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Recent entries from kittycutts
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kittycuttsworking from the san francisco office

- flexible work conditions
- bountiful veggies
- that i like to veggies, and don’t have to force them down for “health”
- being able to ride my bike, having a nice bike
- SUNSHINE20 months ago


that fit well and feel good. (discovered levis, and not sure i’ll ever turn back.) 20 months ago

kittycuttsflannel clothes

seriously, love the flannel pants, but even happier rocking a flannel shirt – cause i can do it in public! 20 months ago

kittycuttsfriday afternoon

- lunchtime yoga class
- the ability to stream music for free
- so much clean water and other delicious, not healthy things to drink
- flannel shirts! so warm and soft
- that i don’t have to work tomorrow 20 months ago

kittycuttstrying to start the day off right

- a good sister that i can talk to about weightloss struggle and family business without getting all judgey
- a husband who continues to love me and be nice
- shelter from the rain
- flexible working hours
- that i was able to exercise this morning before going to work. SUPER happy about this one. 20 months ago

kittycutts30 days, done

the point of this goal was to reset the habit of coming home from work, plopping on the couch, and letting the entire evening pass me by while i sat in front of hulu (or whatever). i actually forgot the “diet” was over until a week after the challenge date ended. since then, i did spend an evening watching all of girls season 2, but i don’t just watch anything random as the default activity.

mission accomplished. 20 months ago

kittycutts 2 years ago

kittycuttship/knee/back issue getting fixed!

finished a 6 weeks of PT, with one more visit left. i do my exercises regularly, and it’s what keeps me pain free, and has allowed me to get back to running.

this one is close to being done! just gotta keep up with my strengthening exercises and stretching pretty much every day for the rest of my life. which is good – keeps me going. 22 months ago

kittycutts2013 resolution, consiting of

- loosing the few pounds i need to loose
- stretch every morning
- investigate having wisdom teeth removed
- fix wrist
- fix hip, knee, and back
- practice not using glasses
- get cholesteral checked 22 months ago

kittycutts 22 months ago

kittycutts 7 years ago

kittycuttsyeah, i don't really want to do this

well, i now live in SF, and it is true that there’s ample opportunity to sleep in the open here. or, more realistically for my socio-economic status, in one of the many state parks nearby. i’ve had plenty of opportunity to do this, and i just think i don’t want to. while it sounds Romanic, being that exposed doesn’t sound safe or comfortable to me. 22 months ago

kittycutts 22 months ago

kittycutts 22 months ago

kittycutts 22 months ago

kittycuttsit's friday, friday

- internet music
- being able to run
- having a good manager
- working with people who are nicer than i am
- living in a city and community where i run into people i know while just going about my day (so glad i’m not stuck in a car) 22 months ago

kittycuttsdid it today, but unofficially

coming back from an injury. still working with PT and doing other activities in addition to running, but officially putting in a few 3 milers a few times a week. not sure if it’s the strengthening or the cross-training, but i’ve been consistently doing 5ks in under 30 mins.

in a few more months, will do a race and make it official. 22 months ago

kittycuttsremind me why i want to do this?

the object of this
exercise is exactly
that: exercise. 22 months ago


still my favorite thing on the entire internet. 22 months ago

kittycuttsgood at my job

i try hard and i work hard, and i work well with others. i’m engaged and productive and strive to improve myself and the team. 2 years ago

kittycuttsdid it more than i recorded, but didn't do it every day...

when i was regular in this practice, there was a definite improvement in the flexibility of my hamstrings. it was also a great way to get the blood moving and wake myself up in the morning. i don’t think i was particularly successful in using the time to set a positive attitude for the day, and i should have tried harder at that.

i will continue to try and stretch at least a little bit each morning, and make a real effort to take the opportunity to set my mind right for the day. it’s pretty clear that positive thought doesn’t happen as spontaneously as i would like and i should make a better effort at it. 2 years ago


missed a few days. i’m not great at stretching when the first major activity of the day is exercise – either a yoga or a spinning class. i think i should still make the effort, though.

today was rough. super, super stiff, and not much going on in my head. just getting through it today. a few sun salutations and crunches. 2 years ago


didn’t think it was going to happen today, but it did. and again, the stretching went well – quite well. positive self-talk? not as well. i’m feeling pretty good about myself this past week, and keeping with this challenge has helped with that, but my secret intention with this goal was to talk myself to keep under a certain calorie range each day. i’m failing with that in a big way. today i thought that i should take a different approach to keep me within the diet, but obviously stay with the stretching. it has it’s own immediate rewards. 2 years ago


some sun salutations, crunches, hamstring stretches. i’m really starting to enjoy the sun salutations in the morning. i can feel myself improving over the past few days, even though i start off feeling stiff from bed. i’m also starting to have a positive outlook as a result of the discipline. still tough to do intentional, focused positive thought, though i did do a few seconds worth while stretching this morning.

i really need to prioritize getting to bed earlier so i have more time in the morning. i’m barely getting time in for a few minutes of stretching – and i’m still not getting enough sleep with this super short practice. 2 years ago

kittycuttsweek 1 over

already. did some sun salutations, crunches, and hamstring stretches, but still not creating enough space for myself to quiet down and get my mind ready for the day. i’m simply not prioritizing this in my life, or even in the space that i’ve created for this specific purpose.

with this goal, it’s really becoming clear to me powerful our physical habits can be and how resistant our minds are to change – even a change that will make me feel better about myself in the long run.

well, i still have over a month to try and make better habits for both my body and my mind. 2 years ago

kittycuttsday 6: skipped it..but felt pretty good.

i had an AMAZING yoga class saturday evening, and i actually think some of it has to do with the daily stretching. so i missed the positive self-talk this morning, but i felt ok about myself. surprisingly, because…

i had a huge fight with my brother last night, but i said things that i think are true and that i want us to be better about, so i don’t feel any regret. 2 years ago

kittycuttsday 5: saturday, and a bit more serious about it

so i wasn’t super committed or going full force, but i did do some sun salutations, crunches, and a handful of random stretches. felt pretty good, though i didn’t take the time to do any positive self-talk. i do have a good plan for today that involves salad and yoga. i don’t plan on doing much this weekend besides hanging around the house and going to a few apt showings. i’m surprisingly confident that i’ll stick to my goals this weekend – i usually have trouble when i’m around the house too much, but i feel pretty good right now. finally getting my period (a week late) probably contributes to my bad feelings the past few days, as well as the emotional relief i feel now. 2 years ago

kittycuttsday 4: missed it today, but...

woke up and went to work super duper early to take a morning spin class. had very positive thoughts about myself during the sleepy commute, and had a really good am workout. sadly, negative thoughts came slamming in full force by the end of the day. (i’ve been having a really hard time sticking to my diet, and i did gain back a few pounds.) despite the bad feelings, i redeemed myself with a long evening walk. still over my caloric intake, but i felt better about myself. 2 years ago

kittycuttsday 3: still just making it happen

crunches, the tai chi move “tapping the tree,” and some full body stretches, but still have yet to embrace the spirit of this task. working towards that. 2 years ago

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