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elhuezudo16Day 3 - 20th through 24th of September.

I could not update this during the week because of the endless amount of work I had to do. With that in mind, lets start.

~Falling asleep on Friday after the end of the week.
~Realizing that I’ve changed over the year.
~Accepting that there will be failure in life
~Discovering this new world of Fantasy that I was unaware of 2 years ago

elhuezudo1619th of September, 2011

So I finished the majority of my work. I think I might be able to sleep at 10:30 today! 2 years ago

elhuezudo16Day 2 - 19th of September, 2011

Knowing that a girl feels the same way for me as I feel for her. Yet, never saying one word about it. 2 years ago

elhuezudo16Memories of the Past - 19th of September, 2011


I see kids, 6-14, that are devious, but once I recall my childhood so was I. Yet, I was worse than fighting with my parents, or failing in school. I, though not by myself, hurt a kid younger than me in my childhood. Sure I didn’t bully him like the other kids would do, but I still did it to some degree! We drove him away from our neighborhood, and I feel bad about this. There’s no excuse for what I’ve done, but I feel the need to fix this. How? I’m not entirely sure, but I have to find away.

I’m sorry. 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo1618th of September, 2011

I read it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Challenge accepted. 2 years ago

elhuezudo1618th of September, 2011

Sadly, I have failed.

I still have more work, and I highly doubt I will be done by the time midnight comes.

I hope I learn from this. 2 years ago

elhuezudo1618th of September, 2011.

To get silver honor roll at my school you have to obtain a minimum of a B in every class. Last year I obtained silver honor roll three times, except first quarter since I was unaware of this and did not give my greatest effort.

This year I will aim higher and try for golden honor roll. This is a challenge for me since I only have one academic course, three honor courses, and two advanced placement courses. The rest of my classes are just electives.

At the moment I have:

Only seven days of school have passed so I don’t fear too much about my low grades. 2 years ago

elhuezudo16Day 1 - 18th of September, 2011

One thing… hmm.

The day I got to see my father again after many years. 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago

elhuezudo16 2 years ago


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