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worries about his relationship

Recent entries from endoffile
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I just wish it also contained the comments on my entries. 5 months ago


My girlfriend had severe digestion problems for many month, and other problems of that kind, before. I convinced her (in cooperation with her parents) to go to a doctor. The result is that she has to skip quite some foods for her digestion to recover. She’s on her new diet for nearly two months now and she has been a lot better than before the whole time. Now that’s a success! 16 months ago


Her jealousy seems to be killing our relationship. I’m not willing to promise that I will never meet female friends of mine alone, even when they are single. Or never having a vacation with my friends when she can’t join us. And she complains that I can’ love her, because I’m hurting her so much this way.

She also wants me to be jealous, but I don’t see a reason to be jealous. For her, love and jealousy go hand in hand. I don’t think so. 17 months ago

endoffile 20 months ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffileOur first kiss!

I’m in my early thirties and she’s in her mid-twenties, and both of us never kissed before, so we’re both very late. We had a wonderful first date which ended in lots of cuddling and a bit of kissing (and all that without a drop of alcohol). The kissing itself was not really awesome, but hey, we’re just starting and still have a lot to learn! After this great afternoon+evening+night, I’m impressed, happy and mostly speechless. 21 months ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffileBeeing confident first?

I’ve read a lot of times that people want to be more confident in order to do something. For me, it was helpful to see it the other way round. I took all my strength and did some of the things I wanted to do despite being terrible insecure and helpless.
Whatever the result was, just having tried was a boost for my confidence. 21 months ago

endoffileMy first dancing lesson ever

I’ve been to a Discofox basics lesson today, so I made a start for this goal. 21 months ago

endoffileGave my phone number to a woman

We’ve been cuddling quite intensely at a cuddle party, so I gave her my number afterwards, which she happily wrote down. While this seems to be quite easy for many people, I usually don’t dare. So I’m happy I did this time. 21 months ago

endoffileInvited a girl over to my place

We were meeting for lunch shortly before she had to leave the city for some days and I asked her to visit my new flat when she’s back. She agreed, but unfortunately she didn’t respond when I wanted to talk about the details when she was back.

A few weeks later I wrote her a text to ask if she’s ok or if I have done anything wrong. She replied immediately, apologized and explained why she didn’t reply. Well, I dared to ask again and she wants to meet when she’s back in town. I hope it’ll work out this time.

But the main point is: I dared to ask twice. A year ago, I would even have dared the first time! So even if this might lead to nothing, it helps me to be at least a bit more daring. 22 months ago

endoffile 22 months ago

endoffileThings are clearer now

I added this goal after moving twice in a few months, switching jobs and ruining my chances with a girl I had a crush on. More than eight months have passed since then, so I’ll make a small review now.

Things I’m happy with for now:
- I like my current flat
- My job is low stress, interesting enough and my coworkers are great
- I don’t stay at home too much, anymore
- I have many more friends than I used to have a few years ago
- I’m doing sports regularly

Things I want to change:
- My love life is still quite empty
- I’m not as shy and timid as I was two years ago, but I want to become even more daring
- I want to be more open in personal matters and have more serious discussions about things that matter to me.
- I want to keep trying new things

These lists havent changed in a while, so I’ll consider this goal to be completed. 22 months ago

endoffileKeep your car

Ruining your own finances won’t help your sister. I can understand that you might be feeling guilty, but you shouldn’t. Just keep helping your sister in small ways.

Isn’t there a way to get more child support? 22 months ago

endoffileI didn't organize this

It is a series of professionally organized cuddling events which has been going on for eight years now. So there are quite some regulars and new people come to an event after noticing one of the reports in the mainstream media.

It is odd indeed. But the instructions from the guide help to keep your mind on the task at hand, instead of wondering too much about how weird the situation might be. And it also feels a lot more normal when you see people acting like cuddling strangers was nothing unusual at all.

If anyone wants more details, let me know and I’ll explain more thoroughly.


endoffile 23 months ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffile 2 years ago

endoffileSeems to work somehow

I’ve been living in my own flat for six months now and it seems reasonably clean and orderly. While there’s still a lot to improve, the basics seem to work well enough that I consider this goal as reached. 23 months ago

endoffileI've also been stood up last year

She didn’t answer the phone, deleted her dating profile and I never heard from her again. I’m still wondering what went through her head at the time. 23 months ago

endoffileDon't be so hard on yourself

You don’t need to be an expert in everything you do! There are so many that can be fun or useful, even if you’re far from being an expert.

And concerning finding out what you want to do: Maybe you should just skip doing some of the things you currently do and see if you miss them. That gives you a different view on it than just thinking about it. 23 months ago

endoffileI'm going to see her again, tomorrow

I’d like to ask her what went wrong, but I’m not sure I will dare to ask. I’m not used to talking about such matters and it feels strange to start such a conversation nearly a year later. 23 months ago

endoffileI met her recently

She apologized for ignoring me and asked if I would meet her for lunch. We talked about what we’ve been doing during the time since we last met (about half a year). The atmosphere was friendly and it looks like I’ll meet her again in the near future. That was nice, but unfortunately it got me thinking about her a bit more again.

I’m alive and well, I just feel a bit lonely from time to time. I am meeting women and it looks like I’ll have two dates (via online dating) when I’m back in town at the start of the year.

Thanks for your compassion. 1 year ago

endoffileYou don't need a wife, a family, a car, a big house and a big paycheck

But having someone you love, people who are close to you, a pleasant place to live and enough money that you don’t have to constantly think about money certainly make life easier and often more joyful.

The important thing is to recognize when you have what you need and enjoy that, so you won’t always look for a bigger flat, more money and hotter girlfriend.

So, start out with finding out what it is that you need. That’s not easy but it helps a lot. 2 years ago

endoffileThey're female, so you should use the female forms

Anna ist Deutsche. Christine ist Französin. 2 years ago

endoffile 2 years ago

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