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freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoulJust moved to Oz!

My boyfriend and I moved to the Antipodes 2 wks ago now and I’m realising the absolutely huge potential to reinvent myself here. Maybe it’s being in a new place, or maybe it’s being here but I can’t remember ever feeling so optimistic about my future.

So here’s the short list of what I’d like to focus on in the first year of being here:
—Dress nicer
—Have more energy!
—Take chances and push myself past the boundaries I’ve created
—Do as many things as possible all at the same time 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 months ago

freefloatingsoul 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulI am beginning to wonder whether I am seeking out this work because I actually want to be pregnant...

It is getting to be a real challenge immersing myself in all the material necessary to become certified (something I am not even sure I intend to go through with, as I really want to be a doula for the experience and not the money) while separating how strongly I feel about wanting to be a mom before it’s too late for me to be a young mom. I feel like everyone sees this strong desire but the man I am in a relationship with, and possibly he sees but does not want to acknowledge it.

I am very confused by everything I am feeling right now and I don’t really know how to work through these feelings on my own, or at least I haven’t found a good way to yet. Thoughts? 21 months ago

freefloatingsoul 21 months ago

freefloatingsoulguerrilla tactics 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulneed to let go of my cynicism

somewhere along the way i have gotten stuck in the quick sand of cynical thinking. most of the time i don’t notice it but then i encounter a situation where, all at once, i mentally get this smug look on my face and think to myself “oh, how naive/unrealistic! really!” usually it’s directed at somebody i should probably feel happy for, but instead there’s really a mix of emotions too complex or painful for me to process and so i fall back on cynicism.

i want it to stop. i want to be the light-hearted person i once was, i want my friends to see this change, i want to let this weight go and be open to everything again. i want to say “good luck” to the people embarking on new changes and i want to wholeheartedly mean it when i wish them the very best. this is my rededication. everyone’s life is different, our decisions take us to different places, and we all deserve to have these differences respected instead of cut down and belittled.

no more cynicism! 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulHyatt in HI

There were penguins roaming around this very fancy hotel in Maui. I couldn’t believe it. No cage or anything, they just had a little space to themselves in the middle of this giant lobby!

On the one hand it was sad, because I imagine they would have preferred to live in the wild, but on the other it was cool to be so close to them with no cage. 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulReading list

The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin is a fantastic resource! It’s required reading for DONA certification, but even beyond that I’m happy to have it join my bookshelf because it seems like it would be a great quick reference for friends who are looking for a beginner or one-stop-shop text. 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulwhile i am 24 i want to:

- join a book club

- join a gym or yoga class and create a fitness routine. again.

- make significant progress on my career goal

- hold the same job for at least 1 whole year

- overhaul my wardrobe 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulThis helped me...

Instead of telling yourself that you “don’t have time” for things, rephrase it so that you are saying “that isn’t a priority for me right now.” By doing this, you get a really good idea of what is actually important to you and what isn’t, and the things that aren’t get filed away instead of continuing to sit on your mind making you feel guilty.

I’ve been doing this ever since I read about it: 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulA question

How many of you had experienced birth for yourself before becoming a doula? I've never been pregnant and I worry that without that personal experience clients won't trust me. 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulHow was your first experience?

I’m curious!

What are your thoughts on working with someone you had a pre-existing relationship with? Did you like the homebirth experience? 22 months ago

freefloatingsoulA question

I am curious to hear the reactions of significant others... Did your baby's father ever feel ready, or bring up pregnancy and kids in any definitive/positive way on his own? What were your convos like, before and during your pregnancy? 22 months ago

freefloatingsoul 2 years ago

freefloatingsoulthe temperature is conspiring against me

it’s likely too warm anywhere around here to ice fish. 2 years ago

freefloatingsoulonly in a small venue...

...preferably in europe. 2 years ago

freefloatingsoul 5 years ago

freefloatingsoul 5 years ago

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