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I currently look like a newborn animal trying my first steps when I wear anything above a small heel. Not cool! 23 months ago

helenkate 23 months ago


Years ago when Myspace was still a big thing, Postsecret had their own page and one of the blogs had a lot of people posting mobile numbers to receive secrets.
I posted my number and thought no more of it, until I received a text one day from someone telling me their secrets. Although we started off as anonymous, curiosity got the better of us both, and we talked about who were we, where we lived etc. Turns out, this girl was only a few years younger than me and lived about 15minutes away from me!

Although we’ve never met in real life, I now consider this girl someone to talk to if I need to get something off my chest, and I’d love to share that with Postsecret by sending in my own postcard. 23 months ago

helenkate 23 months ago

helenkatenot necessarily just lose weight...

At the start of 2012 I joined the gym as a monthly paying member again, in an attempt to get fit and lose some weight.

So far I’ve been pretty good with it, going at least once a week, and often twice a week. But now is the time to step it up a gear! 23 months ago

helenkate 23 months ago

helenkatefuture plan

Whether it is stuck to remains to be seen.

I had a ‘where is this going, where do we want to be’ type of discussion with my boyfriend of 2 years recently.

At first nothing was really decided and we ended up disappointing each other with our stubbornness. My boyfriend then came up with a plan to see where we are financially this time next year, and if we are both secure in our jobs then we can start looking for a place in the new year 2013.

This makes me very happy to have a goal to work towards and a reason to be careful with my money! 2 years ago

helenkateGetting there

I’ve been experimenting on a small scale for a while, but living at home with parents I am a bit limited as to what I can do.

This Wednesday I am planning and cooking a 3 course meal for my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary.

I’m nervous but determined not to make slop! 2 years ago

helenkate 2 years ago

helenkate 2 years ago

helenkate 5 years ago

helenkateFinally acheived!

I went last year (2010) with my Dad, as a 3 week trip.
It was mind blowing.

We started off in a hostel in Perth and planned as we went along.
Perth was a beautiful city, and the people were lovely.

We flew over to Sydney to stay there for roughly a week. It reminded me of London, a bigger, pusher city than Perth on the west coast, but still absolutely stunning.

We then took a 16 hour bus trip down to Brisbane, which was a sweet little city, more like a big town than anything else.

It was nice to see my Dad so happy seeing old places he had been before, although we couldn’t get up to Karratha where he used to work.

The whole experence was incredible and it makes me sad that I may never go back. I just need to get convincing my boyfriend that the money is worth it.

I’d love to try getting a van and working my way across the country. 2 years ago

helenkate 5 years ago


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