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flowergirlresumedI am glad to report that I read

an article on the BBC News website about the Golden Dawn and Pavlos Fyssas was mentioned in that… 6 months ago


She is a beautiful baby… :) 6 months ago

flowergirlresumedGood for her

We all need to take a stand against injustice… 6 months ago


1. A few days off work
2. Surviving 4, 12 hour night shifts
3. Tears of release
4. Eating healthy, back on track
5. Learning
6. Life is changing for me
7. Good feedback
8. Pay day
9. Pushing past fears
10. Making some lovely new friends 6 months ago

flowergirlresumedSuch a

heart wrenching, painful experience to have to go through… So sorry for you both x 6 months ago

flowergirlresumedAwwww hon

More hugs to add…. :( 6 months ago

flowergirlresumedBeautiul Becca

What a happy doggie… She obviously had some good karma owing when you chose her Wren… Lovely, lovely :) 6 months ago

flowergirlresumedAwwwwwww Julie

Big hugs heading your way… So sad for you, it has been obvious from reading your posts that he meant a lot to you… Lovely that he brought you so much joy… Take care my lovely friend xxx 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedBlack Bob

Nostalgia hit…. :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedGreat list Dreamer

The full moon was indeed beautiful… Stunning even… No 4 will have been a poignant one for you, I’m sure :) 7 months ago


are happening… :) 7 months ago


season is beginning to change here… You can feel it in the air, as even though the sun is shining, there is a cold chill in the air. There is definitely something about this time of year which makes me feel all nostalgic… :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedSomething funny...


And the question is… “Do you like circuses?” ;) 7 months ago


There is a definite Autumn chill in the air… :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedOn this Autumnal day...

1. Fairly relaxed week after being on a course, Mon to Fri
2. Autumn is definitely in the air
3. Bumping into lots of friends this week… Lovely to see them
4. The sun is shining at the moment
5. Making a new friend
6. One of my older boys turning up out the blue and staying for the day… Highly relaxed and enjoyable
7. Picking the right gift for somebody
8. Being bought a big bunch of flowers
9. Cuddles, care and kisses from my kiddies
10. A nice cup of tea 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedAnother sympathy cheer

So unjust… Company fecking policy, urghhhh. You need to concentrate on getting your leg healed, that is priority and this is not something that you need hanging over you… Really hope that it all works out in your favour TG… 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedLetting go is key sometimes

At this time maybe you just need to step back until your friend is willing to listen to you… It sounds like you have tried to talk to him but are really not getting anywhere at the moment… This is bound to be painful and you are bound to want to resist this pain and to contradict these accusations. However, it is important to know when you are just banging your head against a brick wall… I would try and leave things be for a while, not see it as a hopeless situation but wait until your friend is more receptive to what you have to say… Hope it works out in the end… Take care 7 months ago


is my fave colour…. Nice that it is bringing you a sense of happiness… :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedHappy Day after Birth ~ Day Todd

Birth ~ Day wishes for a BIG personality on 43 Things…. Hope your day was full of fun, love and many happy moments… Happy, Happy Birth ~ Day To You… ) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedWhoo hoo

Hopefully will get to see the 3 of you… Fingers and toes crossed :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedGlad to read

that it is going so well… May it continue :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedGreat list Julie...

Especially no 5… Loves ya x 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedMore hugs for you...

Let the light in my friend, feel the warmth of that sun… I’m with you in spirit, thinking of you and rooting for you too… Take good care, the days will become brighter xxx 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedToday for

1. New job going well… Lots to learn though
2. Lemon vegan ice cream made with coconut milk… So delicious
3. Sleeping in
4. Coming into contact with some amazing people
5. Meeting up with friends from old job… Good to see them
6. Having a laugh
7. Adjusting
8. Spending time with my kiddies
9. Ch ch ch changes
10. Stepping right out of my comfort zone… (Scary) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedGo Nelson...

Forgiveness liberates the soul. That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon. – Nelson Mandela. 7 months ago


beautiful Wren… :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedWish the Mrs

an incredibly happy Birth ~ Day from me and my lot… :) 7 months ago


Such beautiful details too… :) 7 months ago

flowergirlresumedNot selfish

it sounds like an overwhelming and stressful time… You are being a wonderful, caring daughter so don’t be so hard on yourself. Family relationships can at times be very difficult, add a stressful situation to that and it becomes demanding and intense… Obligation makes us feel responsible and that we must be there to support those who are prominent in our lives. You are human, remember that. All that you are feeling is completely natural. Take good care of yourself JWillow… I wish you strength and love at this time xxx 7 months ago

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