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Silly Drowa 4 years ago

Silly Drowa 4 years ago

Silly Drowa 4 years ago

Silly DrowaA question

it appears that folks have a clear image of what 'bootcamp' refers to. How do you define a 'bootcamp' & what does the theme do for you? 19 months ago

Silly Drowacheating death?

another beautiful soul gone to otherside 19 months ago

Silly Drowa 4 years ago

Silly Drowaand another one, not 'done' but ongoing

it is a journey – & a mostly pleasant one at that! 19 months ago

Silly Drowalooking to read one a day this month

when in doubt I’ll go to rumi… today, Wislava Szymborska:

“Conversation with a rock”
“Starvation camp at Jaslo”

sublime and ridiculous all at once… 19 months ago

Silly Drowa#58 it seemed harmless

going to get just
another cup of coffee
procrastination 19 months ago

Silly Drowasoo not done

as usual, these are lifetime goals, but the intention feels more integrated than before. I guess that’s what I’m after… 19 months ago

Silly Drowa#42 substitute teaching for a colleague

hospitalized for
a moment’s inattention
this one is on me 19 months ago

Silly Drowalife's work

I’m so not done. This is ongoing. I’ll take training on undoing racism, constantly looking for ways to be a better ally.

This is again how I pray. 19 months ago

Silly Drowa 6 years ago

Silly Drowa mind full with many thoughts of doing

papers strewn outside reflects the inside 19 months ago

Silly Drowasweet gratitude for a thank you

a gift more meaningful than slippers 19 months ago

Silly Drowapartway

I’ve been partway for quite some time now.
I want to be able to stand away from the wall.
I’m closer than I’ve been. I start well away from the wall, move up w/ control, & still rely on a toe on the wall…

the last 20% is a doozy 2 years ago

Silly Drowafailed here

so this is one that isn’t really achievable. Or at least, not within my control. I’ve not only failed at this, I am clear this will be a longer journey than I imagined. I’ll create a new set of attainable goals: (ie. taking steps I /can/ take. The luring of folks into the room, is still somewhat mysterious, but I can take regular, concrete action. 2 years ago

Silly Drowawhich notes?

well, it’s been a while—which notes was I talking about at the time? it doesn’t matter. there are always new notes.

sigh. 2 years ago

Silly Drowaso not....

so not succeeding, particularly as I’ve gotten a smart-phone, i’m sinking fast on this one—also having less structure in my life has meant more frequent, but less long periods of computering… 2 years ago

Silly Drowaone day a week

is completely dedicated to this.
other things may come & go, but this one day is sacred.
I like it.
and it helps! 2 years ago

Silly Drowait was good

until it was not—it’s piled high & precariously!! 2 years ago

Silly Drowamaybe it's the word "all" that's paralyzing me?

umm—there is soooo much paper. 2 years ago

Silly Drowawe're onto a steady 2 mostly

steady 2 except when there’s noone or there are 18!

Wide fluctuations in the force!
Next steps—finish the text on those @#$#$ flyers. 2 years ago

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