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iitjee 2 months ago

iitjeethis is a weekend tour!

week 1:read and do program before arrays!
#read the course book.
#practise the pracs
#read c++ arrays… 2 months ago

iitjee 2 months ago

iitjee 11 months ago

iitjee 13 months ago

iitjee 6 months ago


he is my little teddy bear…he has so many things in common with a teddy n not with a human being….cuddly,punchy,n cute…. 6 months ago


he has an inner intution to respond to my silent needs..i dont know how that is possible for anyone but i thankfully (exept for a few times) receive his care n love whenever i need … from the many example that came accross us lately i can say he understands me… 6 months ago

iitjeejar gift

it didnt end up to my expections nor could i add all the stuffs i had collected n planned for the gift but somehow i was able to finish it n give it just in time…to my dear TS for 6 months ago


i so wanted to live
through each of your moments
n be right by ur side
trough ur joys n torments

all the small times
we spent together in bliss n ecstasy
adoring enjoying n loving
its more than a just memory

and your teddish gesture
n ur loving ways
and your feel special touch
n how u make my day
the way i see flying sparks near u
and ur hugs n so much rare kisses :(
how i crave for u
n how we talk at night in hisses
n all the things i learn from u
how u mke me blush just looking at me
n so much i want to express each time but say only I LOVE YOU
N i so love all the things u do to me

forever will my love last
crossing rivers n mountains
for u i will come fast
n i swear nothings gonna change

6 months ago


he is not so romantic.. but then when he is a spark of genuineness is quitly reflected…moment so rare n worthy that i can feel the aura for days…months 6 months ago

iitjee 10 months ago


thats a big dissapointmnt … my Ki~ says it will look btr in a frame like thing.and making a cover out of the beautiful thing wil put all my sweat from my forehead straight into dustbin…i will soon upload the pic of d peice u guys… 9 months ago

iitjeeall that sounds

like utterly unbeleivable….well i know that these things work..bt never before had a chance to know the proccess so closely and intensly…the slow peacefull reading through your post certainly gave me some inner courage telling me that there is nothing to fear coz there always exists a spiritual energy that wil help me survive situations./

i deeply appreciate your work and mentallity of loosing the ego….i so want to meet a person of your kind…:) 9 months ago

iitjee 10 months ago

iitjee 10 months ago


whats a midnight sun bdw?? 10 months ago


ur entries are such marvels…u know now at the end of the day…before going to sleep i was reading ur recent entries n it miraculously brought so much inner peace n magic in my soul…all the calm beautifull lines u say seem to have no connection with this world of cat race n competetion n tention all around….ur ntries r a big time soothe syrups!! 11 months ago

iitjeeis it?

somewhat like the north pole having sun for 6 months??...is it real that the sun doesnt set for all the 24 hrs?i mean there at finland11 months ago

iitjeeoh my goodness!!!

:’(....have some pitty on mee!!!!...ok i’l get u tuna n milk on d olternate days…!>.:P..thats ol i can afford…:(....plz dont ditch me dear..i’l do ol dt to the extent i can..(crying on the thought og u ditching me).. 11 months ago


u kitties only have crushes till they are feeding u tuna n catnip?huh aint u...
but i wont mind …. come come ear kitty hear’s ur plate..n would u like to have sme creamy milk along???

n i want a fluffy hug back..huh..:D…. 11 months ago


i hav a big crush on noir neko ..errr i jus hope nobody reads this…!!>...m a huge fan of its (used for kittish purpose) sense of humour …. :P….i wud love to have sch a person ryt around me…its a big mystry to me how that person oh sorry kittyy is in real lfe….???.....

n post n entry wise i hav a biggr crush on u sitru…i can absolutly marry them dose lovly pictures bullets n beautifull saying are such a boon to life….

11 months ago


well i can read n imagine the feeling that u feel ut i can hadly connect….somthing of this sort i mean the haling sort never happened in my life….but oher than that thee were some situations that has made me believe in inner strength n spirituality…i hope i have such exp. once in my lifetime atleast… 11 months ago

iitjeeoh yes..

it realli did brighten up my day 11 months ago

iitjeeplz no

u may be tons better but the doggie is much fluffier….its so cute sitruu..if its really urs then i wud like to hug it, show it faces n swing it in he air…awww.. 11 months ago

iitjee 11 months ago


i donno…i dnt follow this now but my wax used to be nyc with me..i could wash it away with water….did u use hot wax???coz i use cold!! 11 months ago


I feel largely the same way about losing my health – I certainly would never have chosen to get sick if I had had a choice, but now on the other side I am grateful for the experience and humbled by the wisdom of Life, the universe, divinity, God – any name works well since I don’t believe it has a name. The most unprofitable life would be a life without problems and suffering – up to a point, the deepening in a human being and the rising of consciousness can only happen through suffering. You can learn knowledge from others, but growth and wisdom can only be experienced directly and no one else can teach it to you; their words can only work as pointers. Looking back, without losing my health, I would have wasted my life doing something that wouldn’t have been of true importance. I wouldn’t know what to prioritise. I wouldn’t have as much unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion towards others. The intelligence and purpose behind something as painful as a severe illness can be close to impossible to see when one is in the middle of it, but it is almost certain,

especially if the illness is seen as incurable by the majority, that it is impossible to get through it and heal it without experiencing tremendous growth as a human being. Life is full of possibility and opportunity on the other side as you’re a changed being now aware of your limitless potential.

One of the quotes that most resonated with me during my journey was this from Robert Heinlein:

Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you what can’t be done and why. Then do it. 11 months ago


is so true…hhehhee…u have a mind blowing sense of humour..that is so rare to find these days…i mean people areso busy in the cat race of gains that nobody cares to cheer up n cheer others as well!!..
dear funny fluffy kitty.. 11 months ago

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