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idkbrblolThankful for: #59

- Oct. 11, 2013

Thankful for: “I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” – E. B. White
hmmm, again—“what would it be like to make the two dance?!”

Thankful for: I listened to Dr. Phil today call into question some lady’s (false) dichotomy. Unfortunately I don’t remmeber what he said to correct it, exactly – but it was nice to hear him confront it at least initially!

Thankful for: A really nice fresh micro-breeze today! It, amidst the rest of the day’s probably-similar breezes, was a sudden, slightly-cooler – much fresher breeze! (If I’da been sittin I woulda stood! If I were sleepin, I woulda woke up!!)
It only lasted a second, but I got it and enjoyed it!

Thankful for: buzzards

Thankful for: rattle-snake

Thankful for: Friday

Thankful for: Disturbed’s “Another Way To Die”

Thankful for: haptic/intestinal mastery of a tall, wobbly ladder.

Thankful for: seeing that the local walnuts aren’t going to go to waste.

Thankful for: play-doh

Thankful for: “take your dog to work” day
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolre: "Poignant quote"

One quote that often comes to mind is: “A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.” ~?

It would be nice to be that well-adjusted – not to be reckless, but to be able to test and learn clear-headedly.

- Oct. 11, 2013

. 6 months ago

idkbrblolDollar-Store Survival

Oct. 7. 2013
Dollar-Store Survival-Gear Shopping
Some on his list I liked were:
- personal first-aid kit
- hand sanitizer
- iron-on patches (kinda-liked this)
- sharpening stones
- pencils
- clothes line – “metal reinforced”
- beans
- baking soda
- sewing kit
- shoe laces – (Never be w/o shoe laces. Try tying your shoes without shoe-laces! It’s a bitch! Plus now they even have neon-green light-up laces! Props to that inventor!)
- cinnamon sticks ??
- breathing masks (can be made on the spot; research various cloth filtrations.)
- heavy-duty tarp
- electricals car kit
- hose clamps

A few things I think he missed were:
- zip ties
- nylon panty-hose (for warmth, I’ve heard!)
- honey (maybe little containers filled at home)
- and maybe one of those tiny LED lights!


A similar video was: “Dollar Tree $10 emergency wilderness survival kit”
His focus was only on a one-night deal, mainly focusing on staying warm/dry. I like his thinking.
Some on his list I liked were:
- lighters
- heat-in-a-can (He changed my mind on this; I’ll have to look into testing them.)
- metal water container (Not completely sold on this; you can boil water in a paper bag I’ve heard. Plus metal is already heavy. Aluminum foil works.)
- bees-wax lip-balm
- extra-heavy garbage bags
- rope (He didin’t say “how long” or “how heavy” I suppose that depends a little on how big the cliffs are in your area.)
- ziplock bags
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolReally nice dream

Really nice dream last night. Good vibrations moving through my body! Then I woke-up & found that I could continue it!!
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolflirting with disaster

I went to a bookstore, (rather untrepidatiously)!
I only bought three magazines. (I figured others might like some too.)
. 6 months ago


Oct. 5

Was thinking about courage when I happened on this: ”...either for an ensconced or brow-beaten adult.” ( And it struck a cord.

(Was thinking about joining the goal “be brave” but I like the sound of the word “courage” more than “brave”.)

Was thinking about courage earlier tonight when watching 20/20, about cops who speed when off-duty, (w/ no lights, no siren), and the on-duty cops who pull them over(!), and then the cops who bully those cops(!!)
It must take a lot of courage to draw lines within your own open field like that. And it must take a lot of courage to police yourself and stay slow, especially when you think you can get away with it like everyone else in your field.

Anyway, I’ll try this, even if it might fit under the goals “express more of my anger” and/or “believe in myself”; courage seems more intimate.
. 6 months ago

idkbrblol 6 months ago

idkbrblolre: Girl’s first ski jump

love it!

. 6 months ago

idkbrblolForgive Ness

- Oct. 5, 2013

Interesting how so many times my own expectations of others – especially when they let me down – is actually a reflection of what I’m trying not to see in myself!
It’s happened only a frightening number of times, when I look hard at how I may be having the same shortcomings! Fortunately, it’s happened so many times, that I might start learning to not fear what is hiding within, (and within others)!! It seems we may share a great many of the same ‘demons.’ (Perhaps we are much more similar than different. And maybe our similarities are more improtant than our differences.)

The more I think of it, the more this quote rings true:
“Most of us take on faith only what is unimportant to us.” ~Mignon McLaughlin The Neurotic’s Notebook
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolthankful #58

- Oct. 4, 2013

Thanks for:
- calling a friend.

- free stuff for geocaches.

- cool!

- I literally cant tell you how many times I remembered this girl & each time, my heart broke for her!

- zero-degrees cool!

- too cool?

- moon patrol?


- and just wondering – why oh why would an olde-time cobbler have both a weasel & a monkey?!
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolprogress complete

Thurs., Oct. 3
Multiple compliments on my work!! ☺
Last-minute idea didn’t hurt it too much; I think I picked-up more credit for creativeness than I lost for its looking less-neat. (At least I got them dust-collecting things outa here.)

I’m partaking of a grandfather clause!!!☺ (I’ve always wanted to be part of a grandfather clause!☺) Life is grand!
heehee! I feel like a frikkin’ 5.5 on the “blast-au-meter” – a sky-high 6.11 on the “kick-ah-meter” – it’s like a “ca-ching,” it’s like a Steve Reeves bodybuilding pose, it’s like an Yngwie Malmsteen riff, it’s like getting free dinner at Chi-Chi’s (ca-ching☺)!
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolentry #?

- Oct. 3, 2013
Interesting dream last night: seen an on-coming car with only one headlight and no running lamps or tail lights. When it passed, I turned around and went that way. Then I realized a soft light was coming from above me. Then I realized they were aliens, who took-on their human appearance & patiently waited for me to save the world (&/or universe, somehow, someway), IDK! One of them was a very cute girl, (close to 20 I think), whom I was thinking was my soul-mate!! ☺

Was getting kinda close to sleep, (actually nowhere near, but as close as I was going to get with the few remaining minutes till I had to get up), but I wasn’t feeling well, but in my day-dream, things were going really well – when suddenly I see this bright flash & hear a camera click/whir/& kinda break! Another hypnic-thing – I think that’s a first for a multi-sensory one!

in other news,
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolwatch documentaries (&...)

document at least 43 of them for this goal.
- Oct. 3, 2013
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolWorld "Ask a Stupid Question" Day

How much water is contained in all the worlds’ mud puddles?
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolre: "a good attitude"

Thank you!
6 months ago

idkbrblolprogress, pilgrim. 2.0

- Sep 28, 2013

Fire-proofing & reinforcing under way.
Almost got some reinforcing yesterday, but I figured I wasn’t quite ready for that step yet.
Somepainting done.
It’s nice to find that I have a lot of the materials here and there.

Things are going fairly well, with some surprising outcomes.
Getting tired of all the detail-work though! I find myself unnecessarily skipping some steps. I’m making good progress; I know I’ll have to get them done eventually. So I don’t know why I’m skipping them. Ig uess I’m just wanting to be on to the next phase, rounding third & getting done. It’s seeming like a lot more work than I thought it would be.
Oh well, back to work!
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolprogress, pilgrim.

Sep 27, 2013
Secret goals are in good progress. Sorry for the black-out, but I’ve been super-busy, (with them & other things, etc.).
I think I’ll have to restart one, as it got under the garage door, which put a serious kink in it’s already-questionale sturdiness. maybe I’ll repair it later, but4 now I think I’ll restart with a more suitable material – hope I can finish in time. I should be able to.
The other one is coming along just fine – lots of great ideas pouring into it!! I think it will be a big hit! (One can hope.)

(Anyway, thanks for all the recent cheers – I appreciate them.)
. 6 months ago

idkbrblol 6 months ago

idkbrblolre: church youth group

Thank you for your thoughts.
They didn’t relally spoil it too much. And I guess I shouldn’t really have my ego stroked too much until I can handle the strokes & the punches equally-well.
I am a person in change; improving, strengthening, balancing.
Some day maybe I’ll look back & count it as a blessing in disguise, as some of my other pains have been.
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolshare #44

Sep 24, 2013



- Did you hear they’re making an “Iron Man 2” movie already?

- “meh” – Doomsday Preppers vs Youtube Preppers:
—the mountains in the background: they look nice – nice (now try farming them), and they may seem like a convenient path to escape, or maybe a nice defensive wall. But it seems too easy for even any one-of several South American Air Forces to drop a few mortars or snipers up there. I’d suggest some place allowing a few more neighbors to call on.
DEMCAD comment 1 year ago (2012?) “Well, I don’t t…” {{cheer!}}

- Maria Bezaitis TED “strangeness” speech too-busy a background, and now I can’t comment on this as I don’t rmemeber any of it.
. 6 months ago

idkbrblolthankful for: (#57)

Sep 22, 2013
- found another ‘glow in the dark’ fungus!!
- cleared some space for work-out
- since it’s officially “get-ready month,” got a “danger radio,” & set it up!
- quote: “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things…
Right now I’m so far behind, I’ll never die!!” (end quote)
- Sought more help w/ secret stuff.
- ice-cold mineral spring water
- was w.a.l.k.i.n.g. the d.o.g (shh, she’ll get ideas if you say it) when we passed another, and at the nearest fire hydrant, she sniffed, but I could tell by her reaction that there was nothing there to smell, so I said to her, “He didn’t even pee, did he?” And then I was, like, hey I said “P. Diddy”! lol
. 7 months ago

idkbrblolre: wrote the sponsors

Any update? 7 months ago

idkbrblolanother good-great idea!

It surprises me how often a long walk produces a good idea!!
It’s like a mystery wrapped in an enigma; hopefully wrapped in a burrito!
. 7 months ago

idkbrblolre: Advice... (be more confident)

I’ve been thinking similar thoughtes recently: “Redefine & soften your concept of individuality to include a bit of others.”
Or something like that. It’s a concept in development.
. 7 months ago


Sept. 21

I like this: [I like the pic … actually, I like the statement in the pic; mainly the first 2/3]

This was interesting, but…
It’s hard to quote exactly what he’s talking about: being faster when simply being around fast runners & such…
“I started raving about how much faster I was moving”
I have doubts about this; conversely, did he slow-down the faster runners?? I’ve heard this type of talk before.
Though, I’m not totally unconvinced; it may be worth looking into.

Two layers of clouds – low clouds are just screaming by! – but hardly any wind!

“Ask a Stupid Question Day” (September 28) is coming!

I keep having thoughts – impulses of running far & fast! ☺
But I think my bare feet are starting to flatten-out; as it feels like a bony part of the side of my foot is getting pressed-into the pavement – getting to be painful. Oh well; whoever said that undoing damage should be painless. I’m on my way to a naturally-healthy body! I will not be pushed off the path this time!!
(Will also have to continue to remind myself to run with joy & gratitude.)

- Lesley Hazleton: The doubt essential to faith: okay I’m not being able to vote now. I’ll vote right here: “Fascinating, Inspirational, Informative.”

Edit: also see this entry, which doesn’t show up on this main page:
& this one:

- I keep remembering a story of a Japanese monk talking to a Samurai. As I remmber it, the Samurai wants to know the difference between heaven & hell.
The monk says, “Yeah, right – I won’t even waste my time on the likes of you.”
The Samurai is very angry & draws his sword to kill the monk.
The monk says, “And that is ‘hell.’”
. 7 months ago

idkbrbloldang it!

Sep 21, 2013
Went into the bathroom late at night, turned on the light – wondering again if that other big spider was gonna show up [btw, silicone spray lubricants are amazingly flammable (or is it “inflammable”)].
Anyway, so I’m there – hoping to be alone – and after a few seconds behind closed door, I naturally assume & believe I am alone… and just as I’m about to relieve myself – I hear a big, deep – {which to my suddenly-spooked mind sounds somewhat like a big deep hiss!} I look over to see that, as seldomly happens, the dog has decided to sleep in the laundry room! Turns-out it was only a big deep sigh!
Dang that dog!

BTW, Had a big-bad wolf spider crawl right up under my monitor and over my keyboard last night!!!
Luckily I was leaning back and had a good book for defense!
Since he was a spider, I can only conclude he was attacking me, (posthumously-speaking)!

[I even offered the dog cold-hardcash for any spiders she hunted-down! ...nothin.]
. 7 months ago

idkbrblolmore secret goals

got a few more to add:
got a little done on each; actually one’s about done, (& has-been for a couple years. ☹)
I did elicit some help on one of them (as-per goal #1); will elicit some more soon.☺
. 7 months ago

idkbrblolre: "Redirecting one's mind ...

“Knowing that the current situation is actually perfect, even amazing, and incredible, and feeling one’s way into finding how that is the case”
I’ve considered it that way many times. I think that may be important and true.

I didn’t like the statements: “Nothing can happen to me that is against my wish or wellbeing”
“I always get what I want”
I’ve read a little about using such reminders, but I think they’re a little too vacuuous to connect to the real world; or too platitudinous to properly align our mind. IMO
But other than that: good entry.
I may not read it, but I Will look into the book.

Edit: Even last night I came to a little epiphany while playing PacMan… I was about to get smashed by two ghosts, but instead of saying “NOOO!,” I was just calm about it – accepting of it, and at the last instant, one turned the corner, and gave me a way out! And I thought, “if I’d been busy being negative, I wouldn’t have had time to adjust & utilize the new positive opportunity!”

idkbrblolhad to

T’was for 7th or 8th grade class.
I wondered and wondered what and how to write a song. Then I settled on what I named “The Monstrous Song.”
Then I accidentally put in the sharp (♯) signs instead of flat (♭); figures.
I still wonder how the other kids did it!

Sept. 20, 2013
. 7 months ago

idkbrblol 7 months ago

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