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-> Ltravel more..

I want to travel to more countries to learn more and be the spirit of world citizenship!!! 3 months ago

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well, web server running on right http port today, so one major hurdle over. next tomorrow will
(1) reconfigure ip+port in my source code to domain name.
(2) load data to the mongo db.
(3) make sure that website beta can be ran.. 3 months ago

-> Lgot out of focus for some time , nw resuming..

1) booked a domain in godaddy.
2) got a digitalocean 30gb to host.

in next days, i will have my beta version online hopefully… 3 months ago

-> LDump all state info

1) Dump all state-level info of each country to mongo db..
2) Loop in to center the map for big countries (top 5) by size. 5 months ago

-> Lfinally search page functioning!

Dynamic search page with download data file generated working!! awesome!! 5 months ago

-> L:)

now with my google maps with data, i could see which place is more dirty.. 5 months ago

-> Lsearch..

working on search page, hopefully today will complete basic search page.. 5 months ago

-> Lstill..

still in identity crisis.. 5 months ago

-> L:(

bad , me not focusing! 5 months ago

-> LJsonp

Jsonp to be integrated to my spring Mvc as strategy. Tomorrow get it done.. 5 months ago

-> Lprogress..

1/3 data crawled and stored in db.
Tomorrow discuss with a journalist A to get suggestion.
hv to explore google maps meanwhile. 6 months ago

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Did not much work today..:( 6 months ago

-> L.

Crawling kicked in for 3000000 records. Meanwhile explore reports part.. 6 months ago

-> LHi

Email level data extraction done for 1.5 year in mongodb. I will start crawling them. But already have data good enuf for init beta report..nlp skip to later since its slow processing.. 6 months ago

-> L..

Crawling may be fast but nlp parsing so slow. I plan to crawl first later do nlp part in parallelization. Hope that works..tomorrow clean all email data n load to mongodb n check for reporting output for at least two reports.. 6 months ago

-> L:)

crawling started after huge effort on cleaning dirty data! 6 months ago

-> L.

Mongo db n parsing done. Now integrate with nlp output n explore to tag data more meaning fully. Second level of extraction starts tomorrow.. 6 months ago

-> LHi

Install mongo db n get most well parsed HTML n tokenism using nlp library 6 months ago

-> L6

totally now have 6 reports, now do more reading into architectures, dos and dont dos etc.. (1) Subsequently will have a button to render main report page.. (2) Create login page.. 6 months ago

-> L3

totally 3 data visualization reports done with spring mvc + d3 + angularjs..cool..got little extra confidence.. 6 months ago

-> L:(

money crunch..dint go for more than 1 month 6 months ago

-> L!:(

I should eat on time to focus correctly.. 6 months ago

-> L:)

I created two reports in tabs using ng-view of AngularJS. I gained more confidence..Will explore more on dynamic binding. If I keep the pace, I can complete this goal in 3 weeks or so.. 6 months ago

-> Ldefinition set

i will create a webpage of around 15-20 dynamic pages and host it..at least 5 reports..that will be zero-version. 7 months ago

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