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Life is Good. really!

Recent entries from gorillagal3
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gorillagal3hello again

how can i find you on facebook? would love to keep in touch! and yes, i am ok. i still miss Mouse. we just hit the one year anniversary. i have since gotten another cat, and am fostering one for the local shelter that came out of a really bad condition—a hoarder who had 80 cats, all kept in tiny cat c arriers and cat traps. for years they had no room to move around freely, many couldn’t stand up or turn around in thier cages! she is a love. so how do we keep in touch? my email is 4 months ago


you are funny!

regardless of what cat you did see, it is good to stop and notice things like that. (and i too, think cats are pretty cute!) 14 months ago

gorillagal3my baby died

2 months ago. Mouse. she was a great companion.
and so i am looking for a replacement.
but the thing is, i have 3 other boys, all of whom have health issues— 2 are diabetic and the 3rd one is on a daily medication so he doesn’t block up. then there is elsie, who moved in when hurricane sandy hit. she comes and goes, and while i did take her to the vet and she got all her shots, and i give her monthly flea treatments, she is not the kind of cat anyone owns.
and the boys—they aren’t super cuddly and affectionate the way Mouse was. i want a cat that loves me, like Mouse did. not that the rest of them don’t love me. i know they do.
and so i have looked and i found one, but as they say, “shit happens,” and i couldn’t get her when i planned, and then more “shit happened” all the while with tears in my eyes because i wanted her so badly. and more shit happened, and then i was going to go this weekend to get her out of the shelter, and today i look and she is gone.
i am happy for her, but oh so sad for me.
i was so focused on her.
and it didn’t work out.

i can’t take the roller coaster ride. i can’t take the hurt and the hope and the hurt and the hope and the hurt. i need to stop looking. 14 months ago

gorillagal3 14 months ago

gorillagal3me too

i have it, was diagnosed after i had lung surgery, and got a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis, which is a terminal lung disease. usually with pulmonary fibrosis, you live 3-5 years after diagnosis, but for me it’s been 9 years so far, and i think i got this thing in remission. so what if i take a pill a day? hey! I AM ALIVE!!!! so while i understand you being bummed out, take your damn pill. hashimotos is not a death sentence. (my college room-mate was diagnosed with it over 30 years ago, and she is just fine!) 14 months ago

gorillagal3rather than that,

i would rather get a tatt that says BREATHE 6-1-04. that was the date i had lung surgery and my life changed forever, for the better. 17 months ago

gorillagal3i hope you feel better!

i wish i could take time off from work, but it’s a very complicated matter. i have had pain for over 2 years now. because i work waaaay toooo hard. i get all kinds of tendonistis issues. it sucks growing old! 17 months ago

gorillagal3just for today,

i will not slit my wrists. 17 months ago

gorillagal3 17 months ago

gorillagal3i need to let my body rest

but then who is going to pay the rent and the bills? who is going to pay my health care costs, and feed/medicate my cats? 17 months ago


oh why, do i have to be so opinionated.
i am surprised i have any friends at all.
no wonder i am alone, without a partner. who would want me? 17 months ago

gorillagal33 down, one to go.

car: paid in full.
2 credit cards: paid in full.

one credit card to go. might take me a year at the rate i am going, but i only used the card twice in about a year and a half. 17 months ago


it’s the bests place i go each day.

goodnight. 17 months ago

gorillagal3 2 years ago


until the tears of joy rain down my face. 2 years ago

gorillagal3 2 years ago

gorillagal3out of cheers

so i send hugs!
i have been belly dancing for 8 years, nad have met such wonderful people along the way! hope your journey is as rewarding!
DANCE FOR JOY! 2 years ago

gorillagal3you can't fix her.

just set an example and lead the best life you can==for yourself. she will learn by example.
maybe she doesn’t want to be fixed right now. maybe she just wants to vent, or blow off some steam. the best thing you can do is listen. and acknowledge what she is saying. 2 years ago


my hip hurts.
my thoughts hurt.
i feel so unlovable. 2 years ago

gorillagal3show # 5 is in 2 weeks.

for breast cancer.
the tutu project.

but i think this is the last show i will do.
we lost the venue i was doing them in, and this one is in a burger joint. scratches head doesn’t seem right—belly dancers in a burger joint.
oh well, lets see how it goes. alot of people didn’t like the ethnic food in the other place. i think that was just an excuse. it was never about the food anyway, it was about the charity, and the entertainment. 2 years ago

gorillagal3i have something

for now, but i am not excited about it at all. not excited about anything.
all i want to do is get high. i obsess on the thought, but yet i don’t act on it. yet. 2 years ago

gorillagal3slowly getting there

i have paid off my car, paid off one credit card. another should be paid in full in another 3 or 4 months. then i go ballistic on the last one.
then i get to start all over and get myself a new car. 2 years ago

gorillagal3it always gets better

i think the older you get, the more you realize that whatever life throws at you will end up OK.

i was diagnosed with a terminal illness 8 years ago, and have already outlived life expectancy! although i am having a little trouble now, i am still going strong, and there is no stopping me! i live everyday to the fullest, and my diagnosis has only made me make the best of every day. i think i still have a few more (good) years ahead of me, before i even have to think of slowing down! and i got plans!!!!

i wish you the best! 2 years ago

gorillagal3and a happy, healthy one to you!

i’ll be 53 this next birthday. (just over 2 weeks away) 2 years ago

gorillagal3thank you!

my birthday is coming up in the first week of july. funny, i haven’t even thought about it yet. usually i would start getting depressed right about now. but i am too focused on breathing. it is getting harder. 2 years ago

gorillagal3i have tickets

to see the long island medium give a lecture, and maybe that will open up some new avenues. 2 years ago

gorillagal3oct. 21. 2012

to benefit The Tutu Project for breast cancer. 2 years ago


but not working too well.
if it’s not one thing. it’s the other.
but hey, i jut had my 8 year anniversary, which i now call my birthday. i shouldn’t have made it past 5. i am doing something right. 2 years ago

gorillagal3lucky me

i developed COPD. so that will keep me away from the wacky weed. i prefer breathing. 2 years ago

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