a colleague sharing her coupon with me

Thank you. 2 months ago

dragonfly35Doesn't really belong here, but...

I am a little miffed to discover that I’m not scheduled to examine this session. Because the baby is on her way, and because I’m usually only scheduled in this session, I’m not sure if they’ll have me in to examine this year… Sure, the work I just did is going to keep me current, but now I’m wondering if I’m going to get correctly paid for it, and also whether my certification will expire anyway due to being inactive.


We always used to support our examiners by giving them work each session so they could remain in practice, etc., but things are different now. It’s a shame. 2 months ago

dragonfly35Just a few days!

Need to do a little more planning, send the check for dog sitting, and get everything ready for the dog sitter at home. And pack, of course. :) 2 months ago

dragonfly35Catching up

Missed a few days, and don’t think I can reconstruct all of them from memory since I haven’t kept any notes, but let’s see if I can at least catch up for the weekend.

Saturday, May 24th
I was so very grateful:
  1. For making progress on decisions about things we need to get for baby
  2. For a fun excursion with the dog
  3. For good food
  4. For continued energy throughout the day
  5. That the fireworks weren’t audible inside with the windows closed – must be the cloud cover?
Sunday, May 25th
I was so very grateful:
  1. That we were able to discuss a very difficult and emotionally laden topic and come to understand each other’s points of view better
  2. That my husband has wonderful intentions of making things better for me
  3. That it was warm enough outside to dry my yoga clothes before class
  4. For an indulgent dinner
  5. For a renewal of community
Monday, May 26th
I was so very grateful:
  1. For having a good team
  2. For a message of acknowledgment
  3. For rest
  4. That my friend G is here, even though our plans had to be postponed
  5. For (over)indulging in flourless chocolate cake

Thank you. Thank you. 2 months ago

dragonfly35May 25 and 26

Said I was coming back with entries and then totally dropped the ball on that! I’ve definitely been busy. Had a few very productive days (though not necessarily on track with the goals of boot camp) and then a couple of exhausted days now.

Daily Power Hour

I was not focused on this over the past week/ weekend, even though I was very productive.

On Sunday – 30/60 minutes:
  • Spent over 15 minutes cleaning counters, floors, doing laundry, etc.
  • Spent over 15 minutes researching baby stuff
On Memorial Day – 15/60 minutes:
  • Spent over 15 minutes researching baby stuff

The Weekly Feast

Did not make it to the grocery store or cook. :( The plan has kind of gotten off track and I need to reconsider it again and get going with the meals I’ve been intending to cook.

Nutrition for Today

I got a bit splurgy for dinners (Sunday night was Italian, so a bit carb heavy, and Monday night was healthy but then ended with a ridiculous dessert). Monday’s breakfast was also on the unhealthy side (too much cheese, not enough fruits and veggies). I also struggled to drink enough water all weekend – just kept forgetting to do it. Oh, well. Holiday weekends can be like that – back on track for today! 2 months ago


I think this is one of the things that makes it extra hard for teachers… We really want to inspire our students to certain attitudes and a certain level of effort, respect and appreciation, so when our students do not get there, we are not only hurt by the students’ behavior, but we feel a kind of failure on our own part as well. At least, I do.

It is difficult, sometimes. (((((JustJürgen))))) 2 months ago


Ongoing goals that might outlive the site, I am transferring to PopClogs for now and may also hang onto in another place for safe keeping.

I do have quite a lot of writing here from times of great transition in my life, musings about personal transformation and so on… but I have been known to get rid of old journals of that sort, and I think I would feel fine letting go of it here too, though I will continue to consider. 2 months ago

dragonfly35Lost a couple of days there

and with no records, I don’t feel like trying to sort them out in memory. They were busy days and I’m sure my Power Hours didn’t go that well during them. I will start again with an entry for today and proceed through May 30th. (Going out of town for our babymoon on May 31st, so I will let myself off the hook for the last day in May.) 2 months ago

dragonfly35Making big strides

Chose the crib yesterday (though didn’t buy it yet) and are close to deciding on the crib mattress and the carrier(s) that we want, and have made some progress on narrowing down the carseat choices, so we are getting close on the big things. 2 months ago

dragonfly35I have not been around for a few days...

It’s been very busy here with extra work responsibilities and other commitments, and I’ve been spending some time over on PopClogs checking it out as well. However, I do intend to keep spending time here for now, even as I take steps to be able to maintain motivation in setting and achieving my goals if and when this site is no longer here. :)

I am currently leaning towards not keeping my entries from this site at all, just letting them go in the true spirit of impermanence. I’m not sure now, but I’m definitely considering it. I know I could download or save stuff from here, but I feel like it might just become electronic clutter that I never look at, and I wonder if there’s any point. Just musings, for now. 2 months ago


Successful in all levels, and good to go for another year. Yay! 2 months ago

dragonfly355/21/14 Wednesday 9:16pm gratitude reflections

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For staying productive today and catching up on some important work
  2. For a regrouping of 43Ters on PopClogs… jury is still out, but it’s nice to have somewhere to go :)
  3. That in spite of not having a rest today, I managed to get a good sleep last night and stay off my feet enough today that they are not sore and I still feel pretty good at the end of the day
  4. For my wonderful prenatal yoga class and spending some time connecting with other mamas
  5. For a delicious cookie – enjoyed every bite!

Thank you. 2 months ago

dragonfly35May 21

Pretty good day today. I didn’t take a rest, actually, and got quite a lot done, including all 5 things on my 5 daily accomplishments goal for the first time in ages! I did not do all the things, of course, but I’m pleased.

Daily Power Hour

45 minutes done today:

  • 15+ minutes reading about baby stuff
  • attended a prenatal yoga class, so 75 minutes of yoga today
  • 15+ minutes cleaning and tidying

Once again, did not get to the filing, but I don’t think it was a priority today, quite frankly.

The Weekly Feast

Very simple – made veggie burgers after class, but pretty good even though I used frozen patties. :) Also cut up the rest of the watermelon, so it’s ready to go in the fridge. Also, made more chicken for Blitz’ training treats. They didn’t have any small packs, so I got and cooked three chicken breasts for him. Only had time to cut up two, so the last one needs to be cut up and frozen tomorrow.

Nutrition for Today

Well, I did indulge in a cookie :) but other than that, I ate well and all at home today. Lots of fruit and veggies and protein, and fairly good water intake as well. 2 months ago

dragonfly35May 22

  1. Get ready for tomorrow’s meeting
  2. Do CPE marks collection (maybe)
  3. Update mentor paperwork
  4. Do some watering
  5. Cut up last chicken breast and freeze for Blitz 2 months ago


is done as well. I re-watched one of the videos for a refresher and then successfully completed the marks collection. Took me 45 minutes. Just one more level to go, and I should be able to complete it tomorrow or Friday. 2 months ago

dragonfly35Rumor has it

this place is on its way out… LIGEMS heard it directly from one of the robots – no date is set but possibly July. So… I’m at 808 goals now. I wonder how many I can take care of by the time 43T is no more! 2 months ago

dragonfly35All things must end

and I hear the Robots will be shutting down 43T in July or thereabouts. Impermanence is the nature of things, and yet so difficult to work with. Here is an opportunity if I ever saw one. It is going to be hard, for sure…

I’m thinking about whether to go through and back up entries, or whether to just let them go. I am leaning towards the latter. On to the next thing, perhaps.

I’m not sure yet, but there is still time to process this.

That nothing is static or fixed, that all is fleeting and impermanent, is the first mark of existence. It is the ordinary state of affairs. Everything is in process. Everything—every tree, every blade of grass, all the animals, insects, human beings, buildings, the animate and the inanimate—is always changing, moment to moment.
~ Pema Chodron

If we are not empty, we become a block of matter. We cannot breathe, we cannot think. To be empty means to be alive, to breathe in and to breathe out. We cannot be alive if we are not empty. Emptiness is impermanence, it is change. We should not complain about impermanence, because without impermanence, nothing is possible.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh 2 months ago

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