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italnolaMaster's in Economics

this is a strange degree. It is normally awarded on the way to a PhD. If you want a job then an MBA, a master’s in finance, or a master’s in analytics would be better. North Texas offers a quantitative program that normally leads to positions in market research or as a pricing analyst. That might be worthy.

If you want a PhD just get a PhD. Entering a Ph.D. program having completed an economics M.A. at another school will not shorten the duration of the Ph.D. program. If you want to get into a PhD program it might be easier and cheaper to spend a year at your undergraduate school taking a year of math courses or to go to one of the programs that specialize in getting people ready for the PhD.

If you want to avoid the real world for a while and do something cool then either do something cool (hike the Appalachian trail, teach English in Vietnam, or whatever) or get a master’s degree on the cheap. Don’t load up on student debt for this. 1 month ago

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Lived in Cologne for a year. It was great, I learned a lot about Germans. I saw much of Europe. It does take a long time to get to know Germans. They really are reserved. But I joined a gym and went every day. That was a good way to meet people. And of course going to bars. 2 months ago

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Great point. It is very easy to have vague goals that aren’t really achievable and that we can’t figure out how to progress. This is a good measurement and you can see what you could do to get closer to achieving it. 2 months ago

italnolastep 1 have some sort of musical ability

Well I’m taking basic voice lessons. Really basic voice lessons. Teacher keeps forgetting how little I know about music. But, each day we get better. 2 months ago

italnolai applaud getting out of your comfort zone

i applaud getting out of your comfort zone 5 months ago

italnolaThis year I've been lucky

Got to go to the Florida Keys and Hawaii. Both times my schedule was very hectic but I did manage to make sure I got in some diving. 10 months ago

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Obviously something vague like great dad is not really actionable.

I plan to tell him I love him every day. And i know the quote from Dr.Lou about kids needing love the most when they deserve it the least.

I want to teach him self-reliance and the satisfaction of real accomplishment too. but he’s too little just yet. 15 months ago

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italnolaMy plans

My plan is to break it up into small parts 18 months ago

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I wonder if Superbetter would help me with this. Superbetter is the gamification site that helps you with your quests. 18 months ago

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italnola 20 months ago helped me a lot. 20 months ago

italnolastart with the course 21 months ago

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italnolaSo obviously you could go to a local university and take grad level stats.

Lots of departments from education to economics and bio offer stats. Not just the math and stats departments.

I took mine at ICPSR which was great. It really helped me. The teachers there are known for their ability to teach high level stats. Most of the students were not hard core stats people-most were a bit afraid of stats. But at the end you’ve learned a lot. And Ann Arbor is nice.

CARMA does similar programs but shorter. 21 months ago

italnolawhat's the book

If this works, will you post the name of the book? 21 months ago

italnolacook's illustrated 21 months ago

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