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gregpickettDate set

Getting married on 16th August 2014! 15 months ago

gregpickett 15 months ago

gregpickett 16 months ago

gregpickett 3 years ago


Groupon voucher purchased for a Scuba diving taster session! 17 months ago

gregpickett 3 years ago

gregpickettProject over

Mel’s decided she hasn’t got green fingers afterall so there’s no more veg’ growing! We did eat some home-grown brocoli though so I’m ticking this one off! 17 months ago

gregpickettDisneyland Paris

Tickets booked for 2nd-5th December 2012 at Disneyland Paris!!! 17 months ago

gregpickett 3 years ago


Now that we’re engaged this is definately on the cards for 2014! 22 months ago

gregpickettMel's green fingers!

Mel has started to grow various veg so this one will hopefully be done soon! Tomato plant looking particularly advanced! 22 months ago


Got down to 14.5 stone but put 0.5 stone on during May 2012 whilst on holidays. Back on the diet from 28/05/12 though! 22 months ago


Went there for 3 nights as part of a surprise 30th birthday trip arranged by Mel!!! Loved it! 22 months ago

gregpickett 3 years ago


Tour booked for 2nd September 2012 as a 30th birthday present from Carl and Emma. 22 months ago


Proposed to Mel on 07/05/12 outside the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas! She said YES!!! 22 months ago


Ate at Gordon Ramsey’s Maze at The London NYC. 2 years ago

gregpickett 3 years ago

gregpickettPull my finger out

Surely this should be easy enough?? 2 years ago

gregpickettWishful thinking

If Mel buys me a trip to Canada for my 30th I’ll run naked down Blyth high street 2 years ago


Unlikely to be any time soon as Mel isn’t going back to work for BA 2 years ago


I might propose to Mel in 2012…...if she’s lucky :o) 2 years ago


2013 and counting….... :o( 2 years ago


Aim to be 14 stone by Summer 2012 2 years ago


It’s Dec’ 2011 and I now weigh 15 stone 4 lbs! I’ve lost 4” round my waist and chest and 2” round my neck! New wardrobe required! 2 years ago

gregpickettDiet started......

Diet started August 2011 when I weighed approx 17.5 stone 2 years ago

gregpickett 2 years ago

gregpickett 3 years ago


Henry saw four (!!) Santas in Dec’ 2011, plus I dressed up as Santa too!! 2 years ago

gregpickettFlorida 2013

This may be postponed until 2013 now! 2 years ago

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