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is realizing that with no football, she really should be writing.

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Elizabeth PuglieseFabric and supplies

Going to take a lot of fabric, batting and backing. Especially the batting and backing. Those things are not cheap. The backing has to be muslin (well it doesn’t have to be, but it should be) preferably one solid piece of fabric.

Donations accepted. Fabric, gift cards, cash. Any cash left over from the this project will go towards Kiva or Oxfam Unwrapped. 19 months ago

Elizabeth PuglieseUntitled

I have the list of charities I can make quilts for. Some have rules and such, but they are all worthy. although I should probably check Charity Navigator first. 19 months ago

Elizabeth PuglieseGetting Organized

Well, I went through the Brady v. NFL docket to make sure I had all the filings to date. Then I updated the timeline. Next I will update my chapter list to really reflect where I think this is going. 2 years ago


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