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dragonfly35I love Goodnight Moon!

Can’t wait to read it to my daughter. :) 3 weeks ago

dragonfly35I don't go

to goal pages much any more. There were people I used to visit regularly and no longer see much… some because they stopped posting and some because our paths have simply stopped intersecting. 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Too passive

Are you the kind of person that confronts people when they are doing something that affects you in a negative way?
No, almost never. Although I may confront people when I think it is my job to do so, or sometimes if it is affecting others in a negative way.

Or, are you a person who just lets it slide, even if it makes you feel like garbage, rather than actually talk to someone about an issue?
Yes, this is much more me.

How does it make you feel, if you just keep “taking crap” from someone instead of confronting them?
Not great, but I tend to try to avoid the whole situation rather than confront them.

Does it make you feel anxious to confront someone, or do you find it kind of exciting? Terribly anxious.

How often do you find yourself in conflict with others? More than once or twice a year?
Very rarely.

Have you ever called the police on someone? If so, why, and how did it go?
Only for work (see first question). Someone who was inebriated and/or mentally ill was disrupting business. It went fine – we got a fast response.

Is there anyone right now that you really should be talking to, about something that is affecting you in a negative way?
Probably, but I’m probably avoiding thinking about it so much nothing comes to mind. ;) 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Starting out

My first job was babysitting, for which I only had to be responsible and available.

My first job in the ESL teaching field was as a student intern. It was a position basically created for me when I called a language school out of the blue and was lucky enough to speak to the right person who wanted to help me and saw how I could be a huge asset to their school. I was a kind of gofer/ behind the scenes person (making copies, being an extra voice or participant in the classroom, etc.) In return, I got to learn a ton about the field and graduated with some really good experience. I also worked as a tutor and had to do an approved internship through my program. These were other ways to get experience before getting a “real” job in the field.

My first real teaching job was overseas. This is something else a lot of ESL/ EFL teachers do to get around this problem because it’s way easier to get a job in a foreign country where many schools are just happy you are a native English speaker. I had more experience than most when I started. Then you can come back with experience in the field, which might help you get a job.

When I started teaching yoga, I had to offer classes in the park for free. Then I got involved in donation based community classes at a studio, and then started a program for a woman who wanted yoga classes associated with her personal training business. I worked for next to nothing. Sometimes no students would show up and I wouldn’t get paid. Sometimes, I would get less than $5 for a class, but I built experience. That allowed me to eventually be hired as a sub at a couple of studios, and eventually to be put on their regular schedules.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, experience is never the whole story. On the other hand, experience is a big factor in how a teacher will do. I was a natural teacher so I did OK at the start, but I am still a way better teacher now that I have more experience than I was in the beginning.

It can make it hard to change careers, even slightly, and is a little unfair when folks don’t consider transferable skills. When I was trying to get an international student advising job at a university, I couldn’t even get an interview because I’d never worked at a university, even though I had a MA in the field and had much of the applicable knowledge and skills from other work that I’d done. And I’ve taken quite a financial hit starting out as a yoga teacher – could never have done it without my husband’s income because it takes years to start making money when you’re new. That’s really tough – but I still see the value of my experience in this case. 4 weeks ago

dragonfly352014 Garden

I have my little flower bed and my hanging baskets in the front. I’d love to get some vegetables going, but there are repairs needing to be done to our back fence. The landlord removed the grapevine and might remove our pink jasmine as well so that the fence can be repaired. My garden beds are in front of the fence, so everything is on hold right now. Mildly annoying, but honestly I am not keeping up very well this year so maybe I should consider it a message from the universe. Not sure I will be comfortably bending over garden plots this summer. :) 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Headed to Kripalu with my mom

and need coverage for three classes. Looks like I have subs for two of them, so I just need to cover one more. 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35It's Spring!

Rather than making a whole list of cleaning tasks and checking them off, I think I’d rather list my progress here, the things I do get done in the next month or so. So let’s say, the housecleaning and decluttering tasks I accomplish by my birthday, April 22, will be proudly recorded here. This just seems more realistic given my current energy levels. :)

P.S. Originally put this on my list as 2013. Guess I should catch up with the times!4 weeks ago

dragonfly35It was delivered

a week and a half ago, and is still in the box. I’m not sure whether its assembly is going to require the help of a non-pregnant person or not, but I should at least find out. Normally I love furniture assembly (weird, I know) and am the one to do tasks like this in our family, but if the pieces are too big and heavy, I may not be able to right now. 4 weeks ago


  1. Order refill on my prescription (Why do I always leave this until the last minute?!)
  2. Responded to/ sent some nagging emails from the past 1+ week
  3. Prepped for my doula interviews 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35March 24

  1. Laundry
  2. Order Rx Refill
  3. Prep & maybe submit FSA claimsStarted but need more info from C before I can finish them.
  4. Book SDGE inspection
  5. Prep interviews4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Belated weekend gratitude reflections

Friday, March 23
I was so very grateful:
  1. For working with a community of kind and caring people
  2. For seeing myself as a mother
  3. For getting phase one of a project done
  4. That I have the skills so that an awkward and uncomfortable private lesson was at least easy to teach and went by quickly
  5. For a delicious dinner special
Saturday, March 22
I was so very grateful:
  1. For a brunch that really hit the spot
  2. For some time to rest after a very busy week
  3. For a potluck dish that is fast and reliable to make
  4. That a birthday party was not too painful and even fun at times
  5. For chocolate
Sunday, March 23
I was so very grateful:
  1. For my morning off
  2. For actually sleeping in a bit, sort of
  3. For some quiet time with my husband and Blitz
  4. That they had my contacts and did not have to order them
  5. To see M again and have her take my class

Thank you. 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Excited and a bit nervous

Today I’m interviewing two doulas to see if we want either of them to attend Baby Firefly’s birth. I will feel so much better when we have the doula picked out. This is a huge step.

I’m also hoping to really get on top of the decluttering process this week.

We are just under halfway, which is a bit scary! 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Great class!

We took the Preparing your Dog for Baby class just over a week ago, but my mom was visiting at the time and it took me a while to post about it. It was very worthwhile. Lots of great information and training ideas! Also, it had the added benefit of teaching my husband a lot of things to look for in terms of dog body language, etc., that he didn’t know. :)

Now we have to work on the associated training tasks. We are working hard on having peaceful walks, as that will be important once I’m carrying a baby.

Step one is probably to read the booklet we got from the course cover to cover. 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35I know...

I already have nagging task goals on my list. But argh! There are a million of them!

It would help if I could get 10 done, at least. :) 4 weeks ago

dragonfly35Not exactly

rocking this goal. Ha ha! 4 weeks ago


Mind over Labor by Carl Jones

I have a feeling I’ll be reading a lot more non-fiction this year. ;) 4 weeks ago

dragonfly353/19/14 Wednesday 7:08pm gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For prenatal yoga and connecting with other mamas
  2. For a busy and fulfilling day
  3. That I can try to help our new neighbors with their dog problems… I hope they don’t give up their dog!
  4. For feeling my baby :)
  5. For love

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly353/18/14 Tuesday 10:27am gratitude reflections

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For an early start
  2. That the lesson schedule worked out
  3. For an appreciative student
  4. For getting chores done in my breaks
  5. For a variety of interesting work

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Weekend reflections

Saturday 3/15
I was so very grateful:
  1. For having my mom in class
  2. For a delicious breakfast
  3. That Blitz did so well while the new neighbors were moving in
  4. For a really useful and worthwhile class
  5. For ditching Plan A and going the easy route
Sunday 3/16
I was so very grateful:
  1. For homemade breakfast and a relaxing morning in the backyard
  2. That Blitz just sniffed quietly when the new neighbors’ dog was in its yard
  3. For a walk on the beach
  4. That I remembered to go to class
  5. For a lovely last evening with my mom
Monday 3/17
I was so very grateful:
  1. For unexpectedly cooler weather
  2. For the chance to take a small hike with my Mom and Blitz
  3. For delicious leftovers
  4. For a smooth trip home for my mom
  5. That one of the things I cooked worked out

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly35March 14

Probably will be many lists of 5 today.

  1. Water baskets and garden
  2. Bring trash cans into yard
  3. Sweep floors
  4. Wash spare room bedding
  5. Do dishes
  1. Make up spare bed
  2. Deposit checks & pay bills
  3. Clear off table
  4. Clean bathroom
  5. Dog laundry
  1. Trim baskets
  2. Meeting at studio
  3. Drop off free week card with neighbor
  4. Touch base with mentee
  5. Wash our sheets & towels1 month ago

dragonfly353/14/14 Friday 8:15am gratitude reflections

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For sunshine and bird song
  2. For feeling industrious
  3. For taking action on something that’s been stagnant
  4. That my mom will be here this afternoon for a visit
  5. For a work opportunity that seems interesting

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly353/13/14 Thursday 12:56pm gratitude reflections

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For discovering a good new restaurant in the neighborhood
  2. For an easy and pleasant new morning shift
  3. For a change in property managers – I hope it is better, but it can’t be worse, really
  4. For information – it’s power!
  5. For “new” (hand-me-down) maternity pants that look good and are very comfortable

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Belated reflections for Tuesday and Wednesday

March 11:
I was so very grateful:
  1. For 10 students who braved DST and came to my 6:30 AM yoga class!
  2. For new YTT students to mentor
  3. For a nap
  4. For choosing to give feedback and having it well received
  5. For catching up on my teaching notes
March 12:
I was so very grateful:
  1. For a great OB appointment and getting to hear Baby Firefly’s heart beating away in there :)
  2. For indulging in a breakfast burrito
  3. For a great first mentoring meeting
  4. For making it to prenatal yoga for the first time
  5. For helpful resources from unexpected places

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly35At it again

My “dud” of a mentee from a year ago has decided to complete her program. She has actually paid money, started attending again, and will apparently do her last three hours of mentorship with me. I’m not holding my breath but have agreed to complete our contract if she can prove to me that she is serious about completing her hours.

I’ll be working with two more trainees this session. One is a wonderful match. We have already made contact; she’s both taken and observed class with me, and we are having our first meeting today. I haven’t heard from the other yet; I know that I wasn’t actually one of her choices but due to a large number of trainees this time, some were not given their choices, unfortunately. She hasn’t made contact but I do hope that she does and that everything works out well for her. 1 month ago


I don’t play and have never bought a ticket, though I’ve been given tickets a couple of times. So I suppose there is a chance that I could win something. I have discussed this topic a lot because the discussion utilizes a certain challenging grammar construction that we teach a lot in ESL classes. LOL!

I used to always say that if I won, I would not stop working, but now I’m not so sure. I’m going to be a stay-at-home mom towards the end of this year, anyway, and I’m not sure when I might go back to work and how much. So I am going to be spending some time doing work that does not earn me an income, regardless of any lottery winnings. (Meeting my husband was my lottery win, I guess.) I think that if I were working when I won that I would probably be a lot pickier about the work that I accepted; I might work less, or volunteer, or take interesting contracts rather than worrying about a steady income. 1 month ago

dragonfly35In the middle...

I am generally a little slow to get technology. I wait for the price to come down, for one thing. I do like the latest technology when it makes an appreciable difference to something I value, but it can take me a while to actually acquire it. I do have a smart phone now, but I got the iPhone 4 because it was free rather than the 5 (which was the newest at the time)...

And I don’t use tech much, other than my laptop and iPhone. I don’t have an iPad or any e-readers of any kind, though I’ve considered it. We do have a Roku and mostly use that for any movies/ TV that we watch.

We will be limiting technological exposure for the baby, so I will need to learn to put down my phone and not use it in front of her. That should be good for me, since I do tend to use it a bit too much for my own good. 1 month ago

dragonfly35I'm so sorry


Thinking of you, Josh. It is hard to lose our beloved animals. I had rabbits when I was a child – they were both amazing companions. My second one was also named Bunny. :)

I’m very sorry for your loss. 1 month ago


I don’t agree. I think they made the right call in this game.

I think I heard the same interview. He also pointed out that there are many close games where we say, “There really were no winners or losers here. Both teams deserved to win.” In this case, both teams not only deserved to win, but both teams did win. I think that’s a great outcome in this situation.

I think learning to graciously tie for the championship is a valuable lesson for kids these days. Win at all costs, not so much.

I also think that they should have a sense of pride in the hard work and heart it obviously took both teams to be tied after 7 overtimes! Amazing! Teaching kids to be proud of their work regardless of outcome is also so valuable. I wish that I was better at this myself.

For me personally, words like “wimpy” are really loaded because I think they are code for some mental patterns that can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Of course, I am a yoga teacher and I try to teach people to listen to their bodies. Many of them learned at a younger age (perhaps playing high school hockey?) not to listen to their bodies, to play through at all costs. I myself still suffer from injuries I incurred pushing my body too hard in high school. Many of us are so disconnected from our bodies and our instincts by the time we reach adulthood that we have a really hard time moving back to health.

Just my opinion. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Thank you!

It’s very exciting. Starting to feel very real now. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Name shortening

without permission is just rude. lol

I hate when people shorten my first name too. People do it ALL the time, and the short form is quite ugly to my ear. Drives me crazy. Plus, you ought to know a person before you go shortening her name.

I went so far as to insist people use a different short form for a while, and that worked for one group of friends. My true friends either use that short form or my full name. Anyone who shortens my name the usual way is, you can be sure, not a very close friend. Ironically.

My former boss is named Steven and doesn’t like to be called Steve. We could always tell when a solicitor was calling for him because they would ask for Steve. Pretty much anyone he really wanted to talk to would ask for Steven. 1 month ago

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