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is just gonna go

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john_swale 6 months ago


Happy Birthday!
First things first :)

You probably won’t have him come back but I’d put up some lights and stuff. Burglars are cowards and it’s easy to scare them away.

Plus you’ve been a lot braver than I’d be really, the main thing is your safe. Everything else are just things so much rather that than you be hurt or in any danger. 7 months ago


Well hey there ;) 8 months ago


I’ve tried going through them so I do like ten pages at a time. Done that a few times over but it’s just a drop in the ocean. 8 months ago


I think wish is father of the thought on that one ;) 8 months ago

john_swaleMr. Karamel

Read war and peace twice when I was like fourteen something like that so not too bad.

Moderation is for losers – as is sitting in a dark room, alone, playing video games with people you’ve never met for a score which means nothing.

Guess what I’m up to right now :P 8 months ago


Why do you ask a question if you don’t want an answer?
I never said I enjoyed it or it was my favourite; plus you don’t need to read the full thing. No one ever really does. If you think it’s only about the Napoleonic war as well then you’re wrong.
But there’s nothing wrong with reading about something like that. Or reading about ethics; or philosophy?

I’ll retract my choice if you detest it so much. Animal Farm is a good pick, but just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone does. 8 months ago


lol I forgot about that line. I have the feeling I may have had a drink.
Really not liking whats going on right now, my mistakes. How they’re taken, the work and lack of support. Alongside the lack of everything outside of work 8 months ago

john_swalethe mistrustful dolphin

This is made up of various bits and pieces I wrote over about two weeks with gaps, unedited and just bits and pieces.

leaving work at 8 seeing fit jen going out at that time with friends. So i have neither
wanting to go on holiday
wanting to work out of country
have a gf
help people
having a good job
why am i such a loser
unfairness in behaviour – I get blamed for stuff. Mum coming in and bothering me in my room fawning on jessica. dad being annoyed just asking a simple question
googling joanna kelly and alison scaglioti – why have a google search for hot with their name. They can’t have a non hot pic.
Nana falling, then being in hospital and seriously ill again me being shouted at about it all.
thinking about my ex. Thinking about how she was just perfect, in turn how am I meant to meet anyone and she’d be that good. Like I see girls and they’re so cool and attractive and think. Well they like happy guys. Well fuck my life.
not being part of anything at work. Not being part of anything anywhere. Like it feels that I work hard but nothing comes of it. Read my accountancy mags and people getting support starting this and that doing everything. Me just sat in my room doing fuck all. EL on linkdin and all the stuff he’s put is true and 99% of it I’ve done and taught him.
Fucking up at work, people then not seeing it I take the blame and defend their mistake. But then they have a go at me. The one time I do something because there’s so much on. So that happened yesterday. Then today the one day I don’t check something and the one day something else happens which had an impact no one else knew would happen. So four payments didn’t work and again it’s my fault. Getting told about my two big fuck ups at work by one of the managers. The same one who failed to actually do his job and see my mistake yesterday.
Really just going to put on my yearly think about I clearly cant do the job and keeping fucking up. If thats mentioned then I’ll just put it in quotes and cite the guy for saying it.
lol basically in tears to be honest.

when you see a sharks fin, swim towards it to establish dominance 8 months ago


I wrote two replies and they just became me sort of saying how I’ve been hurt.

I’d give your niece a chance, if she’s actually just not nice then don’t bother. But it’s probably that when she’s opened up or tried. It just gets thrown back. So there’s no point in trying, everything becomes well if they did it then it would be fine but if I do it then it’s wrong. People then treat you as unhappy even if that day she was going to be normal or even happy. If you want don’t make an effort with her just be normal and there might be an improvement.
Although to be fair you’ll know her obviously a lot better than me. 8 months ago


It’s full of odd bits and pieces, the noises, car, just lots of stuff where I thought. Why are you doing that or whats going on.
Not in a bad way but you know there’s going to be lots of threads all through it.

Hopefully it’ll be another good one to watch 8 months ago


No worries, I forgot they did clothes. I just had in my mind you could do and dvds and things like that.

I don’t think you’ll be rolling in cash no matter what you do but the more you get the better :) 8 months ago

john_swaleAdmiral Smiley Face

lol I did smile a bit seeing my little name mentioned.
What did you think of it then? 8 months ago


you could always do that music magpie thing or one of those. It won’t make tonnes but you’d probably make not that much less than ebay and without all the messing. 8 months ago

john_swaleyou jag

How often do you get angry?
not often at all

What triggers you?
erm normally quite small things; but I guess it’s normally a build up to

What could never or almost never make you angry that makes others angry?
dunno. Lots of time people will ask me if I’m okay as they seem to be stressed or concerned about something when I’m just all relaxed

How do you cope with anger?
Just be by myself, I used to do other stuff but I made a promise not to. So now it goes to just calming down

Angry mating, yay or nay?
mating would be a good start

Longest time you’ve been angry?
I like to think I’m angry it spikes and then its gone. So a super short time.

Did this question make you angry?? Take it out on an emu burger
I imagine that from that bird it’d be a bit tough. You’d probably want one but younger and much more tender.8 months ago


So, do you feel like people like you? If so, do you have any idea why?
not at all; I come across badly. People think I’m moody or because I don’t actually have much to do with people when I get the chance it all falls down.

Any insights into what makes someone likeable or unlikable?
Being happy is a big thing, if people think you’re happy then they love you being around. As soon as there’s a sniff of you being unhappy in any way shape or form. You’re on your own.

Why is there always someone that “no one wants to sit with at lunch”?
Normally because they wan’t to sit alone, or people think we do. There’s also a point when you might want to just have a bit of a break.

Why is there always, all through life, a “popular” crowd?
You’ll just always have that. Maybe some people look at your crowd and see that as popular

Can a person become more likeable?
Yep. But maybe not with those you know. They’ve already made the decisions so you can try and you might succeed but it’ll be a struggle. They’ll question and doubt everything you do8 months ago


psst it’s spelt starter8 months ago


Just about everything really.
But I’ve just got to listen to some sad songs on youtube and cry now so I’ll get back to you.

Other people have real struggles though so cpt. douche over here. 8 months ago


I’ll have you know a fair amount of it is quite a bit below the belt.

Wordplay! 8 months ago


In Homeric fashion;

I missed every episode of Salamander. Missed the first two and thought iPlayer would save me. Then the next two and repeat and the deadline kept getting extended. So yea never saw anything.
Line of Duty same thing almost, saw two missed the rest.

Agents of Shield. LOL I think we’ve all lost a little respect for you :P

It’s on More4 starting this Friday. Not too sure what it’s about as such though.
Yep 1hour on the bus. The gym is right by my office. I could do like a 5k round my house but I’m very self concious so.
The gym is odd for me I can’t seem to do a lot or push myself but then I’m not tired and feel I could do more. But it’s like no chance of a pull up so I did some assisted. But it was so assisted and yet still so hard. 8 months ago


Just seen this, that’s no fair I can hardly say anything about your ‘parts’.

My thingy is of a normal size if nothing else and very ably used. Just so you ladies know. 8 months ago


Did you know an Emu’s brain is smaller than its eye!

I probably owe you a drink for letting you know that. 8 months ago


Ahh, I like your picks, but I’m not too sure about that top right one either. Although it might be because you mentioned it.
How about bottom right? Nice and colourful. 8 months ago


Who decides the winning t-shirt? 8 months ago

john_swaleshow off :P

I got up for my alarm. But couldn’t bring myself to get on the bus for a hour to the gym.

Good session at the gym?
Plus have you seen the adverts for Mammon? I think its spelt that way anyway. More four this Friday.
Or watch any of Salamander when it was on 8 months ago


How did you foretell my monday morning gym visit?!

It started with such good intentions. 8 months ago


It’ll be because you’re such a great person and you light up stuff for everyone one around :) 9 months ago


It will be. To be honest – don’t think it won’t be.

Seriously go for it but don’t stop driving forward on stuff. At least this one you’ll have the route into other stuff.
There’s lots of research done through radiology and how we can see the bits and pieces of the body and the affects of illness. So hopefully your studies can be a big part of that. 9 months ago


Well done :D
I know the biomed stuff is what you really want but radiology is a really good career. Plus it’ll be a great way to get into some research positions or stuff like that

Plus very sneaky your job not even knowing about the interview lol we’ll keep it hush hush 9 months ago


Obviously not know whats happened don’t let it get you down.
Good work in the gym and sunny days are always to be enjoyed :) 9 months ago

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