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lovingeveryminute reclaiming my writing nest!

Recent entries from lovingeveryminute
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lovingeveryminuteHow about playing games . . .

. . . with my people I haven’t seen in six months?

Totally worth it, but it is keeping up until midnight again. 5 months ago

lovingeveryminuteFive Thousand, Three Hundred Twelve.

This stupid email program crashed again. It’s so ridiculous it is actually making me laugh. Not maniacally, either. I am genuinely amused by the futility of trying to get this thing sorted out.

I will have to call the company, cancel my contract with them, and start using one of my other emails immediately. Really not so bad. The web browser on that program is ancient anyway. Last updated in 1994 maybe.

As long as I have to deal with this company’s utter failure to provide dependable service anyway, I may as well create a new Gmail account with a fun new address. There’s my silver lining.

Meanwhile, ALL my messages are back in one folder now, many of them duplicates, and the jumble has grown to 5,312. Unbelievable. 5 months ago

lovingeveryminuteI ♥ hooping!

I couldn’t believe how rusty I was at it, but I have always loved hula hooping and am now the extremely pleased owner of a 2-pound, 42-inch hula hoop!

I was the neighborhood champion and teacher of all things hoopish as a kid. I did not blame myself when my new hoop fell to the ground. ;·) But then I remembered the posture. I don’t need to see what color my hoop is while it’s spinning around me. So I corrected my position and looked straight ahead, and voila! I can work a hula hoop again and I’m superdiduper excited about it!

Yay =D 5 months ago


It’s been nearly a year since this email crash happened, and it’s happened twice again since that first time (which was not actually the FIRST time), but I took it stride. It wasn’t thousands of emails, only a hundred or so each time and I just went through them and deleted most of them, then put the rest in their proper folders.

So regarding the more recent crashes, this goal is done.

Regarding the big, messy one of 2013, it’s down to about 2400 now.

When I get around to dealing with it again, I’ll probably delete most of them. I’m used to not having them where they belong now. That folder has become something of a “junk drawer” where I look for things I can’t find.

Still, I don’t need that many duplicate emails. Okay, goal reaffirmed. 5 months ago

lovingeveryminuteAnd just for good measure . . .

. . . here are my nails today, with this delicious grapey nail polish. I even had to trim them the other day! 7 months ago

lovingeveryminuteAfter what? seven years or something on my list -- I've finally grown them out for real!

I never have been much of a nailbiter because I never have been much of a nail grower, but when they get damaged, I do tend to “file” them with my slightly chipped mandibular incisor. The dentin is not exposed, so it doesn’t hurt or even look chipped. However, it is not meant to be a nail file.

I’ve never been much of a nail painter, either; also because I’ve never been much of a nail grower. After all, who wants to call attention to how short their nails are? In Kindergarten, my nails only covered their little pink beds and the school nurse asked me if I bit them down. “No,” I told her, “that’s all they grow.”

Jump ahead a few decades from Kindergarten to 2014:

At the end of March, I bought some pale lavender nail polish for a cute Easter pedicure, but inadvertently grabbed the darker lavender in April when it came time to do it. Afterward, when I saw my new polish sitting unused on the shelf, I decided to try it on my super-short fingernails. They didn’t break at all that week, during which time I finally acquired the perfect light blue color I’d been searching for, so the next week, I switched to the blue. My nails were so cute and springtimey, I didn’t even care that they were super short.

Meanwhile, the best thing about nail polish happened: my nails started to grow. My base coat is some nutritional stuff that’s supposed to help them and I guess it is working, but if I can see the free margins, and they feel rough, my tooth becomes a nail file again, and I can’t have that if I want my nails to grow, so I decided to keep polish on my nails all the time.

Almost immediately after this decision, it was announced that the place where I spend my Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, does not allow colorful fingernail polish. Why ever not?! I don’t know…perhaps some people were getting too outlandish with their manicures. Perhaps some people thought pale lavender and light blue were outlandish. Anyway, I’m remanded to neutrals for those two shifts and that’s just fine by me because I have a whole shelf full of neutral polishes that would otherwise probably never get worn because I’m very much a color hound. In fact, I’m not sure why I even own a whole shelf full of neutral nail polish. But here are my real nails with clear polish on them.

I still don’t quite recognize them! 7 months ago

lovingeveryminuteMay 2014 -- Nailed It!

My three beautiful daughters got together and signed me up for a Nailed It! subscription, so every month for the next year, I will be getting 3 new nail polishes, along with some other fun mani-pedi items!

This month is my birthday (and of course Mother’s Day), so I got my first package a week or so ago. It contained the purple, hot pink, and green in the picture, plus some cute flower decals and a flowery foam emery board.

AWESOME Mother’s Day/birthday present!!!

Cute little toe garden, too! :) 7 months ago

lovingeveryminuteMissed photo ops

At the beginning of April, I painted my toenails like cute little Easter eggs, with a baby chick popping out of a purple egg for the big toe.

It was super cute. I don’t know why I never took a picture.

Oh…yes I do.

April was INSANE. Every single day except the 28th I had multiple things on my calendar. Tasks I had undertaken to complete for one person or another. I love being of service. Really. It is what my life is about, but April was ridiculous. When I realized I only had one free day the entire month, I drew a big blue square around it on the calendar and told everyone to leave me alone that day, that I was taking a vacation. I didn’t go anywhere. I stayed home and cleaned my house, but it was an awesome day in a multitude of ways!

Anyway, after Easter, I changed my polish to a white flower with a sparkly red jewel center on a dark purple background, and continued on with my hectic month. Never got a picture of that one, either. 7 months ago

lovingeveryminuteLater in March 2014

We had a crop of dandelions and they inspired me. 7 months ago

lovingeveryminuteIrony? . . . or Synchronicity!

Well, it certainly is not what I was expecting this morning, but the timing could not have been better!

I ended up going to bed late last night, so as soon as I woke up I was thinking about this goal, and why I keep putting various Go-To-Bed-Early goals on my list when I am obviously not ready to abide by arbitrary rules for MY bedtime. On the other hand, this is the third time in my seven years here that I’ve had this sort of goal on my list. I worded this one myself, thinking I would be able to relate to it.

But no.

But then again, yes!

I posted an entry last night before I went to bed, relating what this goal means to me. When I woke up this morning, I decided to make another post (this post), explaining to myself the reasons I might have for continuing to tell myself to go to bed “on time” and then never doing it.

Meanwhile, I awoke to a comment that kind of told me I was doing it all wrong (not that she meant it that way). It got me to really delve into WHY this is one of my goals at all, and I had a nice breakthrough, which ended up addressing the very issue I opened my computer to discuss this morning.

And now, I don’t have to rewrite the whole thing because it’s right here. 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteI have . . .

. . . already told everyone who calls me late at night without even realizing it IS late, which includes my mom, all three of my daughters, and a very close nightowl friend who knows I’m usually up as late as she is. They all know about this goal of mine.

They also already know they can’t call the house phone after 9pm because my Dearest has to get up at 5am and nobody wants to wake him up because he will have a big, loud fit if the phone rings right next to his head.

HOWEVER, I never, ever want to be an Only-Call-Me-If-It’s-An-Absolute-Emergency kind of person. Ever. That is absolutely not me. I want my mom, or my girls, or my friends, or even my husband’s crazy relatives, to be able to call anytime they need me and not feel like they’re imposing. I do have the ability to sleep till 8am most mornings, so even if I’m up till 1:00, I can still get enough sleep.

I think I’m still trying to figure out WHY going to bed “on time” is a goal of mine at all. It really doesn’t bother me to stay up late, especially when I’m talking to people I love.

I’m afraid it’s because the Dearest goes to bed early and he wants me to be in the bed with him. That really isn’t good enough motivation to change my entire way of life . . . except for the part where my marriage is supposed to be for HIM, just as his is for ME, and if he wants someone sleeping next to him, that needs to be just as important to me as my wanting any of the many, many things he does just because I want him to.

I’ll be honest, I perceived a presumptive tone in your comment, which irritated me at first, but now I am really grateful for your words! You have prompted me to examine my motives and I think I actually approve of them. I will keep trying not to stay up late for no reason, and I will keep answering the phone when my favorite people call, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

This is good progress, yes. :) 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteThis is what the goal means . . . . I guess.

I was on my way to bed at 10:56 and my mom texted me R U up?

I suppose I could have lied and not called her back. But I don’t lie, so I called. We talked about the day and what we each had accomplished. I had quite a list today! And because I did have such a great day, I decided to upload a few pictures to my computer, and then after I hung up the phone, I found myself here, posting said pictures, along with the stories they belong to.

Tomorrow I have to put my laundry away, study muscle anatomy, have a piano lesson, meet with the Gilbert temple presidency, make dinner, and prepare a poster for an upcoming meeting.

Looks like another busy day. I’d better get to bed! 9 months ago


Succulence on a bone.


And what side dish doesn’t want to be served alongside ribs?!

These didn’t last long. I’m glad I took the picture as I was taking them off the grill. 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteChicken Noodle Soup

The Dearest didn’t want noodles in his, so I served him up and then added the fusilli. I like its wild curliness.

You know what? I make some pretty dang good soup!

I hadn’t been feeling my best, so I did what I would do if someone else didn’t feel good:

Make chicken soup!

Doesn’t matter if I had to make it myself. It’s goo-ooo-ood when I make it. :) 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteInstitute Class

I somehow volunteered to play the piano while a dozen or so ladies sang along one day, and now I have become the Institute pianist.

I have yet to play a song perfectly while people are singing, but they don’t seem to mind. They keep asking me to do it, and I keep getting compliments like, “That’s a hundred times better than I could do” and “You’re so brave” and “You just keep going when you lose your place!”

So, good. I am being brave and the experience is making me practice differently . . . and more! And my piano teacher says I play strong now. 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteAnother delighted bride . . .

She was super happy to see me. I love it when brides have their hair all done and their tiaras/veils attached, but they’re still scrambling around in jeans and tee-shirts. They look so cute, like they’re just hanging on the cusp between being their daddy’s little girl and becoming an adult.

It’s one of the perks of being a florist—I get to see behind the scenes. 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteOmigosh---Check THIS out!


All by myself.


:) 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteI'm not sure . . .

. . . whether I did this (the FABULOSITY part) or not, but I have quietly become “nifty” and although it is still very difficult to wrap my head around it, I don’t feel any different, so I guess it’s ok.

There was no surprise party, which if I admit it truthfully, was pretty disappointing. The Dearest took me over to my mom’s, where just one of my brothers showed up with his love interest. My friend who was supposed to come with us remembered she had to take an elderly neighbor somewhere and indeed, did not show up. She did leave a cute gift on my door while I was gone, though, which was very sweet. My own sister did not even remember, nor has she contacted me since. No surprise there at all. What a flake. I remember everyone in her family and send gifts to all 6 of her kids, and I do not even get so much as a phone call?! Whatever. My mom talks to one of my childhood friends at least once a week and that one never even acknowledged my birthday.

However, my very dear friend who lives a couple miles away did sneak into my yard at midnight so that I would wake up to a flock of flamingos bedecked with feather boas, mardi gras beads, and big signs proclaiming Happy Birthday to me! THAT was a lot of FABULOSITY!!!

My Dearest refurbished my bicycle and we’ve been going on bike rides together, which is HUGE. He also says I’m just as beautiful as the day he met me (a lie, but I think he actually means it), and the only reason my daughters were not here to celebrate with me is because they were all out of the state, one at Disneyland having an absolute blast with her friends. They all called and/or texted, so it was all good. My mother celebrated nicely, too, by giving me a card with a nice picture of a founding father in it.

So all-in-all, turning 50 is not very special. It is not fabulous. There are no fireworks. Maybe that’s because it’s really not the earth-shattering event it’s built up to be. So I have one more calendar behind me. So what. I’m fabulous enough as it is and I can still work on whatever’s not fabulous during the next 50 years. ;) 4 years ago

lovingeveryminuteBlue Man Group

I have wanted to see them in concert ever since their first full-length show, TUBES, came out in 1991. I watched the PBS Special, “Inside the Tube,” every time it came on. I was simply mystified.

I finally got to see Megastar in Orlando in May. It was awesome. I’d love to see them in Vegas. I think it would be even better. [It would be a lot closer, too!]

When they come out with a new show, I’m going! 6 years ago

lovingeveryminuteOH, WOW!

The interventionist I subbed for yesterday ended up having to have open heart surgery and won’t be back at work until May, so now I am long-term subbing for him.

This will be great. He (obviously) has not been feeling well all school year, so has been giving himself an easy time of it with the groups. The WHY is understandable, but his little students have not been making very much progress. After all, the point of Intervention is to make yourself increasingly unnecessary. (As is the point in all of teaching, really!)

So I get to step in and catch them up, maybe even get them to surpass their goals. Their last big Benchmark test of the year will be during my last week there, so I definitely have something to prove, which is that their opinion of my championship qualities is justified. 6 years ago

lovingeveryminuteI'm changing this goal.

Oh, it’s still my goal, but the way it is worded somehow bothers me now. I like to look at life by focusing on what I want to have happen, not what I want to NOT have. It’s true – I do want to NOT have an extra 40 pounds to lug around every day, but every time I look at this goal lately, I think to myself, “What I really want is a 145 pound body that is young and strong and healthy.”

What I really want is a body that fits me. “Lose 40 pounds” seems random to me now, for some reason. I need to change the wording of my goal to match what I want it to do for me.

How about,
Have a body that fits me and give thanks for it by taking good care of it.

That’s kind of long, but it’s all important. I will explain in my entries under the newly worded goal.

Thanks so much to all those who have encouraged me with this goal over the past several months. I appreciate your kind words and advice. Best of luck to all of you in this and all your goals!

6 years ago

lovingeveryminuteOhhh, this is a doozey!

My brother decided that I wasnt’ doing enough for our mom, who is housebound, caring for our waning grandma, who is almost 93.

I call my mom nearly every day and go over to help her as often as I can get into Phoenix, but she rarely leaves the house while I am there because she wants me to help her go through my grandma’s old junk so she can get rid of the bulk of it.

What this amounts to is that I am already doing the very best I am able to in the service of my mom and grandma. My brother is also doing what he can do, which is to go over there occasionally and sit in the house while my mom runs errands. This is good. It gets her out of the house for a while and gives him the satisfaction of being a useful son.

So what is his problem?! Well, he only sees things from his own perspective (since he considers his to be the only correct perspective) and this distorts his reality gigantically from the true reality.

In other words, he considers himself to be the only one helping her. Our other brother has some forgiveness issues concerning our grandma, so he rarely goes over there at all. So finally tonight, the brother who blew up at me made some brutally harsh and unfair comments. He was making irrational assumptions and jumping to false conclusions. He was belittling everyone else’s best to try to make himself feel better. He was being reprehensible with his Word.

What did I do? Well, at first I yelled at him. I didn’t expect his tirade and wasn’t in the mood for his crap. I got defensive, but pulled back short of saying anything really stupid. Then I asked him what this argument was about—that I was pretty sure we were on the same team here. We both calmed down and finished our conversation on civil terms.

Afterwards, however, I completely fell apart. Emotional poison is BITTER! Blecch! Intellectually, I know that whatever service I give my mother in her time of need is really none of his business, and his opinion of it is none of my business. This I do understand, BUT IT’S MY BROTHER! His opinion matters to me, so I was crushed that he thought my best wasn’t good enough.

Crushed until I realized that he has no idea what my daily life is like. He was only making those critical assumptions from his own limited point of view. At this point the antidote for emotional poison rushed through me: Forgiveness. I sat down and wrote him a short letter, which I will send off tomorrow, after my husband reads over it. I want to make sure it doesn’t sound sarcastic or martyrish.

The 4 Agreements in action. It rocks! =) 7 years ago

lovingeveryminuteThree Friendships

1. DJN
Selfish so-called “friend”
Bows to teenage daughter’s whim
. . .

2. SNM
Neighbor tries so hard
Smallish son out of control
Tears fall every day.

. . .

3. AVD
Delightful lady
Artistic movie-goer
Friend to everyone. 7 years ago

lovingeveryminuteNO LINE!!!

My daughter and I stayed up till midnight so we could go over to the Wal-Mart and watch all the weirdos stand in line for their copies of the book. (No offense to anyone reading this who dressed up for the occasion ~ it’s fun, but we weren’t planning to BUY the book Friday night!)

Anyway, the line was insane. There were not many people dressed up in W-M, but they weren’t having a big party, either. Just posters and cake. WE LOOKED. WE LAUGHED. WE LEFT.

On the way home, my daughter asked me if I thought the W-M Neighborhood Market a couple miles to the other side of our house would have the book. I didn’t even know if they carried books, but we went over there just for kicks.

There were maybe 2 other customers in the store. We walked around. No books. As we turned to leave, I saw a rack with crossword puzzles & magazines and on the other side was a small selection of books, but no Harry Potter.

Since we were there, I went to ask a completely unrelated question at the Customer Service desk and mentioned that until just then, I had not known they carried books in that store. I asked if they had gotten the Harry Potter book and the girl said yes and went to the closet to get me a copy!!!!!

NO LINE! NO HASSLE! No pre-sale discount, either, but believe me, it was SO worth the extra 89 cents to avoid that crazy line. We were already home before the presalers even got their books. =)

The best part: Going to that store was my daughter’s idea and she is so excited that she gets to take credit for the special experience! 7 years ago

lovingeveryminuteHanauma Bay ...

... is where we started. My husband and I and our 3 little girls. Two got too tired or scared, or whatever, and went back to shore, but the middle one stuck it out.

We saw a giant sea turtle and followed her for a while, until all of a sudden, she disappeared. We looked up and found that we were about a mile out to sea!

Do you have any idea how deep the water is around the atolls of Hawaii???!!! Scary-deep!

It took us what seemed like all day to get back to shore, and we couldn’t find the pass we went through when we left the Bay, so we got very scuffed up on the rocks.

It was a memorable vacation experience like none other. We will do it again some time. Probably near Laie next time, though.

So FUN! 7 years ago

lovingeveryminuteSuddenly doing pretty well at this!

We don’t even have daylight savings here, but ever since it kicked in this year, I’ve been getting to bed way earlier. One of these nights this past week, I was up till midnight getting things ready for the next day, and then got up that next morning at 5:45. I think that did the trick. I’ve been getting tired earlier ever since, and therefore turning in earlier, and therefore getting up earlier, etc.

It is already 11:30 here tonight, but I’m still impressed that I’m not just up doing random stuff at this hour. I’m actually headed for bed . . . as soon as I send one more email. 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteYippee! Tonight can be Day One . . . not that I'm counting

It’s barely 9:30 here right now and I am beyond tired. It has been a good, full day of cooking wonderful masterpieces, but I’m wiped.

All I have left to do is feed the animals and clean the kitchen (my kitchen is always less than half an hour away from being shiny, so even though I’ve overused it today, it won’t take till 11:00 to get everything cleared out and put away) and then I’m off to slumberland. A place I haven’t been before 11pm in a LONG, LONG time.

hurray . . . 9 months ago

lovingeveryminuteJust Make Time

I only live 4 miles from the Mesa temple but I get sidetracked by all the other things I have to do. I could go on Thursday mornings, so that is my goal: to go at least one Thursday morning per month. =) 7 years ago

lovingeveryminuteFebruary/March 2014

I did get the minions on there after all! I ♥ minions!

bah-bah-bah. bah-bah-nah-nah!9 months ago


Thanks! 9 months ago

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