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~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 28 September 2012

1. It’s Weekend Eve

2. Getting free packing peanuts for a friends e-commerce start up

3. Not letting negativity get the best of me

4. Juicing

5. That Donny Deutsch quote 18 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 27 September 2012

1. Being described as having a big personality

2. Being complimented for said personality

3. Finding another treasure at a thrift shop

4. Modern Family

5. Sleeping in 18 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 26 September 2012

1. Friends who jumped in when they saw one of the church lady bullies get her panties in a wad

2. Having Veggie Girl pick up my recipe for Truffle knots for October

3. Big Bang Theory Marathons

4. Being recognized as a food writer

5. McDonalds Hash Browns 18 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 25 September 2012

1. A great clean slate monday

2. Being invited to the opening of a new burger place

3. Being invited to a restaurant media event (even though I could not go)

4. Working a mini community get together

5. Truffle knots 18 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 21 September 2012

1. Being a food blogger ~ yup, an invite to another restaurant opening (free food)

2. Chinese Food with Free Delivery

3. Julie Jordan Scott

4. Afternoon naps

5. Setting goals and making them happen 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~51 followers!

I broke the magic 50 follower (google subscribers) number on my blog blacktieandflipflops (I have more facebook-networked blogs followers but the google number is important because 50 is where things really start to happen in good searches and stuff like that.

Relaunching the blog with a strong emphasis on food has changed things dramatically both in terms of followers and people recognizing me on the street which leads to even more foodie opportunities.

Me so happy! 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 19 September 2012

1. Wild rainstorms ~ I love the pounding of rain on the skylights

2. An offer for free Boston ferns

3. Finding the source of that funky smell

4. Being scheduled to do the food for a local business association meeting

5. Winnie the Pooh 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 17 September 2012

1. A great productive weekend

2. Seeing other people’s dream come to fruition

3. Opportunities to help those who need a hand, now I just have to sort out those opportunities

4. Wood Fired Pizza

5. It’s Clean Slate Monday 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 13 September 2012

1. Having the Fabulous Beekman Boys retweet me

2. Having Sunny Anderson post a comment on my blog

3. Having Nancy Giles rt and comment on a tweet

4. Having a local Congressional Candidate refer to me as his twitter MVP

5. Having a life outside of twitter, really I do 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 10 September 2012

1. Controlling myself during one of the worst musical performances in church history, ever

2. Getting some really good pictures of the World Trade Center

3. My juicer

4. Autumnal Temperatures

5. It’s Clean Slate Monday 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 8 September 2012

1. Realizing that some people view others as options

2. Asking myself “will this matter a year from now”

3. The Dollar Store

4. The First Cuppa

5. A Great Night’s Sleep 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Don't Make Someone A Priority Who Only Sees You As An Option

I employed this twice in the last few weeks and things appear to be working out well. 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 7 September 2012

1. A great chiropractor

2. The unemployment report

3. Ikea Meatballs

4. Mrs Meyers Cleaning Products

5. Barack Obama 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 6 September 2012

1. Accepting set backs as opportunities to reflect

2. That Clinton Speech!

3. Finding some treasures at the church shop

4. Volunteering for a small gig

5. Sleep! 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 4 September 2012

1. Having a small job find me

2. Recycling day

3. Boston Market super discount coupons for holidays

4. Betty White

5. Blogging 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 3 September 2012

1. Ella Fitzgerald

2. Clean Slate Monday – and a holiday to boot

3. Getting my blogging groove back

4. Wearing pajama pants most of the day

5. Journals 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~apple - ugh

the stress of the summer drought is taking a toll on the apple tree, I’m hoping its something that is recoverable 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 2 September 2012

1. Those moments when you give someone a big F U simply be being yourself and doing a great job

2. Big glasses of iced tea

3. Being invited to do a cooking demo

4. The doctor who premier

5. Cookies 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 1 September 2012

1. It’s a New Day A New Dawn A New Month, And I’m Feeling Good

2. Ibuprofen

3. A new season of Dr Who tonite

4. A wee bit of schadenfreude

5. Having the wild and crazy puppy jump on me to wake me up 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 31 August 2012

1. Dinner at Indigo Kitchen Montclair (blog posts to follow)

2. Kicking off my Mom’s 80th Birthday year

3. Getting published

4. GetGlue stickers in the mail

5. Sorta sleeping in 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Compost!

1 September is the first of a weekly photo blog “It’s Compostable” on Black Tie and Flip Flops

I’ve set up subsequent photo blogs for every Saturday morning from now through the end of November, of course more will be created for the period after that. 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 30 August 2012

1. Cooler days

2. Free dinner

3. Our Commander in Chief

4. Waking without an alarm

5. The Big Bang Theory 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~still making glass

running another batch through the rock tumbler, soon I’ll be ready to start filling a jar 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 29 August 2012

1. A Big Bang Theory Marathon broadcast opposite the Republican Convention

2. Having Food Network’s Sunny Anderson follow me on twitter

3. Big Lots ~ dang things are cheap there

4. Mint dental floss

5. Trackable Packages 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~ 21 months ago

~ John Lee ~Daily Gratitude 27 August 2012

1. It’s Clean Slate Monday

2. Having an associate whose oppinion I admire suggest I show some of my photography in a gallery

3. My Commander In Chief

4. Garbage Day

5. Text messages 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~written!

I have written a series of it’s compostable blogs that will start to appear next week and continue every week through the end of October. The ones that are written were matched up with photos I already have, for the blogs after October I need to take photos but some of that copy is already done.

for the time being I am thinking of wednesday being compost day but I may move it 19 months ago

~ John Lee ~remember the negro league

one of the last remaining stadiums from the segregated negro league period of baseball is near me, a great deal of the building is in ruins, I just set up a blog about the hinchliffe stadium to run the first week of september but that might change if some really heated racial crap comes out of the republican convention

Classic Amphitheatre Seating At Paterson's Hinchliffe Stadium19 months ago

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