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is just gonna go

Recent entries from john_swale
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john_swaleFloating vibes

As a quick update if it matters. I’ve been ‘busy’ and by busy I mean being a little bitch.
Exam on Monday and the next Monday after that.
Went to a gig last friday and crashed at one of the guys places – they were going and suggested I come with. It was good.
Also had a few texts with a girl thats cute. But I don’t know whats going on almost.
Lets check the tape; M is me V is her. What do you think.
I put in what I thought was a flirty way almost
M: at least I’m here at the end of the day
V: Huh
M: I was just trying to be jokey and flirty, didn’t work I guess.
V: lol oops sorry!
then she was saying that this weekend she’s going to see a film with a friend.
M: if you have some time we could meet up after my exams.
V: Yeah ok
M: Sure? You don’t have to you know.
This is when she was confused about if I was saying about watching it with her I think.
V: Oh do you mean watch catching fire? Sorry I’m watching it with a friend on sunday.
M: No I just meant in general. I wouldn’t get in the way of what you’ve already got set up.

So yea I don’t know what she’ll say back or if I should just say I was asking her out kind of thing. I don’t think she is interested.

Work sucks too. So yea thats where we’re up to. 12 months ago

john_swaleIts Borgen of course :P

What did you think of it?
I was so looking forward to it; and nothings put me off. But it did feel a bit ‘signposted’ some of the bits. 13 months ago

john_swaleBirthday time

Happy birthday – hope you didn’t get too drunk but if you did good work.
Have a great day and lots of presents and a big cake and well yea you better have kept the sombrero :D 13 months ago

john_swalewhen no one says anything it means they hate it

Earlier on I cried a little (don’t tell anyone) thinking about how I don’t have a girlfriend and would just like a girl friend even. I was thinking about how much I miss having a hug and all. Doubly sadly T is still in my mind. Each time I see gifts or stuff now its ‘oh I’d get that for T…wait I can’t and theres no one else to get it for’
Also did some revision for most of the day not too sure how much of it went in. I need to work on my F5 study as thats an earlier exam but F4 feels like a weaker subject for me. So I’ll either do a question later or tomorrow.
But more revision tomorrow.
Borgen is on!
My room is a state as well.
Work is still iffy in my view. Earlier on I cried a little (don’t tell anyone) thinking about how I don’t have a girlfriend and would just like a girl friend even. I was thinking about how much I miss having a hug and all.
Also did some revision for most of the day not too sure how much of it went in. I need to work on my F5 study as thats an earlier exam but F4 feels like a weaker subject for me. So I’ll either do a question later or tomorrow.
But more revision tomorrow.
Borgen is on!
My room is a state as well.
Work is still iffy in my view.
getting complimented for doing something that should be done anyway and is what the guys before was doing was dumb. Lots of stuff to do and change but no time (which is my fault) to do any of it. 13 months ago

john_swalespilt porridge

Have you ever thought about making a kusudama or an intersecting star like qrstuvwxyz?
They do take a fair bit of time to do but they look good when its all done and dusted :) 13 months ago

john_swaleuppers downers

Not really.
Right now I need to decide to stick with a role I’m not enjoying but I want to get right. And not let people down.
Or do another role which is probably just going to be more boring stuff.

Or in theory leave and get a new job doing the same or something different.
All very boring. 13 months ago

john_swalewhat I need is an ice pack

Sometimes I am – I’m trying to be more positive right now. Normally I’m a dick to people to be honest. 13 months ago


Even with obligation I seem to not do anything. Like revision for example.
Just not a good person on this end 13 months ago

john_swalemirror writing

GRP day 1

So no G, no P and very little R.
I worked late again and having a cold so going to the gym didn’t happen. To be honest tomorrow I won’t be going to the gym either because it doesnt seem like I’ll have any time. Hopefully I’ll work better with the revision and then it’ll be better with the play.

At work I annoyed someone who thought I was throwing her help back at her when I really wasn’t. Its all due to me feeling like I’ve been lied to basically and now being in a job based entirely around printing stuff out and data entry. So all the cash and training with accountancy has been just wasted.
Then they’ve said I’m good at reports and removed my access to do them and the team I was in doing them and my time to do them. So I do none of the stuff that they say I was good at. Takes the piss.

Not at all sure what I can do and how to improve things on all fronts really. 13 months ago

john_swaleit doesn't matter

If anyone reads this or cares sorry I’ve not posted anything in quite a while.
Just very down again really. In a new role which is just wrong and they still want me to do almost all the other stuff I used to do as well as this full time job which I’ve only been shown briefly and one week in.
But that shouldn’t mean I don’t boom it. But I’ve made mistakes and all.
Also only one month to my exams and revision is non existent.

So other that giving up on being happy I’m going to try and work to a GRP pattern.


So each day I’ll go to the gym after work; do revision and play some video games.
Gym and revision for obvious reasons and video games because I keep meaning to go through them. Reading and stuff also falls into this but I’m going with games because maybe I can have some sort of interaction with people sort of.

So yea my ex from like a year ago this is the sort of time we met and all so :S – :( don’t really see how I can meet people. And even worse ladies. That sounds a lot weirder than its meant to be 13 months ago


I like the first pair; although the second pair show off more of your face so I can’t decide sorry. 15 months ago


First of all go fuck yourself.
But second I agree its messed up. 15 months ago

john_swaleFact 25

I’m very lazy and don’t actually do much. Which is super shameful. 15 months ago

john_swaleThe odd couple theme

After not going to the gym or anything for the last two weeks. It’ll be going to the gym everyday – except Friday as I’ve got a dental check up.
But yea so I try to run and do weights and move of this large amount of fat that I carry around all the time. 15 months ago

john_swaleSecond day

I actually did this about a week ago but just didn’t ‘bother’ essentially to write it up.
Nothing special just the second of three days. So I’ve got to do a test and send it back but other than that nothing special or anything. 15 months ago

john_swalethe stun effect from the wormhole

Another weekend in which the phrase slipped way doesn’t really carry it over. Then in turn no one to blame but me. Someone did mention about going for a drink but I turned it down – being so down. Should have used this time to study and ‘actively’ play games and stuff like that.
It’s also been quite a nice weekend weather wise, would have been good to spend the time with a girlfriend. 15 months ago

john_swaleits just slightly too noisy

I’m doing sort of okay with this I think. A bigger area would be getting rid of stuff in my wardrobe really. The other bits and pieces I can only go through as fast as I can read and play; any other bits and pieces are just being worked through like aftershave stuff like that.
A bit of a proper clear out may be the best move. 15 months ago

john_swaleWhen I was a kid I smoked a pipe

Again lets have another crack at this – first step no takeout or anything like that. Quite frankly my eating well has just not gone anywhere recently except down.
The no list is just the normal stuff. With the yes list being more protein, less carbs. More fruit and veg less well I don’t know what the balancing item would be. 15 months ago

john_swaleWhy do raccoons look so shifty

Not doing too bad with this – reading my book, playing some games. Almost completed another game as well – not all the assignments in it but the achievements and stuff so thats it ticked off.
Most importantly though I’m enjoying them and my books and stuff.
Do wish I had people to play with but nm. 15 months ago

john_swaleThe reflex is a lonely place

This is not going too well really – so lets restart.
From tomorrow we’ll work on not spending so much for at least the rest of this year and for the next 52 weeks.
Doesn’t help with my courses and all. Plus having just bought a new tv but I should save to move out as well. 15 months ago

john_swaleA basking shark named Graham

- a mixed bag all revolving on my feeling odd
- I do feel very odd; it was my exs birthday a few days ago. It’d be our first meeting in a few days. So its been nine or so months since she dumped me.
- Just bought a new TV.
- Went out last night and spend too much cash on just a swift few drinks including my £30 taxi back home.
- I’ve heard on the ‘grapevine’ that there might be a treasury role coming up in the office.
- LEft this post for a day or so; tomorrow I’m going to try and do it all almost so a new post and stuff then. 15 months ago

john_swalethe outlands

1. Read on a Kindle or paperback book?
book – don’t get me wrong I’d use a kindle, but a book.
2. Crash with friends or stay in a hotel?
not trying to be awkward but I don’t have any friends – so hotel.
3. Travel by plane, train, or automobile?
any – and a good film
4. Go to a comedy club or dance club?
5. Choose a free trip or the money?
does depend on the trip but a trip is the experience
6. Win the lottery or find your perfect job?
job15 months ago

john_swaleEdwardian pop group

What is your reading style?
1. How many books do you read per year or month?

Erm I think normally over fifty give or take.

2. While reading:
(a) do you chew, feel and picture deeply word by word?
(b) read in haste ’ rushing to complete your mission’?

It depends on the books but I never rush to read. Although I do feel like I’ve raced through The man who laughs

3. How do you speed-read?

Just do it quicker I guess – I can’t actually speed read. But you skim the page for whatever you’re looking for15 months ago

john_swalecherry wine

Today has just been annoying so in the spirit of recording but not being negative.
The positive is that I’ll be able to pick up my F5 stuff from my F4 lesson this weekend. 15 months ago

john_swalethanks Hector

yea they’re not like a little band kind of thing.
We’ll see how I get on when the date clicks round. Got to go into work the following day as well. 15 months ago

john_swaleway the on

I’m not that young being 26.
Well the whole positivity thing doesn’t seem to come that easily for me its my fault but as soon as someone does something it just drops away.
the whole thing is I do see the good things but for me my failings out weigh the good things or it feels like they must because no one sees anything good. 15 months ago

john_swaleFact 24

I have a large pe….

No wait fact 24 I may lie quite often but never to hurt only to humour. 15 months ago

john_swalea crossword puzzle in the mirror

Not too sure if my rules work for anyone though.
At the end of the day a fat, single (ladies ;) ), 26 year old, living with his parents his hardly a good example for the kids.
I will try to be more positive so – no knocking other people or knocking myself.
Does feel like I’m happier with someone I guess its been lucky the the two girls I’ve been with have both been’perfect’ for want of a better term.
So yea lots to master. 15 months ago

john_swaletea AND coffee!

Just looked it up on google and the sleeper trains don’t look bad at all really. But yea maybe watch murder on the orient express or something. Take some popcorn and have a train movie night. 15 months ago

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