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Recent entries from jam211
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jam211aahh sunny days

I just feel 10 times better at summer. I just come home at park where I finished reading Viktor Frankl:Man’s Search for Meaning. One of those Must read books.
days without mb:11
days without porn:23 2 years ago

jam211 2 years ago

jam211Still going

My charity box has grown to 5€
I don`t really miss porn so much but one addiction is coming back. Playstation games.
Damn I haven`t been playing those games for 2 years now but sometimes I still wish I could have time. But now I´m trying to read more books and grow to be more socially. Maybe if I reduce mmore internet and stop watching bad movies.

days without mb:5
days without porn:17 2 years ago

jam211My charity challenge

This is weird but lets see. So between 1.5-1.9 every time I mb I´m going to give 2€ to charity and if I watch porn its 5€. I haven`t yet decided what organisation to give that money. I´m really miserly so it wont be much. 2 years ago

jam211almost there

Hi everybody. Haven`t got anything interesting to write for sometime. I´m still focusing to get rid of porn habit. That is going better and better. Last month a watched porn 4 time and this month just one. And mb just once a week.

Last weekend I was at Alexander technique course . I believe that anyone from her would profit from that. It`s main focus is to unlearn useless habits. Right posture is so important for good health and mental focus. You don`t see Buddha sitting at hunch. Was that the right word…
“Alexander’s approach emphasizes the use of freedom to choose beyond conditioning in every action.” 2 years ago

jam211 2 years ago


I´m more proactive now than year ago. Of course I don`t have every time energy to do everything but it`S good to chill and relax when it`s time for that. Now Im motivated by reducing pain hope some day it will be love and happiness. 2 years ago

jam211 3 years ago


Good advices. It really comes down to changing your habits. 2 years ago


Doing great for porn field. Now my time goes for studying healthier habits. Although being happy and healthy should be really simple but this culture just doesn’t make it so.

4 days without mb
15 without porn 2 years ago

jam211 2 years ago

jam211Day 10

Finally beyond day 7. I was reading Think and Grow Rich and wound interesting topic.

“Napoleon Hill devoted a full chapter to the transmutation of sex energy in his classic book Think and Grow Rich. He found that the most successful people were highly sexed, achieving great success by directing their sexual energy into their work. In this article I’ll explain how to use sex energy to set goals that align with your natural biochemical arousal triggers, such that you find yourself taking action towards your goals more easily.” 2 years ago

jam211 2 years ago


Now heavy lifting would be nice if I could get some sleep. I don`t exercise so my any more cos my lack of sleep. It would just pump up cortisol. But I do some light exercise like walking and stretching. 2 years ago

jam211Going to break this day 7 plateau

So day 7 and 8 has been the most difficult. Now I really have to be proactive and keep myself busy. Also the night and mornings are dangerous. I Have to make sure that I get sleep when I´m at bed and wake up refreshed.

6 days without mb 2 years ago


I have also trouble at day 7. Somebody said it cos cycle of testosterone. Could be. So it would be helpful to make habit and exercise at those days. 2 years ago


I use dandy blend for coffee substitute. You can buy it from iherb. 2 years ago


For some people it is. I´m grateful that I didn’t make that habit. 2 years ago


Yeah. I have noticed that when temptations rises thinking excessive thinking wont work. You have to have plan. 2 years ago


I have small kitchen so this goal is important. I cant cook If there is dishes laying on the table. 2 years ago


Go out to walk and listen some good music. Dont think just go.
Well that`s what I´m going to do. 2 years ago

jam211Crashed. day 0

Yeah. After little progress I failed when I was not present and alert. It is part of the journey and I know I can do better than this but breaking that bad habits isn’t always so easy. I just have to remind myself what kind of progress I had made past year and not to give up. I welt little pain today witch I´m thankful cos its makes me remember the teaching. 2 years ago

jam211 3 years ago

jam211 3 years ago


So still going with porn free month. Now it`s easy to go 7 day without mb but then temptations start. So used to instant gratification. That habit won`t go so easy. Just have to keep clean diet and good quality sleep and be proactive. And have faith… 2 years ago


Just finished reading Mastery by George Leonard. It was one of those book that I had to read at once. Interesting things about learning and staying on path. What it really takes on to becomes a master and love the journey. So last month was almost porn free but I wasn’t on the path at the beginning. So now I`m going to make next porn free month at this year. I`m going to make calender at every month and but it on the wall so I track my process better. 2 years ago


yeah. Its just sad that some people waste their life on something like this
Its just easier to troll on anonymous on net than try to get along with real life. 2 years ago


Another week without porn. I think its just huge waste of time. I have kick-boxing and yoga class 3 times a week and when I´m home I have to cook, clean, read take singing lessons so I really don’t have any extra time. I did mb once this week. Now most time I get tempted is when I´m in bed going to sleep or waking up. It`s weird how much you can accomplish when you just focus on right things. 2 years ago


Yes its all about momentum and constant effort. There is always some obstacle to over come. 2 years ago

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