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lemonwaterI wish I could move to Italy

and just read books all day, cook, sit around. I can’t do this now, though, maybe not ever, so I need to recreate what I had when I was there. 7 hours ago

lemonwaterHere are the bikes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ_FOptQB1Q 1 week ago

lemonwater 4 months ago

lemonwater 1 week ago

lemonwaterCon Voi

Claudio Baglioni

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOW4gmoMYqc 1 week ago

lemonwaterSuper Bike School

Level 1 completed!!!!!
I can’t believe I did it. But I did. I thought I was going to get killed out there, several times, but here I am, not killed, 2 days later, still intact! 3 weeks ago

lemonwaterdifficult situations

I want to navigate through difficult situations more easily 1 month ago

lemonwaterno luv 4 the H8erz

I have to stop hating on other people, as in stop drinking the haterade, and be more focussed on the positive things about self and others around me. Hating is just not working for me; it makes me feel worse in the end. 2 months ago

lemonwaterHard at Work

While at work I had the chance to watch my favorite singer on a live stream from Italian TV. Gianni!!!!! 3 months ago

lemonwaterKnowledge and Wisdom shall be the stability of thy times - Part 2

Painting by William Blake, “Ancient of Days.” Daniel 7

Intellectual stimulation can be a form of self care. 3 months ago

lemonwaterKnowledge and Wisdom shall be the stability of thy times - Part 1

Image at Rockefeller Ctr NY 3 months ago

lemonwaterthe smell of eucalpytus

smells good 3 months ago

lemonwaterMotorcycle jacket

I have wanted to get this item for about a year now but it is expensive and would not be frequently worn. Maybe not practical as money could be spent on other things. Then again YOLO. I recently learned this term. “YOLO” is short for “you only live once,” and is usually said at high volume when doing something extremely stupid and reckless. 3 months ago

lemonwater 3 years ago


fitness – 4x a week: RT 2x a week, 2x other
nutrition – 80% and slowly
lifestyle – some kind of recreation / self care
what can I do for self care that’s not necc exercise

less critical of self 4 months ago

lemonwaterDo something extraordinary

yeah that 4 months ago

lemonwaterLiving in the now

così se adesso tu chiedi a me
il più bel tempo qual’è
adesso con te
lo sto vivendo qui con te
il tempo migliore
è il mio presente qui con te
quando ti vedo accanto e mi consolo
penso che non sono solo mai
adesso con te
lo sto vivendo qui con te
il tempo migliore
è il mio presente qui con te
se puoi sentire che il mio cuore batte
le passioni ancora intatte sai

so now with you, if you ask me
“what is the most beautiful time?”
I respond that now with you,
I am living here with you
the best time is my presence here with you now
when I see you, I console myself
I know that I am never alone
now with you
I am living here with you
the best time here is my presence with you
if you can feel that my heart beats
you know my passion is still there and intact 4 months ago

lemonwaterI understand

I’ve listened to the Leonard Cohen song many times, especially during the hard times.
With our scars and injuries we go on. There is no other choice. “Vivere o niente” = “live or nothing.” Vasco Rossi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDpfKvHmd4o 4 months ago

lemonwaterI got a storage unit

I gave up and got one after at least a year of thinking I’ll sort my items. At least I hope it will create some sense of order in the house. I am going to throw out junk but keep stuff that is “perfectly good.” 4 months ago

lemonwaterDimmi adesso con chi sei

Gianni Morandi

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1hIViTdt80 4 months ago

lemonwaterI say I'm done

and this happens.
What is next for me? Good question. 4 months ago

lemonwaterArena di Verona

From Zucchero’s concert 4 months ago

lemonwaterThe car is in!

The car is in the garage but there is now the matter of the items that were in the garage and where do they go.
I am just going to let up a little and be happy that we cleaned out that garage (no car had fit in there in 5+ years).
I will address the rest of it soon. 4 months ago

lemonwaterLeaonard Cohen at Arena di Verona

I am very grateful to have the change to see him in concert twice, in Los Angeles, and in Montreal QC.

I am also very grateful to have seen the Verona Arena in 2013 and even more so to have gone to Gianni Morandi’s concert there.

This is one of my favorite Leonard Cohen songs
“I’m up their waiting… for the miracle… to come” 4 months ago

lemonwaterI am going to spend 30 minutes on it right now

I am setting my timer.

I did work for 30 minutes and now I have stopped.
From the scene: a machete, Snoopy book, Black’s Law Dictionary, and some metal tubing. Quite a collection. 4 months ago


Garage has so many items inside it’s not possible to get a car in there. And it is a 2 car garage! So my spouse and I plan to get everything out and put the car in. With the stuff, we will store it temporarily in the house, sort it, and I hope get rid of a lot of it. I have a hard time parting with my items but sometimes after watching “Hoarding: Buried Alive!” I can get inspired. This really has to happen.
I think it is possible. 4 months ago

lemonwaterSi puo dare di piu


si può dare di più

“questa canzone aiuta a vivere di più tra chi ha già a smesso di vivere da un po di tempo”

you can give more

“This song helps you live longer among those who have already stopped living for some time” 5 months ago

lemonwater 5 months ago

lemonwaterit is possible

si può dare di più 5 months ago

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