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jazziefeeExcited for you!!

I’m glad that you are now more inspired!!! One thing to do maybe 90 days before you search is not move money around. I have a few different accounts and I transferred money ALL the time, so you have to go over each transfer and write down where the money came from (just so they know its not illegal money) and you have to show the documents to prove it. so if you can not transfer money like I did it will make the process a lot easier too.

Honestly right now buying is a lot better than renting. Also when you buy make a biweekly payment you are paying the interest down faster and therefore going to own sooner. By me paying a biweekly payment and adding 50 dollars to each, I will own the home in 19 years instead of 30. See how big of a difference that is and thousands of dollars I saved too!!

You can do it, just really work on that credit, and be dedicated in putting that money aside for your future. I wish you the very best. Be blessed and have faith!!!!


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jazziefee50 states

i’m going to figure out where i want to go and start going.. seriously. 20 months ago

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jazziefeeummm.... :/

you would think i would be finished with this goal by now… no dice. 20 months ago


congrats to you!!! 20 months ago


i’m not so sure about this one anymore, but i don’t want to scratch it off the books yet. maybe….. 20 months ago


okay, its close to year 7 actually 15 days out from it, and we finally signed papers.. lol.. we should be divorced by the end of the year. 20 months ago

jazziefeebon voyage!

so i took one of my good friends to the bahamas on a cruise for her bday. it was 5 days. by the 3rd day, we were both over it. lol.. we were just at sea and we got motion sickness a bit, it turned us off for the rest of the cruise a bit, but we had a lot of fun. 20 months ago

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jazziefeenot a lot more, but more

i started my own free lance photography business. i am still in the learning stage but i’ve made a few bucks. 20 months ago

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