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Recent entries from findingsekhmet


Going through my list of goals after focusing so much on my degree and discovering I can tick one goal out! Brilliant, feels good :-)

What to do with that degree is another issues but there is a nice feelings of completion, especially after all the work and stress. 18 months ago

findingsekhmet 6 years ago

findingsekhmetAnother lovely pic! :-)

Did you take it? Are you into photography?

I am looking into getting a DSLR after a loooong time with film camera, I love taking pictures! 3 years ago

findingsekhmeta drink with the girls

I’d planned to come back home by 9pm…
I should have known, I never went to go out, then i give myself a time to go back home and then I end up staying till late…

it was lovely to spend time drinking, even dancing with them. They are much younger than me but I really felt part of the group!

Came back not too late, 1.30am but hours later than planned. It was really nice and hey! we don’t always go out!!

It was really nice and I am not even drunk 3 years ago


in the process of!

I found out that ‘my colours’ are autumnal and it really makes a difference on how i carry the clothes, e.g. blue just doesn’t fit me.

So.. clearing anything that is not nice on me, anything I have seen for way too long, and hopefully will be left with a few things, and add more stuf slowly! More important is to feel good in the clothes and that the clothes are good on me, not that they are nice in the shop. I know, elementary but it took me a long time to realise this! 3 years ago

findingsekhmetwent for a run - and it rained!

hadn’t gone for a few years since feeling poorly and started 10 days ago!

this afternoon, had so much to do and waited, waited, too much to do, until I really felt like running – went, and 5 minutes later, it was pouring down, it felt so good! It wasn’t too cold, quite warm / heavy and the wind and the rain felt so good! lovely sensations on my skin. I love running, feel so much alive and although it brings a bit of symptoms, I get so much stamina, I can breathe so much better, its definitely worth it! 3 years ago

findingsekhmetLovely pic!!!

and quite arty actually, with the colourful clothes doted around your lovely baby!! you should do more :-) 3 years ago


Going camping at the end of June – something I have done in 5 years!!!! – which I love doing and I’ve left my (good) old tent at an ex-boyfriend’s… Can’t really knock on his door and ask it back, so I have looked at buying one at around £40 and I saw two today!

Sounds daft but it is a bit of an expense at the minute so I am going to sleep on it and go back tomorrow and choose one.
It was so exciting to look at those in the shop! 3 years ago

findingsekhmetwalking eye closed

I am trying to do (some) things eye closed after having a problem with my eyes that made me realised how much I (we) rely on visual clues / entertainment.

yesterday, i found myself in a field where there was nobody. i took my shoes off, closed my eye and slowly crossed the field – I roughly knew that I woudl not bump into people or trees. But the experience was lovely. the space and time seemed to shift in some ways which I couldn’t describe. It it as if I was surrounded by the space, envelopped by it.

sensations were heightened too, the grass under my feet, the sun and wind on my skin, the noises, eveything was so more ‘tasteful’. it was very hard to resist the temptation to open my eyes – I constantly felt I was in front of a big hole – but it was lovely!

I wish I had more time to do stuff like that. 3 years ago

findingsekhmetCooking in the sunshine

yesterday, I took the time (i.e. relaxed and tooking the time) to cook an asparagus tart. My little flat is pretty dark and my kitchen pretty small, but the sun just came through the kitchen window, illumiating what I was doing. I put some jazz / blues on and it was just perfect. It was such a simple moment, on my own, enjoying cooking, enjoying playing with food (which ended up not being that tasteful after all) but it was so relaxing and I just thought ‘hey, this is lovely’ 3 years ago

findingsekhmet16/5/11 Elective

Went to pick up my results from my elective creative writing course and got a really good grade, with brilliant feedback!!

I was so pleased – I am not doing too well other wise…. 3 years ago

findingsekhmetWatching 'old' French films

I watched ‘les Bronzes 3’, not too good as the first two but hey, I used to watch them as a kid and it was really nice to see the actors again

‘L’aventure, c’est l’aventure’ – such brilliant actors + humour is so French, it is nice….

Anglo-american and french films are so different in atmosphere / humour / focus etc. I feel a bit more like home when I watch the french ones 3 years ago

findingsekhmetstuffed aubergines

cooked a new receipe last night – the aubergine didn’t work too well (bit bland) but the stuffing was delicious!

I used Quorn instead of lamb and the combination of spices / raisins / lemon was gorgeous, I should use spices much more!!

Need to try again with either different veg or do something different wiht the aubergines 3 years ago

findingsekhmetWhat a concrete goal

this sounds more constructive, and will help me to focus on the little things in life which are enjoyable, not necessarily the BING-BANG of life. 3 years ago

findingsekhmetI survived!

without checking on the news since Monday – and didn’t miss it.
There have been a few times when the reflex of googling the Guardian or BBC websites came up and I had to stop myself, but that was easy and actually I did something much more productive instead.

quite pleased!!!! 3 years ago

findingsekhmetDoes anybody read these lovely quotes on the side of 43 pages?

“A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature.”
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

some are really good! 3 years ago

findingsekhmetBrilliant goal

but I am unsure how to measure it – how will I know? Will there any time when I think ‘that’s it, I am enjoying life! I am done’?

Need to re-think and be more specific – what do I enjoy? Really enjoy? 3 years ago

findingsekhmetthird degree

I’ve started so that one I’ll finish!!

I’d love to finish the Psychology one one, was really enjoying it (got really poorly that’s why had to stop)

Anyway, I’ll get there and be able to get better jobs 3 years ago

findingsekhmet11th May

doing quite ok with not checking on the news, although I hid from the rain yeasterday into a library, and the first thing I picked up was the Guardian… But I haven’t checked the news online since monday!!

Quite pleased, feeling like there is more space in my brain for what I need / want to do 3 years ago

findingsekhmetjust realised...

I am really addicted, not only I check UK news because I live here, but I also check European news because I want to know what is going on where I am from!!!!

It’s brilliant to check how different countries portray simmilar international news, but I do check the news way too much… 3 years ago

findingsekhmetcompulsive news...

unsure why, but i can check the news every hour when working on the net. This is not only ridiculous anyway as nothing important / that I must know will have happened in the past hour, but also there is something quite dark about all those gruesome and heavy things happening in the world and I seem attracted to check on this!!

I do not want to be oblivious to what’s around me – actually I really like to have an awareness of what is going on, but I feel I should really make an effort on my present life rather than getting upset / sad / angry about things that happens miles away.

I’ll see how I am doing for 5 days news-free… 3 years ago

findingsekhmetBrilliant isn't it!!!

Do you know RSA ANimate? The talks seem to be connected in some ways to TED but rather than being videos of people talking, somebody else draws and gives pictorial representations of the talks, usually in brilliant ways too. 3 years ago

findingsekhmetThank you!!

yes, that’s the one!
I couldn’t remember who it was – Fleur Adcock, you seem to have a very good knowledge of poetry, guessing it from a few lines!! :-) 3 years ago

findingsekhmetA question

Has anybody done anything recently that felt slightly out of your comfort zone? Thanks for any suggestions / comments 3 years ago


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