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HollySame company -- different job

My schedule continues to be unpredictable and at the most inconvenient times. Currently though we’re in a special situation which means I’m making more money than normal but also working less normal hours than normal.

I’m really tired of working evenings and weekends and envy with green eyes the people walking down the street on Monday mornings at 8 am heading to their normal hour jobs. 3 days ago

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HollyThe opposite

I know everyone says they want the opposite – to be free of regular business hours. So I took a job that gave me one weekday off and one weekday morning off (working late).

It sounded good at the time, but now I really want to start working regular business hours so I’m off at the same time as my friends and family and have more time to spend with my son and husband.

Having a weekday off a week sounds like a dream – but then you realize that means giving up a weekend day – which is usually when fun things happen.

So even though I like my job, I’m ready to go back to regular working hours! 5 months ago

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I’ve eaten risotto but never tried making it until last night. It was surprisingly easier than I thought—lots of attention required but not a lot of preparation.

I made it with dried mushrooms and parmesan cheese. 5 months ago

HollyBought fabric and patterns

I took a sewing class in the spring and made a pair of pyjama pants but I measured wrong and made them one size too big. I could tear them apart and re-sew them but that sounds like SO much effort!

Instead I bought new fabric on our holiday and some great maternity patterns (fingers crossed) and need to start making some NEW clothes.

I also bought some nice fabric to make my son a duvet cover when he moves into a “big boy” bed.

So now it’s just a matter of starting! 5 months ago

HollyGoblet of Fire

I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s a fun series but I’m glad I waited until all the books were out so I can read one and the next without waiting for the next book to be released. 5 months ago

Holly35 so far!

I like lending to Kiva—it’s fun to chose a person who you can help and consider what is important. Is it more important to help someone buy mobile phones that they can re-sell or a cow that can feed their family or to buy doors for their house. 5 months ago

HollyDon't think I'll make it.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to read many books. I’ve enjoyed my reading but haven’t done it at the breakneck speed I did last year.

So maybe I’ll make this a goal for 2014 5 months ago

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My little boy is turning two and I knew this goal would be a challenge. I still have the baby book but haven’t filled it with any pictures. That’s about all that’s missing. I’m sad that I haven’t but I’ve got lots of videos and photos of him so he won’t fear that I didn’t lvoe him.

He will understand (I hope) that his mom isn’t a “crafty” lady. 5 months ago

Holly 8 months ago

HollyExtra payment

We had a bit of extra money in our account so added a lump sum to this debt. YAY! It felt so good until I asked what the balance was.

We are pretty meticulous with our record keeping so I was shocked that the total was $2000 more than I had in my books! ACK! I’m so grumpy about this, that adds four more months of payments.

So I’ve called the (very friendly) financing folks and they are going to email me an amortization schedule with all our payments to date. I can compare this to our records and at least discover where the error was. Who know? Maybe they missed something :) 8 months ago

HollyJulia from Columbia

Julia is a single mother. She has a 24-year-old daughter and recently became a grandmother. All of her working life, she has been a seamstress. Many years ago, she started her own tailoring workshop and she currently does sewing for third parties, tailors clothing, and also provides photocopying services and reloads credit on cell phones.

These activities provide her with the income necessary to sustain her home since all of the economic responsibilities fall on her because the father of her daughter never contributed economically.

She makes all types of garments, but her specialty is knitting.

Julia is a persistent, thriving, active woman who is dedicated to her family and to her work. Little by little, she has been investing money in her business to make it grow. Her last acquisition was a coverstitch sewing machine, which occupies a lot of space and, due to this, her workshop is very tight. For this reason, she requests the support of a loan, since she hopes to make some adaptations to her workshop by demolishing a wall and installing a large window. Her goal is to use natural light to its full potential and be able to work comfortably. This will result in a shorter production time and will allow her to return the pending orders in a timely manner.

Julia dreams of her business surviving for a long time but, in the mean time, she would like to implement the production of her own line of lingerie, sportswear, and home goods. This would allow her to offer more employment opportunities to women who are the heads of their households and will also allow her to improve her living conditions so that her granddaughter can have a better quality of life. 8 months ago

Hollyin person

I don’t know why I started but I got used to complimenting people in front of them when introducing them: “This is Linda, she makes the best cookies in the world!” Finding good things to say about people became natural and I started getting really good responses from people. I think at first people sort of thought I was making fun of them, but then they realized I usually said only good things about people and started to light up when they came around me. A good habit to start. 9 months ago

HollyTravel extravagences

We stayed in a super nice onsen (hot spring resort) in Japan. It was the same sort of thing, an AMAZING experience but very expensive. I think though that it is worth doing some big splash out things—particularly when they are on your “list”. At the end of your days, you will have amazing memories to look back on and remember.

HollyCaffeine is hard on you!

Congrats on getting a good night’s sleep. I think you are spot on with avoiding caffeine. I started by avoiding it after noon and then eventually moved to avoiding it where I can. I still eat dark chocolate and drink black tea—but now get my coffee decaffinated. It’s made a huge difference.

I also find that when I get overtired and am not sleeping well it helps to get some exercise—even a 30 minute walk helps me sleep better.


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