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Kristina WSlow progress...

So I have not gone back to my initial weight (Thankfully) but I have been going up and down a couple of kilos since before Xmas. I think that’s mostly due to stress. I’m making this a priority again. My plan is to pretty much continue what I was doing before and avoid binge-eating chocolates and other stress-related eating. Maybe next time I’m stressed I’ll make some plain popcorn to chew on. 2 months ago

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Kristina W 4 months ago

Kristina W

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Kristina W6 kilos down!

4 to go :-) But now I’m increasing the ambition to another 4 after that 7 months ago

Kristina W 15 months ago

Kristina WUntitled

I dropped this goal for a year (eek) and just took it up again about a month ago. Since then I’ve lost about 5 kilos, and I want to lose 8 more!

I’m more determined this time, myfitnesspal is great :) So is general research. 7 months ago

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Kristina W 13 months ago

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Kristina WUntitled

But I’m also incredibly grateful for the opportunity. 13 months ago

Kristina WI can't wait for it to finish

This internship has been incredibly stressful, but luckily it will be over by the end of the week, and I can finally relax!

The best thing about it is that it has been challenging, but sometimes the challenges have been quite stressful – dealing with passive aggressiveness, managing people (I really don’t like being a boss to anyone), being beneath a manager who can’t help me (because they are almost as new as me). It’s been… challenging. But okay. Very good hopefully for my CV, helped me gain a lot of insight into this sector.. but enough is enough, I’m ready to GO. 13 months ago

Kristina WThe good and the bad

The good: Experience, both the good and annoying stuff is all a learning experience.

The bad: bosses who change their minds about what they want 2 weeks after you’ve started doing something completely different which you had both agreed on.

The good: Working for kids

The bad: not working WITH kids

The good: Bonding with colleagues

The bad: patronising CEO

The good: constant supply of tea and coffee

The bad: Sitting at a desk all day

The good: Money to pay the rent

The bad: going home in the dark

The good: leftovers for lunch

The bad: ...

The good: a massage chair in work!

The bad: repetitive strain injuries

The GOOD: knowing a little more about what you want to do with your life, and a little more about yourself 15 months ago

Kristina W 2 years ago

Kristina Wday 17 18 19 20 21

It’s taken me 2 years to complete this goal… I think something about counting my blessings every day irks me. Perhaps it’s the lack of original things to say; I’m grateful for my family, friends, love, sunshine, home, life, health. It’s the same each day, but for this I will put down one thing I’ve been grateful for each day.

Friday: I’m grateful for snow
Thursday: I’m grateful for my French teacher
Wednesday: I’m grateful for lovely leftover food and the people who make it
Sunday: I’m grateful for the invention of buffs
Today: I’m grateful for haggis, kind people and good friends 15 months ago

Kristina W 22 months ago

Kristina WUntitled

Loved this, thanks for making me laugh

Kristina WGraduation until now

So I graduated this summer and I expected to find SOMETHING, however mundane, to do with myself while I figured out the next step. I found a part time canvassing job which I found daunting but enjoyed parts of. I started to get sick of the targets though, and working evenings became problematic when it started to get dark at 7. Then I fell off my bike and hurt my knee and can no longer cycle (which is integral to this job). In a way I’m glad, because I have time to actually think about what I DO want to do and I have the time to apply to interesting things, mostly internships, because those seem to be the only way to work within industries that interest me and develop skills that will get me somewhere someday. I’m still looking for a job, but I think I’m going to be a bit constricted by my crutches no matter where I go. I’ve also started French classes, which provide further purpose. Oh gosh this sounds depressing, but actually I’m doing alright. Still applying to jobs, usually to no avail, I’ve had two interviews which didn’t lead to anything. It’s not easy, it’s often lonely, and to any other graduates out there or anyone else currently unemployed, I know what it’s like. I’m a graduate with a good degree from a good university with four languages and plenty of voluntary work on my cv, and I’m struggling to get work doing basic admin work. Maybe shooting higher is a solution… or having patience. 18 months ago

Kristina W

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