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dragonfly35In the middle...

I am generally a little slow to get technology. I wait for the price to come down, for one thing. I do like the latest technology when it makes an appreciable difference to something I value, but it can take me a while to actually acquire it. I do have a smart phone now, but I got the iPhone 4 because it was free rather than the 5 (which was the newest at the time)...

And I don’t use tech much, other than my laptop and iPhone. I don’t have an iPad or any e-readers of any kind, though I’ve considered it. We do have a Roku and mostly use that for any movies/ TV that we watch.

We will be limiting technological exposure for the baby, so I will need to learn to put down my phone and not use it in front of her. That should be good for me, since I do tend to use it a bit too much for my own good. 1 month ago

dragonfly35I'm so sorry


Thinking of you, Josh. It is hard to lose our beloved animals. I had rabbits when I was a child – they were both amazing companions. My second one was also named Bunny. :)

I’m very sorry for your loss. 1 month ago


I don’t agree. I think they made the right call in this game.

I think I heard the same interview. He also pointed out that there are many close games where we say, “There really were no winners or losers here. Both teams deserved to win.” In this case, both teams not only deserved to win, but both teams did win. I think that’s a great outcome in this situation.

I think learning to graciously tie for the championship is a valuable lesson for kids these days. Win at all costs, not so much.

I also think that they should have a sense of pride in the hard work and heart it obviously took both teams to be tied after 7 overtimes! Amazing! Teaching kids to be proud of their work regardless of outcome is also so valuable. I wish that I was better at this myself.

For me personally, words like “wimpy” are really loaded because I think they are code for some mental patterns that can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Of course, I am a yoga teacher and I try to teach people to listen to their bodies. Many of them learned at a younger age (perhaps playing high school hockey?) not to listen to their bodies, to play through at all costs. I myself still suffer from injuries I incurred pushing my body too hard in high school. Many of us are so disconnected from our bodies and our instincts by the time we reach adulthood that we have a really hard time moving back to health.

Just my opinion. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Thank you!

It’s very exciting. Starting to feel very real now. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Name shortening

without permission is just rude. lol

I hate when people shorten my first name too. People do it ALL the time, and the short form is quite ugly to my ear. Drives me crazy. Plus, you ought to know a person before you go shortening her name.

I went so far as to insist people use a different short form for a while, and that worked for one group of friends. My true friends either use that short form or my full name. Anyone who shortens my name the usual way is, you can be sure, not a very close friend. Ironically.

My former boss is named Steven and doesn’t like to be called Steve. We could always tell when a solicitor was calling for him because they would ask for Steve. Pretty much anyone he really wanted to talk to would ask for Steven. 1 month ago

dragonfly35I wanted

to use this name, too, but my husband is not crazy about it. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Oh, yes!

I need to do that too. There is starting to be something to photograph. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Week of March 10

Ha ha! Goodness. I didn’t do very well on last week’s list. Was feeling tired towards the end of the week and had to rest… There’s just no telling what my energy is going to do these days!

  • Prepare and mail: letter to my aunt, shirt for friend, toy for MIL’s dog
  • Fill new glasses Rx
  • Get artificial tears
  • Fill contact lens Rx
  • Fight for TSH test!
  • Go to at least 2 yoga classes One done!
  • Watch a Yoga U course
  • Get groceries
  • Deposit checks
  • Pay bills
  • Clear out fridge
  • Call re: error in dog license
  • Clear out purse and wallet
  • Taxes/ financial records/ FSA
  • Trim baskets
  • Water lawn
  • Water baskets and gardenat least twice
  • Call re: heater
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean floors
  • Wash dog laundry
  • Wash sheets and towels
  • Do my laundry
Get ready for Mom’s visit:
  • Wash sheets& towels
  • Make up bed
  • Sweep up in spare room
Baby stuff:
  • Call again re: doulas – I keep doing this and am having trouble getting through… I finally called the general # to confirm I am calling the right #... and then left another message. Next step may be an independent search, though, because I need to get this done. August is a busy birthing month.
  • Finish sorting through clothes/ books and make a Goodwill box
  • Continue to research and make choices about items we need
  • Finish putting away clothes that don’t fit
  • Get some more maternity clothes1 month ago

dragonfly353/10/14 Monday 8:52am gratitude reflections

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. To have the day off
  2. That the headache from yesterday is (mostly) gone
  3. For lots of things to look forward to
  4. For bird song
  5. For fresh fruit

Thank you. 1 month ago

dragonfly35From a distance

How far from your childhood town/city do you currently live?
Different sources give me different distances. Apparently, I live approximately 1,339 miles/ 2155 km from my hometown (give or take a few miles). I believe that is the driving distance, not as the crow flies.

Is this the farthest? If not, how far was the farthest you’ve lived from your birthplace?
Harder to find this because it is not a route one can drive. Google suggests I once lived 4842 miles/ 7792 km from my birthplace. 1 month ago

dragonfly35I hope

we experience that this year! Last year we missed the mark. It was the first year we filed as a married couple and we hadn’t calculated things correctly. Refunds do indeed make things a lot more fun! 1 month ago

dragonfly35Intensely training these days

because Blitz started having some more issues after I got pregnant. (He became very protective of me, not in a good way.) As a result of our work, he is doing really well right now. Still overreacts to situations, but he is doing well.

I’m thinking some of his issues will always need management (trucks, buses, motorcycles, cats) and he will have slip-ups when those triggers are intense, but that I am satisfied with how things are going.

Some things (like people) need more work, but I feel like I have tools and ideas for how to address them.

The one thing that baffles me is other dogs (which he reacts badly to when he’s on leash or frustrated because he can’t approach them or doesn’t have control of his movements). I’m thinking of having our trainer come back for a private session to give me some ideas. He is doing OK with the techniques we are using, but I just can’t get him to progress past a certain point. I can’t figure out how to close the distance, and there’s only so much you can do with dogs who are not complicit in the training session, and dogs he knows don’t work either. I’m thinking if the trainer can provide a dog, we can maybe work on some specific new techniques to get us past where we are – if such a thing is possible. I would love to see continued progress in this area because he’s doing so well with everything else. 1 month ago

dragonfly35March 6

  1. Call re: error in dog license
  2. Deposit checks
  3. Clean out purse and wallet
  4. Take care of hanging baskets
  5. Mail shirt to friend 1 month ago

dragonfly35A mini-goal for me

in view of catching up on the benefits of my membership. Before baby comes! 1 month ago

dragonfly35Not fun

but important. If I get started on this, then my husband can take care of his part and we can file. It is much more complicated doing taxes as a couple, for sure. :(

I was not well organized this year in terms of financial records of any kind, so that makes this harder. At least, I do have forms for my different sources of income this time, so there shouldn’t be too much to do to fill in the gaps. That is a lifesaver. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Really starting to feel pretty good

now. And I’m showing quite a bit, which is weird but also nicer than just looking chubby. And people are starting to know about it, which is also nice.

I’m rather enjoying this part, although there is a lot to do!

I hope I continue to feel better. My main issue these days is not sleeping very well. I am just kind of resigned to the fact that it will be years before I sleep well again, if at all. :) 1 month ago


I hardly ever use it, though I often intend to use it more. I used to use it more often when I lived alone. I’d use my Saturday mornings to catch up with far-away friends and family. Now I spend my Saturday mornings with my husband and dog, and not on Skype.

I guess one problem was the folks who were always contacting me on there were not the folks I wanted to talk to, so I was always set to invisible and just didn’t use it much.

It works well for me when I do use it to talk to my friends overseas. I mostly just talk to my parents on the phone because they have free long distance and I’ve never been able to get them to use Skype.

I’m guessing Facetime will get used a lot once the baby gets here. 1 month ago


memory foam! I had a topper once, from Costco I think, (because my boyfriend at the time didn’t like our mattress and was hoping the topper would help). I was definitely not a fan. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Sorry :(

I imagine that would be really hard. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Personal questions

How do you feel about pap smears?
Personally, I don’t mind them. I guess I’m lucky. I don’t find them that uncomfortable, and I’ve always had very gentle and compassionate doctors do them. I’ve mostly only had female doctors – I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Not that male doctors can’t be gentle and compassionate, but women know exactly what it feels like. I used to feel slightly uncomfortable/ embarrassed about having them, but I mind less now. I’m guessing childbirth is going to make that amount of exposure look like a walk in the park. Also, I have had a much more painful/ traumatic procedure so paps seem really easy now.

Are you forced to have them to get your birth control pills?
No, because I will never go on birth control pills again. However, I get them regularly because I had issues with an abnormal one a few years ago and my doctor likes to monitor closely.

Any interesting stories relating to exams like this?
Not really, but my husband recently came with me to my first prenatal appointment and was surprised by a few aspects of “the drill”. He had never seen the stirrups or the “paper skirt” you have to put around your waist. LOL! I didn’t actually have a pap at that appointment because I’d had one recently, but I did have an internal exam so he got to see the procedure. 1 month ago


although I do feel the concepts of “giving something up” or “letting something go” that matters to you are valuable ones. Don’t do it for Lent though. Not a Catholic bone in my body, either. 1 month ago


Do you like your given name?
I do like my given name a lot, though I hate it when people shorten it to a nickname.

If you could rename yourself, what name would you pick?
No thanks. I’m trying to name our daughter right now (hopefully before she is born in August) and that is hard enough! 1 month ago

dragonfly35My guess

is they don’t actually want advice – they want sympathy or reassurance. In other words, they want to be told one particular thing. Or it is that resistance we have sometimes to actually having to change our position, admit we are wrong, meet someone halfway, or otherwise accept a reality that does not jibe with our mental construction of “how things are”. 1 month ago

dragonfly35Week of March 3

Getting organized:
  • Call re: error in dog license
  • Order filing cabinet
  • Book Kripalu birthday trip
  • Deposit checks
  • Arrange to get new prescription for glasses
  • Get artificial tears
  • Clean out purse and wallet
  • Submit FSA charges?
  • Finish my master list
Baby stuff:
  • Call re: doula program (left message)
  • Put a hold on some pregnancy/ childbirth books from the library
  • Baby research projects
  • Go through clothes and books from my friend
  • Take care of back garden
  • Groom Blitz
  • Take care of hanging baskets
  • Call groomer
  • Wash sheets and towels
  • Wash sheets from spare room
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean floors
  • Water lawn towards end of week
  • Send shirt to my friend!
  • Write to my aunt 1 month ago

dragonfly35Still working on it

but beginning again and again. :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35Getting pretty close!

I am at 791 things now. If I keep being productive at my current rate, this should happen soon! :) 1 month ago

dragonfly35 1 month ago

dragonfly35 2 months ago


I’m pretty sure I will keep fleshing this out as I go along, but I have a fairly extensive list to start with. I am finally feeling great and getting tons done every day, even with lots of extra rest time! Feeling optimistic about finally getting my house in order and getting ready for Baby Firefly before she arrives. 1 month ago

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