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kmom2468Learning so much!

I read some books, listened to some pod casts, and watched several videos by Geoff Lawton & Ben Falk – glad I did – good prep for the class I am taking. Ordered the permaculture handbook by Bill Mollison – $30 discount through the class – glad I waited to buy it. So far, the analysis training has been very much like what I do as a business/systems analyst in the IT world. 4 days ago

kmom2468if you make comments...

you will get more cheers to allocate; however, you will have to use them sooner as they will expire. :) Continued Blessings as you bring cheer to people! 4 days ago


Continued Blessings on your journey to an even more fantastic you! 1 week ago


Not so good :( 1 week ago


on your road to a happier you. Stay strong! Keep moving forward towards the blessings you deserve!

kmom2468I believe in miracles

They happen every day! Continued Blessings!

kmom2468Maybe I can teach on the side?

I dunno, but I am tired putting all our extra $ into paying of debt. 2 weeks ago

kmom2468Painfully slow, but...

yeah, doing it. Got Transunion as clean as it’s getting, and all things considered, is not as bad as I thought. And, it is definitely showing a trend towards better credit health. Yay!... and now, to start tackling the /other/ credit agencies. The important things are: 1) I’m doing it 2) it will be the best it can be 3) I’M ALIVE2 weeks ago

kmom2468"All the world's problems...

can be solved in a garden.” Geoff Lawton 2 weeks ago

kmom2468Continued Blessings!

I’m out of cheers, but your post made me feel cheerful and blessed and full of gratitude, so I wanted to send some of that back to you! 3 weeks ago

kmom2468Donated blood again!

Such a simple thing to do. Such an amazing blessing to be able to give. 3 weeks ago

kmom2468I am sure to be fighting them, too

If the squirrel action at the bird feeder is any indication, looks like I will be battling them, too. Maybe something like this (without the swing out door), but maybe made lighter, so that you could easily remove it when you want to harvest or tend to the plants.
Good luck! 3 weeks ago

kmom2468I'm gonna do it!

Going to do it! I’m going to take Geoff Lawton’s online PDC – vehicle gets paid off, and this will be like making two more vehicle payments. I’m going to put what I learn on this blog: 3 weeks ago

kmom2468The county one starts in May!

A month earlier than my favorite one – can’t wait! 3 weeks ago

kmom2468Online PDC from Geoff Lawton

Signups start 3/29. About $1,000. I’ve been very frugal. I can pay in 3 monthly installments. I really want to do this. What will I give up and how will I finance this without blowing up the goal to be debt free? Something to think about. 3 weeks ago


yay! 3 weeks ago

kmom2468Company's coming!

And it’s Spring. Both good motivators for cleaning up even more! My friend knows I’m extremely messy, and she doesn’t care and loves me for me; however, it would be nice to have my office/guest bed room to be in a tidy condition for her. ... AND, some day we are moving again… 3 weeks ago

kmom2468Doesn't start until June 7th this year

Tired of bland store bought tomatoes! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Since the beginning of the year

1. Peach Oolong by The Green Teahouse (loose leaf) – most best favorite
2. Twinings Winter Spice
3. 500 Mile Chai – could use some anise, and doesn’t taste quite as rich as its aroma; however, it is still my favorite chai 4 weeks ago

kmom2468 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Maybe a new experience...

Have you tried loose leaf teas? At least as far as green teas go, I find them to have a better flavor. I drink mostly green and herbal “teas” – but maybe now I should try some EG! Continued blessings on you tea journey! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468"A problem well stated...

is a problem half solved.” Charles F. Kettering, American Engineer & Inventor

I, too, have this issue. Good luck! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468So now I'm hoarding groceries?

I wanted to build up my pantry to tide us over 30 days in the event of a minor disaster. I’m there. I need a little more water, but essentially, I’m there. I can stop buying “extra” groceries, now. This spending addiction is a tough one to not let creep into every aspect of my life. Simple grocery shopping – who knew! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Love the picture!

Fried chicken for lunch, cupcakes for dessert – sounds like a winning combination to me! Continued Blessings! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Tomato Babies & Herbs are up

Growing under lights at this moment; however, a few days a week have been in the 60*F range, so they’ve been going outside for 10 min or so at a time. Amazing that some Roma VF seeds sprouted – they were purchased two states and 8 years ago, and not stored under optimal conditions. Miracles! Have to keep believing in Miracles! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Go, Girl, Go!

You can do it! You ARE doing it! Keep on keeping on! Continued Blessings as you create the person you were meant to be! 4 weeks ago

kmom2468Geoff Lawton will be doing an on-line PDC this Spring

But I won’t be able to afford it. (PDC = Permaculture Design Certificate course) Still, he releases a lot of useful content for free at his website (, and perhaps next year I can take the course. He has over a dozen informative videos at his website. 1 month ago

kmom24686-8 weeks before last frost

Tomatoes, basils, and a few other herbs have been seeded into their little six pack homes. 48 tomato plants and 48 herbs. Most will be given away, but maybe 3 or 4 toms in 5 gal buckets for me, and lots of herbs in 1 gal milk jugs. Wish we had more sun, but hey, I am happy for the trees. 1 month ago

kmom2468What do you think of top bar hives?

I am dreaming of bees for my (hopefully) soon to be acquired land, and I have been watching youtube videos on top bar hives. Was wondering if you had heard of them and what you thought about them. Good luck with the bees! Continued Blessings. 1 month ago

kmom2468Learning to run barefooted

I hate shoes. Yes, I dress like I work in Corporate America in the Financial District during the week – but the shoes come off as soon as I’m back in my truck. So, I’m starting to run on the treadmill in socks. Turns out I already run on the balls of my feet, so no retraining there. I’m slower without shoes at the moment, but I can tell I will be able to get back to my regular speed soon. 1 month ago

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