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Recent entries from katiekeepsitcool
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katiekeepsitcoolIt's been a while!

At last update I was at just over 600k total views to my stories on

On Christmas Day, 2012, I reached 1,000,000! Yes, one MILLION views to my stories. Holy balls. I honestly never expected that kind of traffic, and seeing it now (and realizing that eight months got me another 400k views alone) is really inspiring. I know FanFiction is not writing in the most traditional sense, I suppose, but it’s something that I and thousands of others partake in and feel good about. It’s a way to work on developing plot without having too stress ourselves out over simultaneous character development. I save that kind of stress for NaNoWriMo, in November…

I completed two of my most popular stories to date, and crossed 540 something reviews to one of them. I know that’s still not a ton (my eventual goal is 1k+ reviews on my stories, but we’ll work on that) but it’s a definite start. Weeee! 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcoolinch by inch, pound by pound.

TL;DR, I need to lose this weight and I’m tired of hating my body.

Height: 5’7”
Current Weight: 165ish
Ultimate Goal Weight: 120-130, wherever I’m happiest with my body fat percentage and how toned I’ll be.
Highest Weight: 180ish

Just by helping myself out of a huge binge eating problem, I’ve lost 15 pounds. Unfortunately now I’m stuck there, and have just knocked it into my head again that I need to make changes in order to see results. Duh!

I’m starting a Couch to 5k while also implementing an at-home workout routine with boyfriend that will include crunches (later sit ups and pushups), planks, and the like. I want to work out and walk/run for at least an hour and a half every day, and we’ve already drastically changed our diet to exclude unhealthy and bad fatty foods. We’ve been eating healthy for a week straight now, so tomorrow starts the exercise portion.

I’m excited to finally be thin. I hate hating myself. I’ve been pinning and reblogging pictures of girls I want to look like, for inspiration. 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcool 22 months ago


I’ve been out of shape since I had a knee injury during my freshman year of high school that ended any hopes I’d had of dancing. That was almost eight years ago. A deep depression followed, and so did the gradual addition of 60 pounds to my body. I once weighed 130 at 5’5, perfectly healthy. By the time I turned 19, I weighed almost 180-something pounds (I’d given up looking at a scale then, though I assume it was around there or higher) and decided I needed a change. I made it – and stopped binge eating – and quickly dropped down to 165.

Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck there now for three years due to a lack of commitment and enthusiasm and motivation. I’ve set up plans, and then never even started.

This all changes now. I’m going to lose the weight, and in the process I’d like to get back into running, which I enjoyed moderately as a kid. I didn’t enjoy it as I got older (because it wasn’t “cool” and then because I couldn’t) but I started running a bit when I went to the gym months and months ago and found strange comfort in it. It’s nice. I can push myself, challenge myself. And it’s something that I can train myself to do without equipment or anything.

I’m going to modify a Couch to 5k to fit my timeline, so that I’m not just finishing a training course right before I’m due to race. I’d like to finish it a few weeks in advance, so that I can work on pacing and stretching and getting my body back into running condition before I attempt and make a fool of myself.

I started today without really having to start – 30 minutes walking was more than four times covered by a long afternoon at Disneyland with family and my ever-supportive boyfriend. I told him my plans, and that I can do it by myself, but he seems more than willing to join me and keep me motivated and positive. Bless that boy, I may just have him run a few steps ahead of me so I can chase that cute butt all the way to the finish line. 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcool 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcoolI've been seeing posts from a girl I went to high school with.

She gets a monthly membership, I’m guessing, for unlimited classes. She’s taking like six a week, and after she goes for walks down the street to the beach. I’d love to do something like that (although, admittedly, as far away from her as possible. She’s a massive bitch, always has been as far as I’m concerned.)

Hot Yoga is supposed to be incredibly good for your body and mind. As I’m rebooting my fitness routine and attempting to finally lose all this weight for good, I’m setting a goal for myself that’s also a prize in itself. Once I lose a certain amount of weight by running/whatever, and once I stretch often enough to get a little more flexible, I’ll get myself a membership to a Hot Yoga studio. 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcool 22 months ago

katiekeepsitcoolTechnically, I've already done this six times.

However, the haberdashery and awful collection that is my six unfinished NaNoWriMo manuscripts does not a book make.

Of all six years, my manuscript from last year stands out most prominently. I can taste it. I can see it. Not just because it was the most recent, but because it was the most vivid, developed thing I’ve ever written. It had passion, it had reason, it had a message that I need to share with the world – a message about choice, and freedom, and the rights to your own mind. I forget about it for days at a time, and then it all comes back in a rush.

I’m going to work on this novel this year, slowly but surely. I want to finish it. I want to write the ending for my two young heroes. I want them to find their peace, their answers, their destiny. 22 months ago


katiekeepsitcool 2 years ago


katiekeepsitcool 4 years ago

katiekeepsitcool 2 years ago


Just paint! Or at least doodle, to keep up line work. When I’m not completing a commissioned work, I sit around drawing small appliances in my kitchen (or anyone’s kitchen, really). Some of them have such unusual lines and subtle curves, and yet it’s when I’m concentrating on mundane things such as these that I usually come up with ideas. “Oh, I can totally picture myself drawing/painting _ instead of this toaster.” is a frequent.

Just like this: I went through a painter’s block a week ago, couldn’t even get up the creativity to paint things I had been paid to do, and had been told almost completely how to do them. I knocked on my neighbor’s door (who I’d spoken to twice before, as I just moved into a new place) introduced myself, asked if she was free, and ran home to grab sangria (mentioned it as a sort of teaser. Always works.) I grabbed a little sketchbook and started doodling weird abstract versions of her sink (which was fucking weird, now that I think about it, it had like two faucets but one knob, I still don’t understand it) and in the middle of drawing one that looked like Porygon (if you remember Pokemon at all, not sure of your age) and it reminded me that I’d wanted to paint a paper crane one day that looked as if it were made out of lined notebook paper. I idly chatted fifteen minutes before ‘I have to get home to get a roast out of the oven’ and scurrying back to my easel and unleashing hell on a few paints.

Sometimes you have to do weird stuff to spark your own creativity. Do weird stuff. 2 years ago


katiekeepsitcool 2 years ago


katiekeepsitcoolOne month today, on Etsy.

It all began June 25th. After years of my friends and family telling me to sell my cute things and paint stuff on Etsy, I decided I really actually needed the money and finally signed up.

I opened my shop the same day, with listings for custom mugs and teapots. My first few orders were all friends and family… and that was a little disheartening, but it also meant I could really actually do this. I made three orders in the first week.

After that, business got a little slow. I had to wait for people to find my items and add them to their favorites lists, to add me to their circles, etc. After a week or two of waiting, I started getting messages from random customers on Etsy. Up until this morning, I had made about $120 – roughly enough to cover materials and buy myself something nice. Not enough to fully make a profit. Oh, but then I got commissioned to paint, AND build a calendar board, and do all sorts of other stuff, doing canvas work for a lady who is a lot like me. That’s going to be more money, too.

I think by the end of this week I’ll have made $400. So my first goal is to round out the $500, then head up to $1000, and so on. :) If I’ve made $400 in a few weeks though on idle time, I’d say I’m doing pretty well :) 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcoolAlmost there!

While I was living with Shane, I don’t really consider that moving out. However, on July 10th we will be signing a lease for our first apartment together! I am beyond excited. It’s almost 900 square feet, with a brand new kitchen and bathroom tub, vaulted ceilings in the living room, french doors into the bedroom, an office, and it’s wonderfullllll. 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcooltyping away!

nearly 7k yesterday, and another 2k so far today. i intend to write another 8k before shane gets home from work at 3am… ugh. plenty of time. this is how i’m spending my fourth of july. yowza. 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcoolTake Four!

I’ve done NaNo for five years now – didn’t finish the first two, but have finished the last three. I’ll do it again this year, and I’ll finish. I’m also planning on doing Camp NaNoWriMo (weeeeeee) and that starts in just over a week. I’m going to be gone for a week though, so I REALLY have to either work a bit while I’m on vacation or just kick some major ass the rest of the month! 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcoolflossing! flossers!

boyfriend discovered he could get replacements cheap for his flosser head – and that he’d never used the second one he’d purchased in a set because it was pink :P so i have one now and have used it two days in a row, plus tongue scrubbing and a brand new sonic toothbrush thing.

my teeth feel DENTIST clean hours later! my breath FEELS fresher. and i’ve been using crest 3d white toothpaste (the GLAMOROUS white kind is AMAZING) and my teeth have been whiter and brighter day by day. 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcool 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcoolclassic winnie the pooh.

A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in years had her baby a few weeks ago – and had told me months ago and offhand, while I was working at Disneyland, that if I insisted on getting something for the baby, it should be winnie the pooh or peter pan. I went with Pooh, not only because the shapes and textures are so cute and vintage, but because it has a special connection with my sister, too. I like doing quotes and art together, so I went with the classic “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – A. A. Milne. Next to it was Pooh hanging from a balloon, and piglet hanging from his foot – both of them staring a tiny bee right in the face. There are little bees and hearts buzzing everywhere around. It was a clearance-canvas sort of day, and I’m more for making gifts anyway.

A few days later I painted the Avengers logo on the back of my sister’s shirt – not the most artistic thing, I know, but it was something. I like playing with paint. 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcoolwe're getting our own place soon

so this shouldn’t be difficult :) we’re getting four place settings, but i’ll probably convince him to get a few extras… hehe. Or at least, you know, good paperware. I want to have it as sort of a moving in, housewarming, look-how-awesome-of-a-cook-i-am party. 2 years ago

katiekeepsitcool 2 years ago


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