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♫♪ I'm goin' off the rails on a gravy train ♫♪ ☺

Recent entries from idkbrblol
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idkbrblol 13 months ago

idkbrblolre: Stonehendge 2.5

(IDK what it’s called, so I’ll just call it Stonehendge 2.5.)
It’s in the middle of extreme southern Michigan, I think, (Kalamazoo area??). This lone guy is building something with what must be 20-ton stones! (Not even using machinery!) – just simple levers & pails-full of stone.
(I can’t believe I’ve never mentioned him here before – ‘Course, not many people mention Stonehenge II here either.)

idkbrblolShare #48

- Nov. 16, 2013

- Interesting, indeed:
- lyrics “someone left the cake out in the rain
... and I’ll never have that recipe again
Oh, nooo!” ~Richard Harris – “MacArthur Park” LOL
- food – missing an ingredient {(2B edited}) ... [editing: I was thinking the other day about eating, and I imagined it missing an ingredient; having remembered Gandhi’s quote in my thoughts many times about “taste” being borne out of the mind, I thought that missing an ingredient might make it more fun to eat – and then getting to imagine that flavor.]{edited}
- “1986 U.S. psychotronics” This came up in a ggle-video search for “Stan Tenen.” It doesn not have Stan; has no reference to Stan; or any of his work that I’m aware-of.
It does have a few interesting tid-bits: at about the 22-minute mark; the 27-min. mark has an …interesting musical bit if anyone has a knack for patching musicians together ;-} ; and about the 34-minute mark!
Apparently the device has the ability to exhibit a “virtual” antenna – of the “entrainment/synergy” kind {can’t think of the dang word I’m really looking for!}... [Edit: “emergent properties”! (but maybe “virtual” is still a great word to use there. Basically it has the properties of having a physical antenna which is very very small, but this is not because it has a physical requirements, but because of its resonance, apparently!)
- “famous Swedish ice hotel will install fire alarms” – ROFL
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolre: Inspiring #86

If I had taken that picture, I would still be there!
. 13 months ago

idkbrblol 13 months ago

idkbrblol"Docu"? Derren Brown & Faith Healing

I’ll count this, I think. It was an hour &½ of Derren Brown prepping a fake faith-healer.
Pretty-good, all-around!
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolre: Pattern

I think many people worry about that a lot.
Yes, the probability is there. But there is always hope.
“Learned Optimism” by Martin Seligman is one book I’d like to get around-to again. (Several times I’ve caught my Mom saying pessimistic things, and each time I notify her, I think it may add-up to help her some day.)

That’s a great bit of writing you have there! A lot of power is packed-into it.
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolbe thankful #62

- great fresh smell outside
- science/tech article Brazilian mechanic uses plastic water-bottles & bleach to create “LIGHT-bulbs”
- 3 days – 89% less pop!
- neat movie idea dream
- hippo saves baby deer?
- interesting (I’m reminded of that first big commercial where that lady runs up to the big 1984-ish B&W screen and smashes it.)
- a great gift finally on-sale!
(Seems like it was 3-4 months waiting!)
((In reality it was probably 3-4 months.))
(((Yes, my imagination & reality are just that close!)))
. 13 months ago

idkbrblol 13 months ago

idkbrblolre: birding


Sounds like what you need is a “scope”!
;-) lol
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolThanks #61

a bright, sunlit bluejay
the dog getting some sun-basking time
Malala to Obama: concern over drone attacks!
. 13 months ago


Nov. 3, 2013
I was thinking new thougths the other day, and I smiled a little bit in reflection, and I felt some strange new deep facial muscles move – muscles I don’t think I’ve ever felt before! I thought I could literally feel my face subtle-ly [sp?] change shape!
I could imagine it must have looked very nice! IMHO

Morale-☺-Meter … + 0.005 !
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolshare #47

lol tru-dat
lol brilliant
interesting colors
wet cat lol
dog lol
dog lol
“gf material”!
nice gym!

. 13 months ago

idkbrbloltears of heaven

- Oct. 31, 2013 [...minor edits]
Things still changing. I stepped outside the other day, (minutes after a near chance-encounter with old locals – now living hundreds of miles away), and I don’t know if it was the nice weather, the sunshine, or what – but I suddenly had a feeling that years or maybe decades of something was lifted off my mind. And I started to feel like crying, (but not wanting to get caught crying, I stopped).
So a little while later I waas out in a small woods, and eventually walked under a small bush/tree. When I was past half-way under the tree, I stood-up and looked and saw that many little, [“white,” I think], seed-pods were hanging there looking like dozens of pretty little raindrops – all frozen in time!
So I walked on and found another small tree with fiery-red leaves, I looked-up and a few feet above was a little tuft of five or-so leaves – they looked like they were cupping a nice yellow leaf up on them.

So anywaay, I went back a day [or 2] later but could not find this first tree! Mind-you this tree should be seen from any point in the woods! I even tried from both directions of my approximated “path,” (didn’t have time to stalk myself), but nothing. :-(

[I did find it a week or 2 later. I am still surprised how fast that thing changed appearance in a couple days.]
. 13 months ago


Oct. 28
baby elephant – too cute!
missed you, wintry
ooh! ooh! chick with burning sword!
lucky dog :-)
colorful gf
women belong where?
cat lol
lol. true.
dog & cat
wish-granted. this concludes your one LifeWish.
yes ladies, it’s a ‘snake’... and…
lol, with a moral
what movie was this – did I write about it? (the fours were roflmao)
lol, Mom

Warning: (“Warning”)
2004-02-01 Coast to Coast AM – Space Explorations : The Divine Eye
This show is NOTabout “Stan Tenen,” it is not with Mr. Tenen; nor does it mention him or his work… or even his field of work, (or even any Stan, I believe)! If you’re looking for Stan Tenen’s important information, (and I hope you are too), it is NOThere – even-though it is tagged with ” stan; tenen; ”.

(I’ll repost this earlier one; as apparently, there is something amiss when I try to “find” “Stan Tenen” here [see above pic]
”- Warning! If you’re looking for information by or about Stan Tenen, this is NOT it, even-though it has that tag. “2004-01-02 Coast to Coast AM – Numerology Types : The Divine Eye” )

Also to share: a dictionary, a coloring-book, some sports equipment, science magazines, etc.
. 13 months ago

idkbrblol"wordless documentaries"

- Oct. 28, 2013
I’m reminded every so-often about the quote: “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too.” ~Voltaire, Essay on Tolerance
Been thinking a little on watching one of these wordless documentaries – doing my thinking for myself – not being told what to think. Though, it’s still being produced & directed from some-one else’s point of view, I think it’s a window to a different place, a different mindset; not so much a consumer – of taking more personal responsibility for my thoughts & such.
[edit: (TFT2C)
Also been itching to get into the nuts & bolts of scientific writings. Forget the A to Z; “How do they get to A?”]
. 13 months ago

idkbrblolMichelangelo documentary ...&

- “Michelangelo Revealed”
- Do these “Secrets of the Dead” episodes count as a documentaries?
If so, then here’s one – it may be called “The Telltale Charcoal”? idk

These look neat too.
- Ogi Ogas & Sai Gaddam
- Patchen Barss
- “Tibetan immolation protests” hard-core!!!
- Olympix – just one more way to abuse kids?
- “Playtex documentary out of England admits bras do health damage.” (I don’t know if “Bras, the Bare Facts” is the one talked-about there.)
Is a neat article
. 14 months ago

idkbrblol share #45

It’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month; I think.

- has a “Word of the second”!!!
- wow
- nice knees
- roflol
- happy now?
- cool
- lol
- lol
- lol
- lol
- lol
- rofl pizza
- curvy

- weird
- cutest
- mawwiage I like this – made me think… it’s like a false-dichotomy – and I started wondering about the tag “marriage,” and how much possibility is there in every new day!
- lol
- aw
- lol
- awww, cute
- lol
- awww
- creepy
- !
- lol cute
- tru-dat
- wthh?!? I’ll say it again, “what the heckin’ heck?!?”
- glowy – tres cool
- lol

- they’re here!!
- lololol
- interesting “profiles” of beautifil fish
- thank god i’m not alone here
- lol

- (“Reporters Without Borders”) interesting death toll ‘barometer’
- [inside joke] “you’re doing it wrong”
- “Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive.” ~C. S. Lewis
- Warning! If you’re looking for information by or about Stan Tenen, this is NOT it, even-though it has that tag. “2004-01-02 Coast to Coast AM – Numerology Types : The Divine Eye”
It’s a bunch of numberology – (a bit vague), she talks a good talk; has pretty good description of me on her web page – (for the wrong number!).

- useful!
- “We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” ~?

- And in the real world… I got a basketball for some ppl & one-a those Boy Scout wood cars to whittle!!
+a few more things to share. ☺

“And in the really-real world,” a couple of dreams:
dream: I walk into a store I’ve been to many times, but this time it seems much biiger – takes much more energy to get through, [spent the day in a funk]; I stop at a student-type desk to do some online stuff or something, & the guy sitting in front of me starts leaning way back; crowding me. I don’t mind too much, I don’t need taht much room. Along comes a lady with a baby in her arms, (about 21), she looks a little familiar, she says hi to him by name & hi to me by name, (I can’t quite place her), then continues-on with her two kids close behind. He looks at me like, “who was she?”
I’m done at this point anyway, so I decide to go & ask her who she is. She’s already a long ways away, but I catch up to her & talk to her for about 10-15 seconds – I don’t find out who she is, but for some reason the conversation’s over & I start to leave. About then the cops show up & tell me to “back-off.”
After awhile, I end-up leaving the store w/o buying anything. (I’m sure it goes on, but I cannn’t remember.)

dream: Someone has stopped time (except for me & a few guys) for a few minutes (they are ‘in’ on it; I’m not), they’ve revealed some boobs on some of the ladies standing near, to get their reactions on film when time starts again. I walk away. I find a very fast garter snake – faster than me, (which is how I know he’s fast)! Fortunately he crawls away! (Actually he’s about 2-3x faster than me!)
I get out my camera to get a close-up of a chipmunk, and have trouble telling how close I am to him bc I’m looking through a zooming camera & seeing somewhat around the sides of the camera; somehow I get very close to it, and find I’m in a cemetary with it. It starts talking to me! Some of the cemetery statues are of children.
I start to leave & a friend of mine is mad bc I’m going my own way – not with others to dinner or something like that. But I reassure him somehow.
I find a couple of small, old mobile homes or big vans near each other with a metal bar btw them, I swing on it & jump off a long distance – then again; Mom thinks I’m crazy for this. I run around the vans and grab onto some long weeds and swing out around them – using centrifugal-forces to stay aloft, (Somehow I know that to do this I have to “climb” the weeds inwardly to maintain the necessary forces), and grabbing onto the next weed when I need to, like Tarzan! One of the guys watching says, “You can’t do that – that’s impossible.” As I get around to the other side, I yell, “You lost me at ‘impossible!’” (or somthing like that.) The other guys laugh.
Eventually I got to feeling so good about it that I just crashed and rolled onto my back and basked in the sunlight and giddy inner joy! [may reflect recent new philosphical thoughts?]
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolbe thankful # 60

- Oct. 14, 2013

- free hugs
- cool
- kissy
- pizza cat
- ROFL kitteh
- dog?!
- ROFL dog
- “big savings”
- 404 congrats
- Headline: “Massachusetts Boy, 12, Wins National Geographic Bee”
- Update: unfortunate Massachusetts boy, 12½, pestered unremittently on where Canada, New York, the North Pole, and “Flatland” is.
- found my sprouting jar
“The framers valued integrity, but they built the Constitution to work even if the leaders had no integrity—especially in such cases, in fact.”
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolre: "Not for the faint of heart "

I don’t get it.

(seriously, I didn’t lol.)

First time I’v ever heard of “reaction something-or-other” pics

But I’d decided to cheer this just cuz it made you laugh.
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolThankful for: #59

- Oct. 11, 2013

Thankful for: “I arise in the morning torn between the desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” – E. B. White
hmmm, again—“what would it be like to make the two dance?!”

Thankful for: I listened to Dr. Phil today call into question some lady’s (false) dichotomy. Unfortunately I don’t remmeber what he said to correct it, exactly – but it was nice to hear him confront it at least initially!

Thankful for: A really nice fresh micro-breeze today! It, amidst the rest of the day’s probably-similar breezes, was a sudden, slightly-cooler – much fresher breeze! (If I’da been sittin I woulda stood! If I were sleepin, I woulda woke up!!)
It only lasted a second, but I got it and enjoyed it!

Thankful for: buzzards

Thankful for: rattle-snake

Thankful for: Friday

Thankful for: Disturbed’s “Another Way To Die”

Thankful for: haptic/intestinal mastery of a tall, wobbly ladder.

Thankful for: seeing that the local walnuts aren’t going to go to waste.

Thankful for: play-doh

Thankful for: “take your dog to work” day
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolre: "Poignant quote"

One quote that often comes to mind is: “A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.” ~?

It would be nice to be that well-adjusted – not to be reckless, but to be able to test and learn clear-headedly.

- Oct. 11, 2013

. 14 months ago

idkbrblolDollar-Store Survival

Oct. 7. 2013
Dollar-Store Survival-Gear Shopping
Some on his list I liked were:
- personal first-aid kit
- hand sanitizer
- iron-on patches (kinda-liked this)
- sharpening stones
- pencils
- clothes line – “metal reinforced”
- beans
- baking soda
- sewing kit
- shoe laces – (Never be w/o shoe laces. Try tying your shoes without shoe-laces! It’s a bitch! Plus now they even have neon-green light-up laces! Props to that inventor!)
- cinnamon sticks ??
- breathing masks (can be made on the spot; research various cloth filtrations.)
- heavy-duty tarp
- electricals car kit
- hose clamps

A few things I think he missed were:
- zip ties
- nylon panty-hose (for warmth, I’ve heard!)
- honey (maybe little containers filled at home)
- and maybe one of those tiny LED lights!


A similar video was: “Dollar Tree $10 emergency wilderness survival kit”
His focus was only on a one-night deal, mainly focusing on staying warm/dry. I like his thinking.
Some on his list I liked were:
- lighters
- heat-in-a-can (He changed my mind on this; I’ll have to look into testing them.)
- metal water container (Not completely sold on this; you can boil water in a paper bag I’ve heard. Plus metal is already heavy. Aluminum foil works.)
- bees-wax lip-balm
- extra-heavy garbage bags
- rope (He didin’t say “how long” or “how heavy” I suppose that depends a little on how big the cliffs are in your area.)
- ziplock bags
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolReally nice dream

Really nice dream last night. Good vibrations moving through my body! Then I woke-up & found that I could continue it!!
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolflirting with disaster

I went to a bookstore, (rather untrepidatiously)!
I only bought three magazines. (I figured others might like some too.)
. 14 months ago


Oct. 5

Was thinking about courage when I happened on this: ”...either for an ensconced or brow-beaten adult.” ( And it struck a cord.

(Was thinking about joining the goal “be brave” but I like the sound of the word “courage” more than “brave”.)

Was thinking about courage earlier tonight when watching 20/20, about cops who speed when off-duty, (w/ no lights, no siren), and the on-duty cops who pull them over(!), and then the cops who bully those cops(!!)
It must take a lot of courage to draw lines within your own open field like that. And it must take a lot of courage to police yourself and stay slow, especially when you think you can get away with it like everyone else in your field.

Anyway, I’ll try this, even if it might fit under the goals “express more of my anger” and/or “believe in myself”; courage seems more intimate.
. 14 months ago

idkbrblol 14 months ago

idkbrblolre: Girl’s first ski jump

love it!

. 14 months ago

idkbrblolForgive Ness

- Oct. 5, 2013

Interesting how so many times my own expectations of others – especially when they let me down – is actually a reflection of what I’m trying not to see in myself!
It’s happened only a frightening number of times, when I look hard at how I may be having the same shortcomings! Fortunately, it’s happened so many times, that I might start learning to not fear what is hiding within, (and within others)!! It seems we may share a great many of the same ‘demons.’ (Perhaps we are much more similar than different. And maybe our similarities are more improtant than our differences.)

The more I think of it, the more this quote rings true:
“Most of us take on faith only what is unimportant to us.” ~Mignon McLaughlin The Neurotic’s Notebook
. 14 months ago

idkbrblolthankful #58

- Oct. 4, 2013

Thanks for:
- calling a friend.

- free stuff for geocaches.

- cool!

- I literally cant tell you how many times I remembered this girl & each time, my heart broke for her!

- zero-degrees cool!

- too cool?

- moon patrol?


- and just wondering – why oh why would an olde-time cobbler have both a weasel & a monkey?!
. 14 months ago

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