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Recent entries from Neko
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And it tastes like snow ;) Or ice! :D 3 years ago


Well right now our tap water tastes a bit metallic. I often taste the chlorine in it too. 3 years ago


It’s not. 3 years ago

NekoSurvey done!

It was my pleasure to help you :) And it was really interesting survey too. Good luck with it :) 3 years ago


I would love to visit that place too! Hey, when we visit Laura, we could go all there :D 3 years ago


I don’t have any childhood friends

My oldest and dearest friends I have know since I was 16, so I was teen already then. I wasn’t very social kid and my mother was staying home when I was kid. So I hadn’t much contact to kids of my own age. Only 1 or 2 times a week I went to this “club” that was meant to kids around my age. And when I went to school at the age of 7, I didn’t know almost anyone while most of the other kids had been in the same kindergarten. So I was left alone. There was this other, a bit chubby girl, who was left alone too so our teacher asked us to play together. So we became friends. But after two years she changed the school and we stopped seeing each others. I got new best friend who lived close to me and we went always school together. But when all moved to upper levels and changed school something happened. All that teen angst…I was very kind and wasn’t up to any bad stuff like drinking and smoking so I lost all my old friends cos of that. I didn’t get any new ones and I closed up. I was bullied. I hated that. And then I went to gymnasium. I knew few people from there, but since I was in new environment away from my bullies, I opened up and people got to see how I really was, how I had always seen myself. And I gained friends that are still in my life. And I am grateful of those friends and all the new ones that I have got after that.

But still…

Every time when people talk about their childhood friends I feel quite outsider. I get the same kind of feeling as when I was all alone with no friend in my life. I wonder if my life would have been different if I would had friend all my life. If someone would stand up for me when I was bullied? If I wouldn’t be so introvert? If I wouldn’t had to go through all those early teen years alone?

But partly cos of that what I have gone through has made me appreciate my friends. I don’t take them granted and I stay loyal to them. Nothing is worse than a friend backstabbing you.

S & H, my oldest friends are the best! ♥ I wish I would knew them earlier. 3 years ago


I don’t like antique.

I am interested on history and it’s nice to see old stuff in museums, but I wouldn’t want to have that stuff at home. There’s something about that stuff that creeps me off. 3 years ago


It was amazing place indeed. I am glad that you enjoyed it too :) 3 years ago

NekoI think that qualified as good news!

True Finns won’t join the government! Yay. 3 years ago


My dream apartment would be a loft

Huge windows and preferably in old factory building. It also would have modern kitchen with brick wall on the back. I have visualized this apartment in my mind, I know how exactly it would look like. The location would be in big city.

I like apartments with lot of open space. I like that our current apartment is quite open. It’s not loft. It’s not in the top floor. But it’s quite perfect for current situation. Maybe someday I have money to have that loft apartment :) 3 years ago


My favorite city I’ve visited (this far) is Brussels

I absolutely loved that place! I had wanted to visit that place for ages and I still would love to live there one day. When I got chance to visit the place in 2008, I was worried that I would hate the city. But it was even better than I hoped. And even it is a huge city, it was so easy to walk around. And all the parks! The whole city had so much history and different aspects. It was multicultural too. I am sure a lot was left unseen cos we were only few days there so it would be great to get back. And also see more Belgium too!

That trip was awesome :) 3 years ago


It crazy how it doesn’t matter how well Finns have played, but instantly when they get Swedes against them, they panic and loose the game for sure :D Though I am sure many of us hopes to win Swedes in some very important game! But I still hope that we don’t have to play against them in this match :P 3 years ago


Oh don’t even remind me of that 6-5 winning. It was unbelievable! I watched their game against Germans last night, but when they were winning 4-1 already, it was pretty sure that Germans cannot take the lead. (Other way around, I think that wouldn’t be any problem to Swedes :D)

But yeah, they are good and annoying players. :D 3 years ago


I’m quite easy to please, at least by my bf, cos often just looking at him or thinking about him makes me all hot. :D

But what really turns me on, is what sitruunapuu mentioned too, is seeing that man wants me.

I am also much into handcuffs, scarfs and stuff like that too ;) I guess I like man taking the control, though I can be the dominant and take what I want sometimes too.

I like intelligent and kind men. And making me laugh is vital. And I really appreciate when the man is interested about me and what I think about something. 3 years ago


I actually don’t often see that. Like in that Canadian match they lost by purpose cos they wanted to get easier opponent to next match. And it’s not the first time they did such a thing…

In ice hockey, I always want Swedes to loose :D “If Finns don’t win, I hope Swedes do worse :D” but in other sport I actually do cheer for them :) 3 years ago


“-A man clearly wanting me. Seeing HE’s “all hot and bothered” and knowing it has something to do with ME. This is definitely my biggest turn-on.”

Oh yes! That is the biggest turn on for me as well! 3 years ago


You traitor! Cheering for Swedes! Shame on you! :D

Just kidding :)3 years ago


Oh lol! I hope she got out :D 3 years ago


Haha. I know! And then they watch you confused and you can almost hear they thinking “Am I in wrong toilet! :D” 3 years ago

NekoWrong toilet

Have you ever used the restroom that was meant to opposite sex? Was it by accident or by purpose? What led to that situation?

Me: yes. By accident and by purpose :D Accident: I was in Latvia and got confused by their marks what toilet was for female and what for male. And learned later that I was in wrong toilet. Purpose: The toilet lines were shorter to men’s room :D3 years ago


The most important person in my life is my boyfriend (other than myself)

I have a family, I have lovely friends, but he is the one who matters the most to me. I cherish him. He makes me want to be a better person and he keeps me fight in this world. Without him I would be lost. I simply love him ♥ 3 years ago


That’s awesome! Congrats! :) 3 years ago


Yay! Thanks! :) 3 years ago


Aww thanks! :)But I know I still make mistakes…And since my English teacher isn’t here (or who knows if she is! :D) it’s up to you guys to correct me :) 3 years ago

NekoCross your fingers!

There’s this dream job I’ve applied. And I would be perfect for that. The application closed a week ago plus few days and I’ve been eagerly waited to hear from them. So today I sent email to one of the contact persons about the job and asked what’s going on. I normally don’t do stuff like that (which might be the reason why I am still unemployed?) and I tried to be as polite as I can (even though I am very frustrated when nobody seems to see how much I want it). I said that I don’t normally do stuff like that, but I want them to know that I am still interested and wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to work there. I doubted a bit, but pressed “send” anyway. I thought it would take a long time to hear the response, if I would even get it, but for my big surprise I got response withing few minutes! :D He only wrote shortly “Thanks for asking. We are evaluating the applications, but nobody has invited to job interview yet.” The response was short, so I am not sure what to think about it. But at least the job is still open and I still could have a chance to get it (or the interview) and now they know that I very much want it. So cross your fingers that I will hear positive news soon and they didn’t think my email to them was arrogant and/or negative. 3 years ago


Nervous and panicking, yes. I’m starting to develop the same kind of reaction as always in situations like these: flee.

I got invitation for one of the exams today in the mail. If I am not working at that day, I guess I go there. 3 years ago

Neko31. Ice cream

I post my photo here to reduce the amount of entries under this goal. Your photo was the last one about this subject. I hope you don’t mind :)

This salmiak-liquorices ice cream came one of my favorites right away! It’s this summer’s new flavor.

13/433 years ago

Neko27. A small blue thing

I post my photo here to reduce the amount of entires and it’s easier to compare the pics. Your entry was last one about this subject. I hope you don’t mind :)

A small blue pin.

12/433 years ago

NekoI'm starting to feel very stressed about this

whole “entrance exams coming soon and I haven’t studied much at all”. And seriously, do I need this kind of stress? No, I don’t. I am starting to ask myself, why I am I stressing this so much about something that I am not that much into at all. I already have finished my studies, the ones I really wanted to study in the first place and I want to get work from that field. I applied to school this spring cos I wanted to have a back up plan if I fail to get a job. But bunch of those things that I applied, don’t interest me that much so I am not sure if it’s worth trouble to stress them so much. The only thing I am interested in is getting to Technical University of Tampere and that’s causing me stress as well if I indeed have to take the exams.

The other thing that I stress right now is that I can’t believe that I still haven’t heard from those jobs I have applied. The once that were like crafted for me. I would be perfect choice from them. So what is wrong? Did I failed to let them see how perfect I would be on that job or did they once again got someone “better” than me? I have a lot of troubles not to think myself as a loser. Getting rejections all the time isn’t nice. I feel that I am not good enough for anything. 3 years ago


I hope so. And good to hear that I am not alone on this :) 3 years ago

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