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gruffgoatThere's floor-room

for another sleeping bag. And I’m sure we could accommodate his parental chaperone. :-) 2 months ago


cummings always so powerful 14 months ago

gruffgoatkitty attack

that’s cute! 19 months ago


Awesome! Is some of her interest spurred by P, or is it a general scientific fascination?

I’m reminded of getting mine at seven, being captivated with the prepared slides, and spending allowance to buy more sets of prepared slides as well as clear slides and covers to make my own. 22 months ago


More haggis please. 23 months ago

gruffgoatGrumpus Minimus

That’s a good picture. 2 years ago

gruffgoatI'd forgotten

about rowing machines. There was a period at one gym I used it constantly. Boy could those scream. 2 years ago

gruffgoatThank you

for the compliment, though I feel like a pro poseur.

And the Bose headphones are awesome. 2 years ago


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