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Joe GoldbergThe reason is

On the signed-out view of zeitgeist, we exclude content from people who have adopted sensitive goals. We err on the side of caution, since zeitgeist is our public face to the world. 2 years ago

Joe GoldbergUntitled

I love the Odysseus comparison :) I’d like to think of myself as him, or at least as the Joycean equivalent at worst.

I’ll look into Power of Myth. 2 years ago

Joe Goldberg 2 years ago

Joe GoldbergThe Hero's Journey

A friend linked to this blog post about going on an adventure

The blog post contained the concept of the monomyth (which he calls the Hero’s Journey, a term I now prefer since I can think of myself as a Hero).

The steps of the Journey are listed here:

As with most people, I’m stuck at step 3, depending on the “call to adventure” I choose to heed. Venessa and I have talked about a 10 year plan to get rid of (almost) everything and live on a sailboat. That would certainly be an adventure.

Some older cousins (the Wise Mentors) have done the same thing, and I’m seeing them in a few weeks. However, I don’t think the act of planning on doing something a decade down the line qualifies as heroic.

Other adventures:

  • Biking across a continent
  • Starting a company
  • Homeschooling or “roadschooling” 2 years ago

Joe Goldberg 2 years ago

Joe Goldberg 4 years ago

Joe GoldbergMerging into "Make 43 Things Better"

I’m gonna mark this goal “done” (even though it’s never done) and start writing entries for future improvements to 43 Things on this goal: 2 years ago

Joe GoldbergGoals in Neighborhood Watch

A big part of draining the swamp is now live: you can vote on goals in Neighborhood Watch.

More info here: 2 years ago

Joe GoldbergDraining the Swamp

I’m on a kick that I call “Draining the swamp”, identifying and eliminating the icky stuff that’s on the site. Here’s what I’m working on:

  • Automatically flagging suspected spam goals
  • Letting people vote on goals in Neighborhood Watch
  • Keeping spam goals from showing up in search
  • Cleaning up spam tags
  • Making search results more relevant

A lot of this is behind the scenes, so hopefully nobody notices anything. It’s going to make 43 Things a cleaner place. 2 years ago

Joe Goldberg 3 years ago

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