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Yonjait tells me

I moved to another city but nothing changed. Myself is with me… 19 months ago

Yonjadear 2012

You changed my life. I am serious, you made my life go down.

  • You took my boyfriend forever
  • You took my job forever
  • You made me leave the city i live
  • you took my co-workers forever
  • You made me extremely sad
  • You took the person i trust most
  • You took the trust to love
  • You took my home, and i am still homeless

Yeap, you really destroyed my life. On the other hand, each end brings a start. I have a new start now and i expect from you give me good days. 19 months ago

Yonjafor Sep 7

Self happines
  1. exercise
  2. self care
  3. smart outlook
  4. read
my future business
  1. planning
my current job
  1. do my best in office hours
  2. spend 1 hour check my work 19 months ago


greate schedule… 19 months ago

Yonja 20 months ago

Yonjaafter august

Well, actually i didn’t do much for this goal, but my life forced me to change something, take action and adventure.
I used to think i will always live in E, do the same job, work in same company, but in august

  1. i moved to another city
  2. i found another job
  3. i have an idea to make my own business
  4. talked to one of my friend to become co-workers
  5. my new job is (how can i say?) good, calm, not so stressfull
  6. my co-workers are (for now) extremely sweet
  7. i dont want to do this job forever but i am sure i will learn much from this job

Actually, august is the most active month of past few years.
I didnt do anything special, but what i experienced in august is really related with the goal.

Thank you sweet August, you really made me happy and calm. 19 months ago


Stress, Self-confidence,Motivation 19 months ago

Yonja 20 months ago

Yonja 20 months ago



  • Be rady for my new job


  • Discover my new hometown 20 months ago


  1. Self care for my new job
  2. Get a notebook
  3. Learn how to go my new office
  4. Buy kitchen stuff for new apartment
  5. Study 20 months ago

Yonjato do for july 27

  1. cleaning
  2. reading x10
  3. internet connection
  4. hair cut
  5. dye my hair
  6. collect documents
  7. study
  8. shoes cleaning 21 months ago


Fig Birds 21 months ago


Secret moment traveller 21 months ago


Last Island 21 months ago

Yonja 21 months ago

Yonja 23 months ago

Yonja 2 years ago


I took care of my dressing and make up all week. I can check this. 1 year ago

Yonja 1 year ago

Yonja 1 year ago

Yonja 1 year ago

Yonja+3 hours from friday

8 hours to go and last day of the week! 1 year ago

Yonja 1 year ago

Yonja 1 year ago

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