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Recent entries from grace_face
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grace_face 3 years ago

grace_faceNovember 2012 - What Happens in Vegas...

First time in Las Vegas.
CV’s birthday.

Bottle Service.
Fun times. 2 years ago

grace_faceThe Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins - November 2012

Not the best of the trilogy. Wasn’t the biggest fan of the new characters. Didn’t keep me glued to the pages the way “Catching Fire” did.

Still a great trilogy. Looking forward to the rest of the movies 2 years ago

grace_faceThe Hunger Games - Susanne Collins -October 2012

Already saw the movie.
Great movie.
Great book. 2 years ago

grace_faceCatching Fire - Susanne Collins - October 2012

Great book.
I’ve already seen the Movie “The Hunger Games.” and this book was available from the library before The Hunger Games was.

Kept me curious the whole way! 2 years ago

grace_faceOctober 2012 - Give Love a Second Chance

Well. The title pretty much says it all.
This wasn’t planned as my ‘new thing’ to do this month, but I thought it was worth noting.

I’ve never gotten back together with a boyfriend after breaking up. It was always just too obvious why we broke up; and therefore too illogical for me to even consider getting back together with him.

With this last relationship, it ended out of circumstance. But when the circumstance that had ended our relationship had changed, I took a couple weeks before recognizing that now that that hurdle was gone, our relationship could actually work.

So, as an absolute first: I am now dating someone who I previously broke up with.

Love isn’t all you need, but it’s a big part of the solution.
We’ll see how this side of the theory looks. 2 years ago

grace_faceOctober 2012 - Citie Ballet

My Friend S invited me to see a modern Ballet by Citie Ballet performing at a local Theatre. I had only been to one ballet prior, and it was about ten years ago. I saw The Nutcracker. I thought it was okay but wasn’t crazy about it.

I thought it was about time to give Ballet another shot.

Citie Ballet is a small company with only six performers. The performance I went to see entitled “Gloria” was an interesting mix of ballet with touches of country and hip hop and a pinch of comedy.

It was nice. I admit, I was getting a bit bored/tired near the end. And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not really big into Ballet. But if I am invited to see another Ballet performance, I would prefer if it were a more classic ballet dance performance.

Well, maybe I’ll give Ballet another shot in ten years. Maybe I’ll appreciate it better later. 2 years ago

grace_faceTuesdays With Morrie - Mitch Albom - September 2012

A non-fiction novel about a sports writer (Mitch Albom) who visits his old Sociology professor Morrie Schwartz who is dying of ALS. In their last visits, they discuss the meaning of life (and death) through conversations about acceptance, communication, love, values, openness, and happiness.

What a great book.
Highly recommend! 2 years ago

grace_faceBright Shiny Morning - James Frey - July 2012

As a followup after reading James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces” – this book was interesting. Not quite as spellbinding as his other novel but it was still good enough that I felt compelled to continue reading even when I needed to go to bed.

As a novel composed of several intermingled short stories that follow the lives of different people who live in Los Angeles, it was easy to read and the interjections of one story at the end of a chapter from another story made this novel easy to put down between chapters when needed. 2 years ago

grace_faceThe Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg - July 2012

This was a great book. It took a couple of tangents (as I feel many non-fiction books do) but it was a great read into how we form habits and how we break habits.

I would definitely refer back to this book when deciding to try something new, or trying to remove a habit from my daily routine.

Highly recommend 2 years ago

grace_faceQuiet - Susan Cain - September 2012

Wow, it’s been a while. I guess I’ve been feeling pretty busy this past year.
But still. It’s no excuse. Especially since I don’t necessarily actually ‘read’ all these books. Many of them I listen to in audio book format during my commute to work.

This was one of them.

I first heard about this book from a podcast about introverts – which I definitely am.
My expectation for this book was to finish it feeling very affirmed that being an introvert is okay and that society is simply set up to under appreciate the less vocally inclined. However, like many non-fiction books, I always feel like there are so many tangents taken with several anecdotes that have me wondering why on earth the book went in this direction. This book was no different. If anything I finished the book with a distinct feeling of uneasiness. Yes I am an introvert, but I am not purely an introvert. I have several characteristics about myself that are extroverted. Because of this mix, I ended up feeling a bit lost as to how to truly be myself and be an effective leader at work and an appreciated member of my social groups.

I do appreciate the overall tone and intent of this book, but I’m glad I only borrowed it from the library instead of buying it.

It does make reference to many other authors, however, that I am now very interested in looking into. 2 years ago

grace_faceSeptember 2012 - Take a Photowalk

I don’t remember where I read about this idea, but sounded like a fun way to get to know my city better.

A photowalk is taking a walk though a neighbourhood and taking photos of it. that’s it.

So yesterday I did a photowalk though two neighbourhoods: Alberta Avenue and Glenora. They are very opposite types of neighbourhoods.

Alberta Avenue is located in the north east area of the city. It’s a bit sketchy, but is part of a revitalization plan. I have to admit that this neighbourhood is still a bit rough, but it’s showing signs of great character and community.

Glenora is located on the north bank of the North Saskatchewan river just west of Downtown. Because of the great view of the River Valley and location the houses are beautiful, likely extremely expensive and full of character. It’s a very beautiful and quite residential neighbourhood.

This photowalk was fun. I’m hoping to do this maybe once a month. It’ll be great to really see how the city changes as the seasons change. ...We’ll see how I feel about that as the colder weather sets in. But at least I’d like to keep doing it during the warmer parts of the year. 2 years ago

grace_faceJuly 2012 - The Taste of Edmonton

How is it that I’ve lived most of my life in this city and I’ve never been to The Taste of Edmonton??

Well, I finally went this year.
What I ate:

bacon wrapped scallops
penne alfredo
cucumber (and other fresh veggies) crepe
pulled pork slider with coleslaw
strawberry & whipped cream waffles

mmmmm…... yum. 2 years ago

grace_faceJuly 2012 - Capoeira Classes!

Almost caught up.
New thing #2 for July: Finally tried out Capoeira.

Here’s a quote from the Capoeria Academy Edmonton’s web page:
The Art
Capoeira is a traditional fusion of martial arts and dance that’s kicked and twisted its way around the globe. African slaves in Brazil created Capoeira over 500 years ago. They developed the moves to convince their captors they were practising ritual dancing when really they were developing a strategic fighting technique.

Capoeira balances the body, soul, and mind. The art keeps its strong traditions and helps you break through limits, revitalizing you for everyday life. Capoeira builds your self-confidence, and the challenge is within anyone’s reach regardless of age, race, gender or athletic experience. An intense physical and mental challenge between two ‘players’, Capoeira is characterized by deceptive kicks, sweeps, trips, head butts, and elbow and knee movements.

The game’s energy, rhythm and speed are determined by music and songs. The berimbau, a single steel stringed bow, is the lead instrument. The music is completed by clapping, singing, pandeiro (tambourine) and atabaque (oblong drum). Fast tempos instigate games where the players throw fast, powerful kicks and blows at each other, with gymnastic movements. Slower tempos prompt more dance like moves, and more deception between the two players.

Went to the beginner’s class. It was me and one other guy – who’d been going for a month. It was exhausting, and fun and challenging. I’m glad class is cancelled for this Saturday though. My feet are going to need a full week to recover. (Blister city – as Capoeira is done with bare feet.)

Looking forward to next week. 2 years ago

grace_faceJuly 2012 - Kettlebell Workshop

I’ve been totally skipping out the past couple months. But this month is catch up month.

Finally took the intro Kettlebell Workshop from Lions Breath Studio.
It was taught by Lance. He’s a great instructor. There was lots of time for individual attention. And the 3 hour workshop wasn’t too bad. I was thoroughly exhausted, but I had a great endorphin rush afterwards – Totally worth it!

Now I can take any of the regular Swing and Grind Kettlebell classes during the week!

Felt so great to work out again! 2 years ago

grace_faceApril 2012 - Something I'm not going to elaborate on on the interwebs

Well it wasn’t exactly what I thought I was gonna do this month. But It involved Steven and his jeep on our trip to Banff for a work conference I was attending. 2 years ago

grace_faceApril 2012 - Linda's Lasagna

I got this recipe from
It was my first time making lasagna ever.

I switched the cottage cheese for ricotta like many reviewers suggested. I also used twice the amount of crushed tomatoes and added extra mozzarella instead of using parmesan.
I also didn’t use any oregano because I thought u had some at home but it turns out I didn’t.

The final result was good but next time I’m gonna use either dry curd or fat free cottage cheese instead of the ricotta. I think the switch made the lasagna too rich and heavy for my liking. 2 years ago

grace_faceMarch 2012 - Pepperoni Pizza Roll

So yum!
Basically a loaf of bread with lots of cheese and pepperoni in it.

Used this recipe:

But used this recipe for fresh pizza dough:

It was my first time making dough from scratch. It was so yummy! 2 years ago

grace_faceMarch 2012 - Professional Boudoir Photoshoot

This is sort of a belated Valentine’s day gift for/from Steven. It’s happening this weekend. I’m excited/nervous. I get to wear 3 different outfits (provided by me) and I’m getting my hair and makeup done before the shoot also. It should hopefully be a fun experience.

It’s being done by Rouge Design House here in Edmonton.

I’ll update this post after it’s done.

Well today was the Photoshoot. It’s always fun to get tour hair and makeup done. The Photoshoot was very comfortable and fun. The photographer was very nice, and I made friends with the makeup artist. She asked if u would be a model for her. If course I said yes! How fun!
She also is going to possibly send some clients my way who are looking for a nail artist.
That may be one of my new things in the near future: charging for nail art services. :). We’ll see 2 years ago

grace_faceFebruary 2012- chicken vegetable peanut butter soup

February 26, 2012

Yup. You read right. I got the recipe from It seems strange but the reviews were all so positive that I had to try it.

Gotta say it’s pretty great.

For dinner I paired it with a grilled cheese sandwich. Made for a great meal! 2 years ago

grace_face 2 years ago

grace_faceFebruary 2012 - Make/Spin Sock Poi

Yup. After making a pair of (really heavy) mini hoops, I realized that I am much quicker to pick up off the body hooping tricks. Playing with the mini hoops made me curious about poi. I looked up lots of tricks and found a video on how to make my own sock poi. It’s really easy. So I made my own pair. I made it yesterday. Now I can already do the following tricks:
chase weave (2 beat weave)
3 beat weave
5 beat weave

whoot whoot!

Loving my flow toys!
I also started a blog to document my journey with hooping, poi and any other flow toys I decided to learn. I’m geeking out!

I only wish I had the courage to try this when I was younger. :D 2 years ago

grace_faceJanuary 2012 - Make My Own Hoop

New thing #3 for the month of January:

Yep. I’m obsessed. Even before my Intro to Hooping course finished I started looking into how I could make my own hoop. Buying a hoop (locally) usually costs $40-$50. I looked into how to make my own hoop and it’s so easy. It’s just a bit of an investment.

I made my first hoop out of 3/4” 100psi tubing. It can only be bought in 100’ rolls, so it’s a bit of an investment, but now I can make lots of hoops in different sizes and decorations.

The first one I made was 40” in diameter – a great size for a beginner. I used black hockey tape, purple acetate ribbon (adhered with double sided tape behind it), and blue electrical tape.
[the black/gold hoop is one i bought from my instructor, Carla, at Flowlab.] 2 years ago

grace_faceJanuary 2012 - Scooter Lesson

New thing #2 for the month of January:

I went to the Motorcycle Show in town with my boyfriend. He rides a Sport Bike – Honda 919. (It’s quite a powerful bike for a beginner to learn on… thus me breaking too fast, losing balance when it stopped and having the weight of it push me over and drop the bike. :S )

There were free half hour lessons to learn how to ride a scooter at the show so we both took the little into lesson. Scooters aren’t manual shift gears which is great for me because I drive an automatic car, so the whole extra thing to think about (aka. the clutch) isn’t complicating matters for me.

It was really fun. I could definitely buy a scooter… but not in the town I live in. The weather is so cold, and winter lasts about half the year, that I don’t think it’d be worth the investment. However, in a few years I’m looking to move to Vancouver, BC, Canada where I could ride the scooter year round! Now i’d definitely consider getting a scooter there! 2 years ago

grace_faceJanuary 2012 - Hooping Class

A friend of mine first told me about hooping a few months ago. She had taken a couple classes and mentioned another cone coming up. I was really interested but it was right before i was going on vacation so I couldn’t do it.

Randomly I found a class that started this week and I had my first class on tuesday. It was a beginner’s class. It was pretty basic but SO MUCH FUN!!

Can’t wait for next week’s class!
I am so buying my own hoop so I can practice at home!

For more info check out this video (one of many you can find online): 2 years ago

grace_faceRelationship Breakthrough - Cloé Madanes - December 2011

I didn’t read the book in its entirety only because some parts near the end were not relevant to my situation. and a good chunk of the pages at the end were ‘workbook’ pages.

I really enjoyed this book. It helps me identify my own needs to be happy and how I can help make the people I care for happy also.

I especially appreciated the concepts of the 6 love tanks:
1. Security
2. Variety
3. Love and Connection
4. Significance
5. Growth
6. Contribution

I need to make sure that I rank these in the order that fits my own priority and ensure that the #1 love tank is always full. (once that one is full, I can then proceed to fill the other tanks.

I need to know the order of priority of the love tanks for my partner and ensure that I help fill these tanks in that order.

What a great book.
Definitely worth another read when time requires/desires it. 2 years ago

grace_faceDecember 2011 - slacker

damn! So close to doing one new thing a month til the end of the year. I had something planned. {something that will remain vague as it involves my boyfriend.} Unfortunately timing didn’t work out.

HOwever, I think I’ll keep this goal going through 2012.
And I’ve got 2 new things already planned for January so hopefully that’ll make up for this skipped month. 2 years ago

grace_faceNovember 2011 - Played Starcraft II

I suggested that my boyfriend make time to play video games. The game he usually plays is Starcraft II. He really enjoys playing but hasn’t played in several months. I felt partly responsible because he spends so much time with me when he’s in town. So I let him know that I would be okay with him playing his video games. So he did.
I watched for a bit. It was interesting.
I had a lot of questions so later he set me up on his profile to play an intro game. It was pretty fun. Not really my type of video game – i’m more of a racing or adventure game kinda person. I’m not a big fan of the quest/battle type of games. But it was fun. I definitely see how people can get addicted. 3 years ago

grace_faceStill paused

So my mini goal was to start ASL classes or just re-learning within 2 months of being employed.

Here I am at a year of employment.. and still no progress.
I’m starting with the braille right now so hopefully ASL will come soon too.

Will make next mini goal – make progress on this goal – by getting a dvd or something that I can learn with – before the end of the year 2011 3 years ago

grace_faceAttempt at learning the Braille alphabet #2.

Got the same braille alphabet book from the library.
Man it’s so hard.

But i think i have a strategy.
Gonna learn with the dot arrangements look like first.
Once I’ve learned which arrangement goes with which letter, then I’ll try and read them in braille.

Wish there were more beginner braille books out there… 3 years ago

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