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Recent entries from Neko
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Awesome game! And now Finns are playing against Swedes on Sunday. I think that game will cause me a heart attack :D

Though I do prefer them than Czech.3 years ago


I am about 65 % straight

I wouldn’t label myself as bisexual cos I like guys bit more than females, but I wouldn’t label myself either straight cos I like females more than being straight. However I don’t see it important to label anyone gay, bi-sexual, asexual or straight. I also find sexuality being quite fluid. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be at the ultimate end at gay-straight axle. Of course that might be possible. Anything really is.

I am right now at relationship with a man and I never have done anything more than kissing with girls. But I do wonder what it would be like to be with woman. I am quite picky though what it comes to females. I like very girly and pretty girls. And at some level, I am not sure could a woman please me like man can.

The funny thing is that I haven’t much told about my friends about me fancying females, but once I got really drunk at my friends party and then told everyone there that I like also girls and my friend answered that “I knew that”. I don’t actually remember telling that to her earlier :D 3 years ago


Bah, nothing new for me. 3 years ago


Oh, and good luck with your new job! Congrats for it :) 3 years ago


I graduated in October as Master of Science and my major was Environmental Science. So I am basically looking for anything from my field. I would prefer full time job, but I also wouldn’t mind getting a temp job. I’ve applied very large variety of jobs and it’s really frustrating. I am feeling anxious cos I have been unemployed so long and I don’t have much work experience and I am worried that the longer it takes the smaller my chance to get a job gets :(

Yeah, not hearing from jobs at all is even worse than getting rejected. I wish I would get at least job interviews but this far I have got only 2 and I have sent probably at least 60 applications this far. 3 years ago


Aww you party-pooper! ;)

But it’s still funny :D 3 years ago


Yesterday I had homemade salad: lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, bread and cucumber.

Today I haven’t eaten lunch, I decided to skip it. Which means that I hope that we go out for dinner… 3 years ago


Thanks. I really hope so too. Next week I will hear about one job, and that’s actually my last chance :( There hasn’t been any open vaccations lately. Well there’s this one, but I would need a car if I could do it, but I find it really impossible to get a car for summer just in few weeks.

And with those entrance exams coming soon, I feel very stressed. I just feel that there’s no way I could pass them. I am not that good in math and even I would study every day, I don’t have faith in me that I would learn it (I didn’t learn it in gymnasium either, so how I could learn it all now when I haven’t done pretty much anything math related in 6 years?) I might be able to solve the TAMK exams, but I am not sure do I want to really study there that subject I applied. I already studied something where I want to have my career, so why I can’t just get job :( I should be proud cos I managed to finish my studies so fast, but now I don’t have any work experience :( I really don’t know what to do :’(

Sorry for my rant.3 years ago


Aww, I liked him too. 3 years ago

NekoToo funny

:D 3 years ago

NekoI don't feel very good about myself right now

I am not sure does this go under this goal, but since I have big troubles believing in myself right now, I think this might be a right place.

Yesterday I got a bunch rejection letters from jobs again. It’s hard to believe in yourself when nobody else believes in you either. I feel that I am loser. I try to fight this very oppressing feeling, but it just makes me want to cry. How could I stay optimistic? Where can I find believe in me when it doesn’t seem to pay off? I want this so bad. Why can’t things start to work out already for me, not against me? This job applying process isn’t doing any good for my self-esteem. 3 years ago


We have hear too huge automarkets (=grocery shops that are a bit far from central and are easy to access with cars) where people usually go to buy a lot stuff at the same time. So it’s not just one or two bags.

I still don’t understand that mentality that you don’t want fill your own bags….Why is that so difficult? ;) 3 years ago


Well that’s a good name too :D 3 years ago


And I forgot my newest favorite sport to watch: Pole dancing! 3 years ago


1. Figure skating. Love it!
2. Ice hockey, but I only watch international games. I am not interested on national league or NHL.
3. Tennis. 3 years ago


No problem.:) I wish I could do it again, but I guess that’s not allowed ;) 3 years ago


And the Dutch word is “Betaalpenning” :D 3 years ago


I checked the wikipedia article about poletti and guess what! In English it’s token coin :D

I also learned that the alternative word for poletti in Finnish is “rahake” (raha=money), but I don’t like it that much. Poletti is better and it sounds funnier :)3 years ago


You do look like 20-something :) 3 years ago


Never heard of that, but

“3. you pay a quarter for carts and get a quarter back when you return them
4. you pay for bags”

those things aren’t weird here. Almost every grocery store here you need to pay for bags. And I think that’s good cos it makes people think about saving money and using canvas bags instead. Also you must put money to carts and then you get it back when you return them to right places. (see the photo) You can also use these what we call “poletti”

coin shaped things instead of money to remove the carts against each others. I have no idea what those are called in English. 3 years ago


Yeah, water doesn’t taste same everywhere. But I never have tasted a water that wouldn’t taste anything. It’s hard to describe though. 3 years ago


And it tastes like snow ;) Or ice! :D 3 years ago


Well right now our tap water tastes a bit metallic. I often taste the chlorine in it too. 3 years ago


It’s not. 3 years ago

NekoSurvey done!

It was my pleasure to help you :) And it was really interesting survey too. Good luck with it :) 3 years ago


I would love to visit that place too! Hey, when we visit Laura, we could go all there :D 3 years ago


I don’t have any childhood friends

My oldest and dearest friends I have know since I was 16, so I was teen already then. I wasn’t very social kid and my mother was staying home when I was kid. So I hadn’t much contact to kids of my own age. Only 1 or 2 times a week I went to this “club” that was meant to kids around my age. And when I went to school at the age of 7, I didn’t know almost anyone while most of the other kids had been in the same kindergarten. So I was left alone. There was this other, a bit chubby girl, who was left alone too so our teacher asked us to play together. So we became friends. But after two years she changed the school and we stopped seeing each others. I got new best friend who lived close to me and we went always school together. But when all moved to upper levels and changed school something happened. All that teen angst…I was very kind and wasn’t up to any bad stuff like drinking and smoking so I lost all my old friends cos of that. I didn’t get any new ones and I closed up. I was bullied. I hated that. And then I went to gymnasium. I knew few people from there, but since I was in new environment away from my bullies, I opened up and people got to see how I really was, how I had always seen myself. And I gained friends that are still in my life. And I am grateful of those friends and all the new ones that I have got after that.

But still…

Every time when people talk about their childhood friends I feel quite outsider. I get the same kind of feeling as when I was all alone with no friend in my life. I wonder if my life would have been different if I would had friend all my life. If someone would stand up for me when I was bullied? If I wouldn’t be so introvert? If I wouldn’t had to go through all those early teen years alone?

But partly cos of that what I have gone through has made me appreciate my friends. I don’t take them granted and I stay loyal to them. Nothing is worse than a friend backstabbing you.

S & H, my oldest friends are the best! ♥ I wish I would knew them earlier. 3 years ago


I don’t like antique.

I am interested on history and it’s nice to see old stuff in museums, but I wouldn’t want to have that stuff at home. There’s something about that stuff that creeps me off. 3 years ago


It was amazing place indeed. I am glad that you enjoyed it too :) 3 years ago

NekoI think that qualified as good news!

True Finns won’t join the government! Yay. 3 years ago

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