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So long, Farewell... Too sad

Recent entries from flowergirlresumed
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flowergirlresumed((((((((((Big Hugs))))))))))

What a nasty surprise out of the blue… Fingers crossed that all will be well xxx 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedOn a beautiful blue skied wintery day

1. Surviving x 4 12 hour night shifts
2. The beautiful double rainbow that has just appeared outside of my kitchen window
3. Leaving work smiling this morning
4. Knowing that my job can be incredibly intense at times but also incredibly rewarding
5. Having a laugh with work colleagues
6. Coping in a stressful environment
7. Somebody confiding in me
8. A couple of days off now
9. Youngest son’s Birth ~ Day happiness… He is going to be 14 tomorrow. Today he has friends round and tomorrow it will be family… He loves it all
10. Sunshine and blue sky today…. Gorgeous and a very welcome sight indeed 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedIt is difficult, I agree

but I guess if we are lucky enough, aware enough then the bad things can become the tools that may help us to grow in this life ~ time… Never an easy thing but also not impossible… :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedBreathe me dear...

It’s true, you do know more than you think, you’re just probably feeling overwhelmed is all… I too have felt like this many a time. I used to cram right until minutes before the exam was due to take place. People used to say that if you didn’t know it the day before then you wouldn’t know it by cramming…. This is something I completely dispute… Have faith in yourself and try to be calm. Good luck :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumed Cheri Huber tells us that

Nonacceptance is always suffering,
no matter what you are not accepting.
Acceptance is always freedom,
no matter what you are accepting. 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedI noticed

that… ;) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedIt is good

that she has been referred and that a diagnosis can hopefully be made… It is a step in the right direction x 11 months ago


was so so good… :) 11 months ago


that gets in my head and makes me want to sing out loud no matter where I am… Like this one by the Staves Gives me that happy feeling and I am constantly humming it at work at the mo :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedWatch out for

those seagulls… ;) Hope you are okay x 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedThe faux chocolate cupcakes

from the post punk kitchen are absolutely divine. I have made them for others (omitting to tell them that they are vegan until tried) and they have been declared best cupcakes that they have ever tasted… Delicious :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedCheers me dear...

I am pleased that I made a change in my life concerning my job…. So pleased…. The Bullfinches came last year, but 3 in very close proximity was a happy sight indeed, so bright and cheerful looking. As for Sherlock, such great entertainment, funny as well :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedI highly

recommend her books though you would probably have to purchase online… I read your other entry and felt a familiarity with what you were writing and fearing… Anxiety is completely paralysing. A nightmare!!! I was having a chat with someone the other day and it came to mind that when things are going well for me, I am almost waiting for them to go wrong. It is like I am wanting to be prepared, for when/if they do!!! It is all very complex and if I could shake it off then I would. It mostly feels like a waste of energy…. I need a change of consciousness regarding this issue. I am trying to move forwards, I want to enjoy the happier moments in my life and rid myself of feelings of apprehension… Good luck in 2014 SB, here’s hoping that we can begin to let go… Love to you x 11 months ago


1. Watching the 3 brightly coloured male Bullfinches sitting in the tree out of my kitchen window
2. Finding new footwear for work and having such a lovely shop assistant to sell them to me
3. Pleased that I stuck out my new job when I first started it… It felt way out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t sure that I could do it due to its pressures and responsibilities… But I knew that I had to give it a few months to decide and I am so glad that I did
4. Eating well this week
5. So far so good with the New Year’s resolution (I don’t usually make any)
6. Getting a lift to work yesterday and not getting soaked in the pouring rain… So kind
7. A new book to read
8. Lovely bath products
9. Enjoying series 3 of Sherlock on BBC… Good, escapist entertainment
10. Banter 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedThanks for your comment

I have read it many years ago… I have recognised that fear is holding me back from actually being happy in my day to day existence… Some of this stuff/baggage is very deep rooted and hard to work through… I realise that I am afraid to be happy, irrational I know, but…..... I will work on it, essentially it is down to me to do the hard work. I always find Cheri Huber’s books to be a great help :) 11 months ago


interesting… I tend to rotate my teas because I like a change, but haven’t for while. After reading your entry I realise why I have been making my cuppas stronger recently… Time for a change me thinks. Cheers :) 11 months ago


Am aware that I need to be kind to myself to rid myself of this debilitating emotion… 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedRelishing on the first Monday of 2014

1. Having the best New Year’s Eve in many a year… A fun night spent with my hub and two youngest kiddies playing Big Bang Clue (do) and Trivial pursuit. Music and a bottle of fizzy were also involved
2. My lovely electric blanket that covers the whole bed and only takes 5 mins to warm up
3. Taking down the Christmas decs this morning, 12th day and all that but house not looking too bare
4. Changes in all ways
5. Seeing some blue sky this morning after so many gray days and rain
6. Closeness with another
7. Strengthening relationships
8. Reaching out, reciprocation
9. Calm (which I will admit makes me a little nervous). I am hoping that there won’t be a storm to weather
10. Meaningful hugs 11 months ago


Awwwwwwwww and more Awwwwwwwww… How lovely, sniff, sniff :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedA Grandma, That is amazing

Congratulations… Babies have the ability to strengthen our love and family bonds in huge proportions… I know that you will make an awesome Grandma… :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedIt has been a long time

Too long… Lovely to see you. Happy 2014, may it be full of good things for you X 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedWe will

definitely have to try :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedAnd as Thich Nhat Hanh puts it so poignantly

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedI missed this

So glad that you are okay… Life can change in an instant, at any moment, scary… Big hugs and love x 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedLove this quote...

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” Thích Nhất Hạnh 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedCheers to you too...

and here’s hoping that all that you are looking forward to, comes to fruition… :) 11 months ago


for No 1 on your list… X 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedAnd may 2014

be hope ~ filled, joy ~ filled and filled with all that you wish for :) 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedSame to you

May it be wonder ~ filled and a very happy one x 11 months ago

flowergirlresumedAttempted to cheer this

but alas have none to give… Particularly love 1 and 4 :) 11 months ago

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