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ghammatxyour pictures...

give me the will to travel more ^ ^ 21 months ago

ghammatxthere is no secret...

Take it step by step to let your body habituate :) 21 months ago

ghammatx 23 months ago

ghammatxI'm back...

Not succeed in it because of illness of my partner :s

But next year we’ll sure retry this goal :) !! 21 months ago

ghammatxI was...

pretty calm when I was in class ^ ^
I was more of a listener then a talker in the past. 21 months ago

ghammatxhahaha :D

I imagine the situation :) 22 months ago


a very good strength ;) 22 months ago


You’re welcome! Thanks for your card too Pauline :)
You have an incredible handwriting, wish I had a better writing ^ ^ 22 months ago

ghammatx 22 months ago

ghammatxthank you...

for sharing your story, it’s very inspirational!
You’re the proof that mentally surpasses physically :)
I can’t imagine how difficult it must be :s
wish you a lot of courage ! 22 months ago

ghammatxHAHAHA :D

I’ll maybe put a picture :D for “doubters out there who will want photographic proof” ^ ^
Thank you !! 22 months ago

ghammatx# 4

Each person can make a difference in the world

-h.g. ~happiness22 months ago


favorite from Hayao Miyazaki :o 22 months ago


always true! By reading or seeing something you learn how to do it roughly. But when you do it you acquire the technique :) 22 months ago

ghammatx"expand your horizon" :)

Do you know where this picture was taken? 22 months ago


no more cheers left, but I have to say that I’m dreaming about such dessert !!!
looks so DELICIOUS !! 22 months ago

ghammatx# 3

why do easy if you can make it difficult

- Myself

ironic quote ;) 22 months ago

ghammatx 22 months ago


Keep It Simple and Stupid. 22 months ago


It depends also of the type of fat you have on your stomach. There are three different types, and if you’re lucky you have the one that burns the best :)
But even the other fat types can be burned with exercise (cardio).
Keep working, you’ll be rewarded ;) 22 months ago

ghammatxFinally !! I'm ready for summer :)

Thanks to 8 min abs !!!
If you exercise every day, and you do a bit cardio (for burning the fat) you should have abs ! (for me it took 1 month)

The best cardio for fat burning is a heartbeat between 140 and 150 during 40 minutes. 22 months ago

ghammatx 22 months ago

ghammatxI have to...

warn you about cats : sometimes they are VERY weird :) 22 months ago

ghammatxI think...

you’re true. 22 months ago

ghammatx# 2

You only live once…

- Mae West

I only took a part of the quote. 22 months ago

ghammatxI have to say...

that I’m against animal cruelty, but the taste of this fresh captured fish was really worth it !!!

(shame on me)22 months ago

ghammatxFishing in Rhodos

- Captain, what are we going to do tomorrow?
- FISH FISH FISHING !!! 22 months ago

ghammatx 22 months ago

ghammatxBest Musea I've visited

1. Science Museum (London)
2. Electromechanic Museum (Budapest)
3. Civilization Museum (Praha)
4. National Museum of Art (Oslo)
5. Louvre (Paris)
6. Natural Science Museum (Brussels)
... and so on… 22 months ago

ghammatx 22 months ago

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