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Recent entries from lostdusk
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it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted here…
I have a weight loss blog on tumblr, if anyone uses it,

I’m posting a lot more there recently 22 months ago


weighed in at 144.7 today! That makes me one and a half lbs down from last week, which is amazing, considering I’ve eaten out a couple of times, went out drinking couple of times. Maybe green te does work after all! 22 months ago


went through LOADS of old clothes I’d stuffed into bin bags under my bed a couple of years ago – because I’d gained so much weight they didn’t fit, but I was always saying I would fit into them again soon.

But of course not, it’s taken 2 years for me to start losing weight. I put loads into a charity bag which I know will never fit again – from my underweight days.

I’m also very embarrassed at the number of clothes which still had the label on – never worn because I’d bought them saying that they don’t fit but they will soon, and they never did. Such a waste of money! I’ve kept them because these ones I know will fit me once I’ve lost some more weight and I want some wear out of them.

It was an eye opener, but it’s hardened my drive 22 months ago


4 more to go! in under a month I hope! 22 months ago


today I’ve started properly on this after a couple of days off.
determined to lose 3 pounds in 2 weeks, which is doable for me!
been drinking lot of green tea recently. even if it doesn’t aid weight loss in any way, it’s full of other healthy things and I like the taste! On my 4th cup of the day now!

I want to start exercising properly too, at the moment I do odd things like using my mini stepper, hula hooping, walking, strength exercises – but I want to do some proper cardio like swimming which I used do all the time! 22 months ago


since my weight loss 2 days ago I’ve had a couple of days of overdoing it, mainly with alcohol. But still, it’s only a couple of days and I had fun, it’s nice to go out with work and socialise. But it’s back to the plan tomorrow!

I ordered a bikini a few days ago and it arrived today, it looks lovely, just not so much so on me (yet!) It’s my new motivation, I have 4 months to look good in it! 22 months ago


today was the day, I haven’t weighed myself for 3 weeks and so today was it. I was so apprehensive, I kind of expected to see little to no loss.

But…. In 3 weeks I have lost 8 lbs!! So pleased! I’ve lost 2 inches from my tummy, and half an inch from my thighs. I am now only 20lbs from my goal weight! I will be skinny by summer! If I can lose 15 lbs by my holiday at the end of may I will be happy!

I’m going to weigh in every 2 weeks now. This result has really given me the motivation to go on as strong as I have been 22 months ago


one week until I weigh in! so I’m going to push really hard to get some results! The last 3 days have been a little of plan, however at the same time I haven’t eaten enough to have done any damage.
I downloaded the my fitness pal app to my phone, and I love it. I always used to think these kind of things were hard to use and didn’t have enough types of food in. However it has everything I need! I’m a convert! 23 months ago


ate big time when I got in from work today. sucks as I had done well up until this point. I’m not usually a stress eater but I was stressed from all angles! Massive argument before I came to work, then right at the end of work, at midnight, we discover a MASSIVE leak downstairs only to find somehow the upstairs staff disabled shower is turned on full power (half an hou ago it wasn’t and noone would have used it) and the switch was broken on it, and to top it all off we couldn’t isolate the water supply. When I left they were still dealing with it but I had to go. SO much stress today! 23 months ago


so-so day in terms of eating
Did some strength exercises today, trying to do them every other day.
I keep looking at bikinis, which while being motivating, I just want to buy one! But I can’t because I don’t know what size I want yet, and don’t want to get one only for it to be too big or too small later! 23 months ago


another successful day :)
the best bit is, I got home after work at 1am today, and I wasn’t even tempted to snack! in the past this has been my prime time for bingeing!
Walked the dogs today and it was lovely, the ground had a light dusting of snow and everything was so crunchy as it was below freezing outside – beautiful!
looking forward to the end of the month so I can weigh in already and see how I’m really doing! 23 months ago


thanks :) they’re certainly better than the gym lol! 23 months ago


I love how I have stuck at this – usually I resolve to do this and it lasts a day, or until I get home from work at 1am. I’m feeling great, I can’t tell if I have lost anything yet or not, but I am weighing in on the 1st of february so I still have a couple of weeks! Booking my holiday tonight too!
Does anyone here use a hula hoop (weighted one) I’m trying to use mine for 10 minutes everyday as apparently it’s a very good tummy toner, its gentle too but still gets your heart rate up (up to 150 bpm, according to some sites).
I’m going to start doing 10 minutes of skipping everyday to supplement it too, I just find skipping very hard to do for ten minutes! 23 months ago


I have a new motivation for this,
I’m going to PORTUGAL on holiday!! I am soso excited, haven’t been on a proper holiday before, but now I can afford to go, so off we go! Long sandy beaches, cocktails by the pool…This means only one thing – Beach body!

I really want to be able to wear a bikini by my holiday, which we leave for the 30th of may. That gives me over 4 months to acheieve this goal, so should be doable, right?

In those 4 months I’d love to lose 20lbs, but I think I’d be happy with 14, I’m going to be doing a lot of toning exercises too to help keep everything in check

I can’t wait! 23 months ago


just spent 2 hours walking through the woods in the pitch black in search of some gibbet used for hanging in the 1600s, was good fun, until we got lost… But it was good exercise so that’s the main thing :D
Ate over my limit today but I was still at about 1600 so only 400 over so as a one off it’s all good! 23 months ago


well get this,
After having driven half an hour to the swimming pool (that’s our nearest one :o) we found they suddenly changed the time table! so we had to drive all the way home again. Dissapointed! I’m going to have to find someplace else to exercise now 23 months ago


good day today, got in at 1200 cals, did nearly 2 hours of walking (dog walking and walking to and from town), and then a four hour shift at work which involves walking about, lifting and pulling etc.
let’s hope there is more of that to come! I am going out at the end of january, and I hope to look slimmer by then 23 months ago


well, actually I want to lose more like 40lbs lol, but this is a first good step! 23 months ago

lostdusk 23 months ago


right, after being absolutly pissed off at not seeing even a cm’s loss anywhere on my body after nearly 2 weeks, something has to change. I actually felt like I might have lost something, but apparently not. I haven’t weighed myself again because after seeing no loss with a tape measure I don’t really care what the scale says, what good is it if I lost say 5 lbs if I have no inch (or cm in my case lol) loss to show for it?

So what am I going to do?

Exactly what I did first time round when I lost 60lbs quite quickly considering my height, going from 160 to 100 within a year and a half.

I counted every. single. calorie. I kept note of exactly how many calories I was eating and everytime I ate I added to it. I weight and measured out most of my food. I ate so healthy – I refused to eat anything but whole grains, ate so many fruit and veg, and only had like an icecream or chocolate once in a blue moon. I refused to eat cake, no matter the occasion.
I exercised every day. Sometimes I’d go through a phase of biking, or walking, or swimming 5 times a week for 85 lengths, dance mat games, just dance.

You could say I was obsessed. But, it worked. That said, at the time I was able to eat 1700-1800 and LOSE like 2 lbs a week sometimes, but now it has to go lower, for the rest of this month I will be on 1200, with a cheat meal once a week if I need it, and if I don’t use it, well that’s great!

I feel a fire within me now. I regained most the weight so quickly, it’’s rediculas, especially after all the hard work and emotional hardship I went through to achieve it – and it was a great feeling, people were jelous of my body! I never thought that would happen. But now I’m back to my pudgy self. And while I know I will never get back down to 100lbs, I will not be happy until I am at 120-130 23 months ago


Well, as usual it’s the whole new year new start thing, although I am tired of this goal now.
1st day of the year and it went well! Probably because I wasn’t hungover from new years eve!
Is it bad if I say the way my boyfriend eats really aggravates me? like, his lack of portion control, manner of eating and general attitude towards food. I just thought at nearly 26, he might be able to cook more than just a shop-bought pizza or frozen southern fried chicken. Needless to say I bring my own food to his house.

Anyway, went for a lovely walk along the beach today, going to exercise tomorrow using my just dance 4 game (which I got gangnam style on, which pleases me deeply!)

My goal is to lose a stone by the end of february – it’s hard, but doable if I keep on like I have today.

I just need to stop my habit of eating when I get in from work, because I work twilights I don’t finish til midnight or later and it kinda makes me want to eat. I think that’s my only real new years resolution – to stop eting when I get in from work and go straight to bed instead!! 23 months ago


the last couple of days have been, in a word, crap! big argument today coupled with not actually doing anything, even though I have lots of things which need doing and had planned to do today, have left me feeling demoralised, and caused me to binge, even though I am trying to lose weight.

Also, my boyfriend had just been subscribed depression meds again (he was on them up until 6 months ago when he decided out of the blue to quit them cold turkey) However, after an incident at work which caused him to be suspended (paid) pending further investigation, we persuaded him that he was spiralling again and needed to get help

Of course, I have been very stressed over this and it’s hard having two people in a relationship with depression, but I fear that his is worse than mine.

Doesn’t help I am resenting one of my jobs. Because I work evenings, like 5-12pm or even 2am, I miss out on a lot. Everyone else works during the day, so of course when they go out, I miss out. Even simple things like evening television I miss! And worse, I have to work boxing day, even though the day members of staff do not. I am very tempted to hand in my notice, to be honest. Because I always end up working longer than my contracted hours, and paid or not I do not want to yet I am pressured into it. Also, my pay is never right, often £100 down, and the payslips are so confusing you need a degree to understand them. I want to move to days, but there are no positions and frankly I don’t think my manager would let me because we’re short staffed anyway, and I do my job well, never had a day off sick etc, and unlike most employees there, don’t take the piss with liberties.

People have persuaded me to stay on though, saying it’s just a phase etc. I think the thing that really pushed it was working boxing day. I know I am one among many who have to, but I at least expect some kind of christmas break 2 years ago


I’ve had a good couple of days. However monday night I had a massive alcohol binge (first night out in ages though to be fair). Thinking about all the alcohol calories I got through that night almost repulses me – but at the end of the day I had a good time and that’s really what I need right now.
That said, for some strange reason I find when I have drunk massively like that I tend to lose more weight at my next weigh in – maybe it’s all the dancing it makes me do haha!

My work christmass party is in a week and a half. I’m hoping that from my last weigh in to that point that I might lose 3-4 lbs. And 7 lbs by christmas

I meant to go on a bike ride this morning – it was a beautiful if chilly morning! but I had a slightly flattened tyre and the pump would not work for the life of me. So I played some just dance this afternoon instead – which when you get into it is a workout!
And first time round I lost about 20 lbs playing DDR, so it obviously works :) 2 years ago


People who just 8 months ago I was really good friends with, are now strangers to me. People who when I was at my lowest – a time where I was regurally self-harming and had drunk myself into a very dangerous place – were, in a way, there for me, even if it was just to listen. Now now, they don’t care, they don’t talk to me. They make plans with out me. Its not a case of them not wanting to handle me, but I’ve always felt isolated when I was with them even when strictly I was not,I guess we were in a situation where we saw each other often at the time, and now we don’t no effort is made.
So I made the decision to completely delete these people from my life. I deleted their numbers, conversation threads on my phone, facebooks – everything. I don’t want them in my life as much as they want me.

I’m feeling…good today. 2 years ago


I think actually, contrary to what I said before, I actually like working, not because I enjoy my jobs (they’re ok) but more because While I’m working I don’t think about any other problems currently taking place, they’re at the back of my mind and I guess, in some way, that I actually feel happy. And thus, my happiness lies in ridding myself of the problems I have. And well, that isn’t going to happen for quite a while. so I’ll carry on filling my days with as much work as I can simply to avoid life. 2 years ago


I hope spring isnt too far away then! :) 2 years ago


I still haven’t really done this. I want to though, however its getting cold now and so I may have to put this to sleep. That said some days are very pleasant and mild, so if I am free one of these days maybe I will. I want to go somewhere completely new. 2 years ago


I think after a very big yoyo – in a year I lost about 5 stone (70lbs), maintained that for a couple of years, then over a few months gained almost all of it all back by bingeing. For 2 years now I’ve been saying to myself that I will lose it. But it never happened and I kept bingeing. Some how I managed to maintain though.

I have however lost some weight. Some shorts which about 6 months ago I couldn’t get done up now fit and might even be a touch too big! It’s a victory. I do ever so much want to lose the weight again but I find it hard. I think being depressed is what does it. There will be days where I have no appetite at all, but others where I eat for England. Once I start I cannot stop. I go through periods of bulimia, probably due to my depression.

I’m currently about 156lbs. At my lowest I was 97lbs, and eventually I would love to be maybe 120lbs, however for now I think being 140lbs and then maybe 130 will suit me. 2 years ago


the last couple of days have been a real downhill for me. I have felt so sad and alone and been constantly simmering with tears. It stops me from sleeping, I finally turned off the TV at 2am and even then didn’t sleep until gone 3am as my mind was just racing with thoughts and memories. I keep a diary now but it doesn’t help.

I do feel very much forgotten my most people, they’ve all gone off now and now I don’t see them anymore nobody bothers to message ot text me. I only have what I would call 2 friends (and a boyfriend, but that’s a sticky issue atm too). I have a lot of people who I see often at work who I can talk too and very occassionally go out with, but not really and it’s always on a group bases. It’s a case off if I were to leave my jobs then they wouldn’t bother with me anymore.

I started missing my ex too, my thoughts often wonder to him. He hurt me deeply and lied to me and I don’t think I ever got over that. I havent spoken to him in months but I miss him, and this caused me to send him a FB message. He eventually replied but I don’t think he is bothered because since he hasn’t replied again.

I guess I am feeling very sorry for myself. All I feel like doing is sitting around all day. I have no appetite and no desire to do anything. It was a very big effort to actually go on a 5 minute walk to post a letter! I can’t even be bothered to go work. I just feel like packing in both my jobs and sitting in misery for the next few months. 2 years ago


Over the last month I have made many major decisions which will have long term effects. At the time I was 100% sure of them but now I don’t know. In fact the final consequences will be life long if I want to be dramatic. The main hurdle will come in a weeks time… Everything I have been building on, working towards and hoping for for the last 2 years I have just demolished – or rather put on hold for a year, however I feel like it is the former and this next year will be a watse.

On another note, I feel I’ve lost most of my friends. Aside from social events where everyone is involved anyway I haven’t actually seen anyone in a couple of months, aside from people at work and my boyfriend. They simply don’t want to know – I am left out of small social gatherings and when I try to meet up no one ever wants to/can’t and don’t make any iniation or attempt to try and organise something for a later time when they are not busy. It makes me feel so alone because I know everyone is out having a good time with each other and here I am on my own crying out to be involved.

Actually it makes me resent them, and it has affected me recently and caused me to do stupid things which endangered myself and other people which I am not proud of.

All I have now is work and my boyfriend (who coincidently works where I work). No one else wants to know. All I have to iccupy my time is work, so I find myself working up to 9 days (well, twilights) in a row at a time to to fill in the blanks, as well as some 9 hour day shifts at the same time – so often I end up working 16-17 hours in a day. It stops me dwelling. 2 years ago

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