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What are sacred shapes
an awakening mind’s path
-shortcut to prayer 4 days ago


Find a bigger view
Cherish your identity
but step into More 4 days ago

infiniteissabellawe wrote a song

my sweetie wrote the guitar part and I wrote the words 1 week ago

infiniteissabellaIrony not wrinkly

I’m surrounded by
an infinite gentleness,
How could I go wrong? 1 week ago


I crossed the equator 4 times! And this trip was a gift from a friend, who does that. Favorite part was the Quechua people and the big moutains. The people are beautiful and friendly and the mountains are 16,000 feet, biggest I have ever seen. 4 weeks ago

infiniteissabellaDon't leap

When it’s all bad news
and you’re afraid to get up
Don’t leap to judgement 2 months ago


Moving through this life
with our cast of characters,
hard to let one go. 2 months ago


Stand out in the light
summoning your sacred life.
Call… to your last breath. 2 months ago

infiniteissabellaPenny primavera caliente

agua caliente
que enfria mi alma
un alivio. 3 months ago


Caught between two wolves,
Love the dark but feed the light,
Choose the holy work 4 months ago


a public art project,it is an interesting process 5 months ago


Wake in the morning,
embrace your essence and soul,
dancing with the Gods. 5 months ago


We had FOG this morning, it is rare here, we thought is would surely snow. The humidity is wonderful and the lingering fall. 5 months ago


practicing painting the face 5 months ago

infiniteissabellasome success

paying down several thousand this year ! 5 months ago


at the community chalkboard 5 months ago


blackholes in the night
the cows down to pasture
such negative space 6 months ago

infiniteissabellaCancer Center Chapel

One of 7 panels 7 months ago

infiniteissabella 7 months ago


is coming together and I got an art lesson, next , practice and design.
Made a bunch of glass jewels by using my great and great great grandmother’s button collection for the molds. 7 months ago

infiniteissabellatrees out of metal

go for it , I like the idea ! 7 months ago

infiniteissabellablossoming mandalla exercises

think about an image or shape that you can identify with and grow it 7 months ago

infiniteissabellacreativity class ideas

blackboard fun- full scale portraits, blessing the images of each other
group meditations, house of rest , clarissa estes
essence haikus at the end
blessing the site
books, slide show
I want to contribute to your spirituality 7 months ago


she’s feeding our souls,
her wild generosity,
with the food of love 7 months ago

infiniteissabellaJust finnished the library

I am surprised that I haven’t kept up on this, since my last entry I have completed 2 of my biggest commisions for public art, it has been a bit of a whirlwind. I did a piece for the cancer center in our local hospital that was very emotional for me , went on the trip to England and got the library job directly after getting home.. I am recharging, contemplating and doing a lot of research and envisioning right now. I also took a great design class and want to approach a spiritual hall for another project next. I am trying to remember to respect my need to process all this and be gentle with my regrouping. 7 months ago


spin hope into wings, what a lovely phrase.
you have such talent! 7 months ago

infiniteissabellafor my sweet love

Music is the lens
that you focus your spirit
of light in the world 7 months ago

infiniteissabellabusy mind

All my ideas,
clamoring for position
yearning to be born 7 months ago

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