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is finally teaching abroad and being reunited with his soul mate.

Recent entries from ggaar
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ggaarOne of the things I love this time of year...

I love to sing carols with friends and drink hot chocolate while making, baking, and consuming (piping hot) cakes, tarts, biscuits , and cookies. I would love to share with both of you, my favorite carols. :)

My favorite carol, The Boar’s Head Carol, 15th century and still wonderful to this day!

Carol of the Bells, one of the most beautiful uses of the human voice. :)
Not a great version but you get the idea. :)

O Tannenbaum, from my German heritage and in honor of my oma who has passed. I miss her dearly.

Oh and this is the Royal Guardsmen (a British rock group) that did a fantastic Christmas song about Snoopy and the Red Baron. :)

One of my new favorite holiday albums, Bare Naked Ladies did an album called Bare Naked for the Holidays. Had some really, really impressive versions of Christmas classics. Here are two of my favorite songs from that album. (with special guest Sarah McLachlan) (I look forward to singing this on New Years Eve.)

One of my favorite bands did a great song from a classic children’s special called Heat Miser, performed by the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Enjoy these, and please, if you find me with a cup of hot chocolate, getting ready to sing, feel free to join me! :) 3 years ago

ggaarPlease watch this. I think it took a lot of courage for this boy to do what he did.

Friends of mine found this and this really tugged at me being bullied and seeing friends bullied. As a teacher I am trying to end things like this in my own classroom. I saw this video and still can’t stop tearing up at not the thought of what he is dealing with but the courage he had to say it. I really hope he does another to show us that things can get better. I wish I can impart onto him my experience and knowledge as a 32 year old man. He will never understand till he is 32, himself. Please watch this when you can at an appropriate time. It is very emotional.

This, sadly, will never be something I can click “I’m done” because this will never end but I never lose sight in hoping that it could. If people, no matter what age, can look at each other and tolerate one another. If we can not tolerate, turn a blind eye. Giving them peace and letting them give you peace will not change the problems you may have but it can at least stop new ones from arising. One day, a future generation will stand up and simply, quietly, and softly say, “No more.” 3 years ago

ggaarIf I could choose...

an antique book store and cafe. Know of any good bakeries that would let me purchase product for the cafe? 3 years ago

ggaarSomething very dear and special to me.

I have never seen someone capture love as if it was something tangible. The way she looks at him, there was only one woman in my life who ever looked at me this way. 3 years ago

ggaarComtesse d'Haussonville, 1845

Louise, Princesse de Broglie (1818–82) and granddaughter of Madame de Staël, married at the age of eighteen. Her husband was a diplomat, writer, and member of the French Academy, and she herself published a number of books, including biographies of Robert Emmet and Byron. For her time and her elevated social caste, she was outspokenly independent and liberal. This portrait, begun in 1842, was the fruit of several false starts and a great many preparatory drawings, including full-scale studies of the raised left arm, the head, and its reflection. According to a letter written by the artist, the finished work “aroused a storm of approval among her family and friends.” Ingres appears to have surprised the young lady in the intimacy of her boudoir, where she leans against an upholstered fireplace, having just discarded her evening wrap and opera glasses. 3 years ago

ggaar 3 years ago

ggaarDon't you dare!!!

Iphi, if there is one thing I really want you to do is NEVER shut up. :) Promise me? I enjoy your posts! :P 3 years ago

ggaarI am game! I love doing things like this!

I used to do this in my museum all the time.

So tell me what this is. :) 3 years ago

ggaarI am in constant awe of the universe around us!

I am one of those people that acts like a child every time NASA or any scientists release photos of our universe, Earth, or anything else that has revealed itself to us simple, yet complex, creatures.

and my favorite person in Astronomy, Carl Sagan. His amazing speech, the Pale Blue Dot.

Please enjoy! 3 years ago

ggaar 3 years ago

ggaarIt is how I honestly feel and...

I discussed with my students, when I read that book I told you about, that being thankful is just something that is reminded by the marking of Thanksgiving but also giving to the poor and needy is not something that has to be done only on the holidays but year round. I hope they remember that as they get older. 3 years ago

ggaarEnjoyed Thanksgiving with family (though some were missing)...

Yet we must remember that we have things to be thankful for all year round, not just being thankful for these things once a year. 3 years ago

ggaar 3 years ago

ggaar 3 years ago

ggaarAnd to you...

Who I am so very thankful for. :) 3 years ago

ggaarAnother great version of this song. 3 years ago

ggaarJust saw the sneak peak of Newsies!

One of my all time favorite musicals that Disney buried and forgot about. One of Christian Bale’s first roles, yes he was a teenager in the film. I have been constantly talking about how amazing it would be if they brought it to Broadway!

Newsies is based on true events in the 1890s when the newspaper boys stood up and striked against the Newspaper industry.

Enjoy! 3 years ago

ggaarToday is Thanksgiving Day and I have much to be thankful for.

I sit here, sick as a dog, and couldn’t be happier. Well there are some factors that are not here that would make my Thanksgiving even better and those people know who they are. I miss them. Some of them I will see soon.

I have a lot to be thankful for; I have my health (despite being sick), I have an amazing and very rewarding job, I have my family, I have my writing, I have the ability to talk to loved ones around the world, I have direction, I have goals again (which feel great), I have a little business, a promise to be published (though not through educational means, well maybe in a way), I have coffee this morning, the Macy’s Day Parade (with a special sneak peak at NEWSIES, about damn time), I have wonderful food cooking from downstairs in my parents apartment (wish my throat wasn’t so sore), and most importantly love.

Here is one of my favorite holiday movies, Holiday Inn

And something that makes me smile.

To all who celebrate, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 3 years ago

ggaarI still applaud you sir!

We all make that mistake at one time or the other. I myself, by accident, bought a dead bolt that locks only by key…ON BOTH SIDES. After dwelling on it, I decided to look at the bright side. It was something different, so despite everyone being annoyed, I put it in and I had a blast making everyone a little annoyed. Now my new challenge is replacing the washer in my cold water tap in my shower. I wish you luck in fixing your deadbolt! 3 years ago

ggaarWar Paint Miniatures and MinMax Games...

There was a time when I was not a happy person when it came to my employment. The museum job was going nowhere fast and my director made it clear that there was little to no chance for me to even consider his position. Little chance was due to the State rule of New Jersey employment, when job positions open in the state level, all veterans in current or past wars are given priority over others. So there was that and then I found out that despite my seven years of service at the park commission they would still have me take a public test for the foreman’s position. This would not be a simple test that I would take privately but a test that is open to anyone, similar to taking an educational standard test. They were politely telling me that I have out grown the pond and that they didn’t care about loyalty or dedication. During that period money was tight, as it was always, and I was reading an article from Forbes online. How to make money 101. As I read the list of ways to earn extra cash, my eyes fell to, “take your hobby and turn it into a business.” So I did. I realized I had a great talent when it came to my experience with miniatures, so I decided to create a business taking on commissions for anyone who wanted models, miniatures, or displays done. Since then I have been doing well. It isn’t a career but gives me a little extra money in my pocket. I am proud of it and WPM’s is growing into something big, I hope, and I am waiting patiently to bring it to a new level.
MinMax Games (LLC) is a dream child of my two friends who I have known for about 7 years now. It is a little publication company that they created for publishing games. Being a fencer and all around historian, I fell in love with a game that was backed by the History Channel called Anachronism. Sadly it died out and there are small pockets of people that still play it. I modeled a game based on fencing that would take the player through the history and practicality of sword play. Between that and a RPG book that one of my friends had written, these might be the two flagship games that will hopefully put MinMax Games on the map. They made me one of their game designers and I was satisfied with that until recently they offered me shares into the company, which I think I am going to take. It will be interesting to be part of the action instead of just giving them ideas and watching what happens. 3 years ago


Okay, I have a lot of research and a lot of writing to do. Not only am I now doing the historical data on each weapon and its use during its proper era, I am now going to be working individual personalities for the game. I recommended that we use actual people from the periods we cover, as well as cultures, and thus giving a realistic perspective while being “educational”. I really want the “educational” part, it means a lot to me to produce something that could theoretically used in a classroom setting or make a parent feel comfortable knowing their child isn’t playing just another game. I am really excited about it. It opens up new possibilities. My friend and I have been talking numbers and seeing how much money we will need from the Kickstarters program. We think for the first small run (1,000 decks of four basic weapons) will run about 3k. Kickstarters can get us up to 5k. This would give us the breath to work with 2k worth of advertising and what not. I recommended that we concentrate on window displays and peg displays. It would catch the eye and the deck boxes speak for themselves, we don’t need another vendor involved doing “display boxes” (okay I think I have exceeded the allotted allowance of quotation marks, just saying) that will sit on a counter collecting dust. I don’t know, just my thoughts. 3 years ago


Helping a friend and a co-teacher, actually THE co-teacher I work with, when she was down and upset. Reinforcing friendships and being there for someone when they really need it is such a rewarding experience. I just wish I could do more for people like her. I know it is the thought that counts but still, actually coming through for someone when the chips are down and helping them create a wonderful Thanksgiving, would be wonderful. I will see what I can do. Maybe there is room at our table for her and her boyfriend.

Having a great meeting with my lead teacher about my ELA class and finding out that my overall achievement I am trying to reach isn’t foolish or a waist of time.

Chatting with my best friend. 3 years ago

ggaar 3 years ago

ggaarFirst bit of rewrites...

Our report cards don’t have any grades, they are all based on a rubrics and a narrative on the child describing the strengths, what they have done in class during the trimester, and finally what challenges they are facing and we we are going to do about them as their teacher. So we have to make sure that the parents are clear and that our language doesn’t freak them out. 3 years ago

ggaarAnd now....

REVISIONS! Yay…lots and lots of revisions. Yup. Awesome. Wait, remind me, why am I doing this? 3 years ago

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