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kaydee258-9, and getting behind already

Re-watched – Skyfall and Star Trek: into Darkness (for my mum’s education)
I should be on number 15 by this week. 1 week ago


True Grit (the Coen brothers remake), been meaning to watch it for ages – very good. 1 month ago


The secret life of Walter Mitty
Loved it – 4/5 2 months ago


Two old favourites, seems to be a pattern to re-watch in January – Fellowship of the Rings, and Arsenic and Old Lace, which I hadn’t watched for ages. Forgotten just how good the script is. 3 months ago

kaydee25 3 months ago

kaydee25 3 years ago



1 – The Hobbit – the desolation of Smaug
2 – The Life of Pi
3 – Brave

Off to a good start with 3 cracking films 3 months ago


27 – The Pirates in an adventure with Scientists (Hugh Grant’s best work to date – loved it)
28 – Re-watched Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, just love it for the feelgood factor
29 – Arthur Christmas – possibly the best Christmas film ever. 3 months ago


Guess who’s coming to dinner – wow, what a film. Deeply moving and K Hepburn is awe-inspiring in her performance. Glad to have seen it at long last. 4 months ago


Sold an unopened item of makeup on ebay 4 months ago


8 items of clothing given to charity 5 months ago

kaydee2526 - Marnie

A deeply disturbing film. 5 months ago


Used my lunch break constructively and got rid of 2 broken electrical items and one old household item at the tip, erm I mean civic amenity centre. Now I know where it is for future reference, and my car is considerably lighter (been meaning to go for weeks). 5 months ago

kaydee2525 - The father of my children

I’m not going to finish this goal but I’m carrying on anyway, it’s fun.
No 25 seriously depressing – I wish I hadn’t bothered. Should come with a warning, do not watch if you’re finding life tough. Taking all the French films off my lovefilm list! 5 months ago

kaydee2525, 24

Two lovely picture books that I’ve been meaning forever to give to my niece and nephew – off my shelf and bestowed. (Although if they don’t appreciate them sufficiently I may take them back!) 6 months ago

kaydee25On track, more or less

One week in to this resolution, and I’ve only missed one day. Finished the Knife of Never Letting Go, started an Elmore Leonard, and re-reading a Study in Scarlet. 6 months ago

kaydee2528, 27, 26

Sold a top on ebay (only made pennies profit though), and threw away a tatty old pair of shoes. Recycled an old jam jar from the back of the cupboard as a pen holder. 6 months ago

kaydee25 6 months ago

kaydee2512 more gone, 29 to go

Took a bag to charity shop. I think this is a goal to set on a regular basis. Next step, try to sell a couple of things on ebay, and get registered on freecycle. 6 months ago

kaydee252 down, 41 to go

Was ruthless and threw away an old tote bag and an old purse. It’s a start! 6 months ago


Anchorman. Not one I’d have chosen to watch – thought I’d hate it but it was surprisingly funny. 7 months ago


Django Unchained – utterly brilliant. 7 months ago


Educating Rita – disappointing actually. Dated, but still a human and wise film.
About Time – truly awful, I came close to going on a killing spree and had to watch lots of crime drama as therapy afterwards.
30 films to go – eek! 7 months ago


Despicable Me 2 – treated friends and they chose this. Very funny, must see the first one. 7 months ago


Jack Reacher – harmless and watchable fun. It gave my mum nightmares though about being framed for murder.

Moonrise Kingdom – strange as usual but probably my favourite Wes Anderson film so far. I don’t always even finish them. 7 months ago

kaydee25Macbeth at long last

Finally fulfilled my long-term goal of seeing Macbeth, which I managed to miss studying or seeing till now. The Globe never do a bad play and this was no exception. Despite our very restricted view (at times could see no-one, just hear voices), I loved this play, it’s now one of my favourites.
I’m wondering whether it would be too ambitious to book tickets for Henry VI, three plays in a day, do I have the energy? I may never get another chance… 8 months ago

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