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kendrafortune 2 years ago


So I self-published. Not quite what I had in mind, but at least I have a book in print. Even if nobody except my immediate family ever reads it. It’s a start. 21 hours ago

kendrafortune 6 years ago


Read 6 books
Bought 4 second-hand books

Running total = +8 2 weeks ago

kendrafortune 6 years ago

kendrafortuneFirst one last night

The first meeting of our book club was really good, we had a good discussion about the book, ate some snacks and generally had fun. I hope we’ll be getting together for another book discussion very soon! 2 weeks ago

kendrafortune 3 months ago

kendrafortuneI've just realised...

...that I mis-spelt this entry. Should be “than” not “that”... great, that’s going to bug me all year now! 4 weeks ago


My stress levels have gone through the roof – same person to blame. Busiest time of year, I’ve been working my butt off for the past 5 weeks, and I have to watch him ambling around the office like we’ve got all the time in the world, purposefully avoiding doing the pile of work in the “urgent” tray but instead doing all the mundane tasks like filing that can wait. I didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t want to cause a row (I’m this guy’s supervisor, I shouldn’t be scared of telling him what to do just in case he kicks off and accuses me of picking on him, it’s so wrong!) But then he starts telling us what he’s reading on the internet. There are three of us here working full speed to get everything done while he’s reading the BBC news pages?! Again, I didn’t say anything, I let it go, until the third instance where all I said was, pointedly, “where did you read that?” “On a website” he said. “You wouldn’t be on that website now at work would you?” I replied. He said “No” then fell suspiciously silent. So a yes, in other words. I assumed this was the end of it, but about a minute later, he pipes up, in this horribly smug tone. “Remind me, do you or do you not have a spreadsheet on your work computer rating things out of ten?”

This is a perfectly innocent spreadsheet, by the way, hardly blackmail material unless you want to blackmail me and my colleagues for being geeks who like to keep track of the most superior teas, coffees and chocolate bars, and which takes maximum 2 minutes a week to maintain. Which you could try. We’re not ashamed. Hey, you don’t want to try the same disgusting herbal tea twice, do you?

“Yes, I do” I said. “What’s your point?”
“Oh nothing” he replies airily. And I know what the little git is getting at – he thinks that him spending about an hour a day reading various news websites is somehow comparable to me spending a couple of minutes a week noting down whether I liked Twinings or Teapigs better.

So I say to him, if he likes, I’m quite happy for him to come round my side of the desk, we can look at the various logs we keep to track work done etc. and we can see just who has done most of the work over the past 5 weeks – because I know for a fact I’ve done most of it despite my shameful use of company software to rate teabags out of ten.

Then of course it all kicks off, he starts whining about how he is working and it’s not fair of me to say he’s not, and just because I’m stressed I shouldn’t take it out on him and he feels I’m picking on him and he can’t do anything right! Well this puts my back up, so I say I’ve had enough, I’m not prepared to have another row with him about this and I walk off. The only reason he feels I’m picking on him is because twice in two days I’ve called him out on either doing nothing or avoiding doing the unpleasant jobs. If I don’t do this with the other two people I supervise, it’s because I don’t have to, because they are reasonable adults who don’t actually need me to tell them what to do all the time and figure it out for themselves that, actually, the time for doing filing was last week when the computer was broken and instead you were sitting there reading your Kindle.

Anyway, I have a word with my manager for about the fourth time but it never gets me anywhere – I’m just in the position now where I feel like I can’t do my job properly without him getting defensive and trying to start a row with me! All I want is for him to do his job without making a fuss, without slamming around and sighing and making sulky comments, and to do it to a reasonably high standard. That is, after all, what he’s being paid to do… or am I being unreasonable?

So when I return to my desk, he tries to start the row off again and starts guilt-tripping me by saying I don’t understand how upset he gets and how stressed he feels… so I just said enough now, leave it, I don’t want to talk about it. Everyone else is sitting there in silence. Nothing like a great team atmosphere.

And now I’ve wasted my entire evening thinking about him and wondering what’s going to kick off tomorrow and worrying that he’s going to hurt himself or something stupid because of me and my stupid suggestion that he get off the internet and do some work.

Am I going mad or what?! 4 weeks ago


So now I’m thinking about publishing my book through FeedARead… it’s not going to make me a world-famous author but at least I’ll get to see my book in print. 4 weeks ago


I may have to rephrase this as all of Diane Chamberlain’s AVAILABLE books – currently Private Relations is out of print, and not available as an ebook either. 4 weeks ago


Read 4 books
Picked up 5 books from the work book exchange (oops)
Bought 6 second-hand books. (On the positive side, this is helping towards the “read all Tess Gerritsen’s books” goal!)

Running total = +10

This is going so badly. 1 month ago


So I got all excited because my friends found a villa in Menorca, it looked lovely, it was all worked out, we were going to book it on pay day…... then overnight they decided they couldn’t afford it. Seriously, what changed overnight?!!! They suggested it, how can it suddenly be too expensive?!

I need to find a rich man. Or else just someone stable who knows their financial situation from month to month… not fussy. 1 month ago


Deja Dead
Death du Jour
Deadly Decisions
Fatal Voyage
Grave Secrets
Bare Bones (purchased)
Monday Mourning (purchased)
Cross Bones
Break No Bones
Bones To Ashes
Devil Bones
206 Bones
Spider Bones (purchased)
Flash and Bones
Bones Are Forever
Bones of the Lost
Bones Never Lie 2 months ago

kendrafortune 2 months ago

kendrafortuneSadly Tigger died. :-(

She was just starting to become a lot tamer and would come looking for us to get her head rubbed, but then she became unwell, it all happened very quickly. Such a shame, poor Tigger, we wish you’d come to live with us sooner so we could have given you a better life than you had with your previous owners. 2 months ago

kendrafortune 3 months ago


This month I have…

Bought 1 book new
Bought 3 books second-hand
Was given 13 books by a friend (whoopsie)
Read 8 books

Running total = 3

Could be worse… 2 months ago


This month I have…

Bought 0 books new.
Bought 0 books second-hand.
Picked up 3 books from a book exchange.
Read 9 books.

Running total = -6 2 months ago

kendrafortuneThis sounds like an odd goal...

...but I do have some significant issues regarding the amount of books I buy/acquire from people who no longer want them. I have 9 piles of books by the side of my bed. 9. That is excessive. Hundreds of books! Hundreds! So really I just want to make sure I finish this year with fewer books in my house than I started with! 2 months ago

kendrafortune 2 months ago

kendrafortuneBook List to read...

First off, I’m not bothered about novellas or short stories because I don’t like them. Too short and a bit pointless. Sticking to novels. :-) Which are (at the time of writing)...

A Faint Cold Fear
Skin Privilege/Beyond Reach


Cop Town 2 months ago


I was right – The First Lie is a short story prequel to Necessary Lies – not too fussed about reading that. Think it’s only on e-books anyway. 3 months ago

kendrafortuneBooking made

All booked, how exciting! 3 months ago

kendrafortuneOh well...

Look. I know it’s a cop-out, but this is the digital age and letters are so last century. I’ve been giving feedback online via TripAdvisor, so everyone gets credit where it’s due, and I don’t have to fork out for stamps, everyone’s happy, job done. 3 months ago


Ok, technically she’s not my cat. It’s quite a long story.( But she’s living in my kitchen and she’s terrified of me, and as a crazy cat lady I dislike being feared by felines. I want to befriend her, tame her and make her into a happier cat as a result. She loves to be stroked but it terrifies her. She’s one mixed-up kitty. 3 months ago

kendrafortune 16 months ago

kendrafortuneIt's not so much that I've adopted a cat...

...more that a cat has adopted us.

My delightful neighbours moved out and left their cat behind to fend for herself. She was mooching around our garden looking very skinny and sorry for herself so we started feeding her, and gradually she started living in our garden. Then we opened the cat flap and now she’s living in our kitchen! Progress with her isn’t exactly speedy – she likes to be stroked but she dislikes a hand coming towards her, so you have to trick her into it by coming at her from behind! And right now we’ve just de-flead her which was fairly traumatic for her so she keeps running away every time she sees us. It’s one step forwards two steps back, but at least she’s a healthy weight now and not sleeping out in the cold so I guess that has to be seen as progress! 3 months ago

kendrafortune 20 months ago

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