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low carb, low cal & gym

Recent entries from madaddam
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madaddamBeen a gap

Yay-returned from the Gym; did an early morning session of my ole Workout Session 2.

Glad I went as I have managed to skip a week!! I know

I tink with too much work on its been hard to go and if I dont go earl;y then I dont tend to go… I forgot my money plus I forgot my key.

Anyhow…more importnat to mark; I have been snacking in abingeful way. Had two rather generous spoonfuls of nutella (befor bed).......

this cannot be right so need to ‘get my mind right’.

Also, of note; we went swimming on Sunday in the local pool; great fun; altho my ability to do a length even is crapamundo.

Goin once to the gym puts you back on track dont it! Yay:-) 2 years ago


So, not to recapitulate all my main entries but I am goin to the gym as regularly as I can and averaging at 3 times a week.

I have in the last fortnight moved to doing the Workouts devised for me by my trainer (Ritchie) and these use the resistance machines.

They incorporate 30 mins or so of cardio and I am going to stick with this routine until my birthday in February.

I will review progress then.

Since beginning to ‘tone up’ (vague) I have been less preoccupied with watching exactly my weight; currently residing at below 13 stone 5 pounds (I am 6ft 1 inch) 2 years ago

madaddamWorkout 2

Simply to say, after the blinding headache I had Monday night I did miss the gym yesterday….went today though! So I did Workout 2 which I was quite familiar with and it all went okay.

Pretty sure that the Calories burned are not so high as when I did Xtrain only but I feel already generally fitter and that’s good enough for me right now.

I will try and figure Workout 1 too as I am sure that is a good idea…

I will not be able to go on Friday as I am off; and tomorrow, only if I get up very early as meeting starts at 9… 2 years ago

madaddamSEssion 2

Had a poor run over at the gym. Nothing major; just managed to ‘do’ my Key wrong. So i selected the wrong work out and was completely flustered when I went over to the x and it should have been the y.

I couldnt figure out how to do exercise y-once id found it; so I thort id just do the workout from the previous week-but the setup would not let me do these-and record them.

So I did my Cardio-good- for 20 mins but then floundered.

ended up doing abdominal crunches on the ‘wellness’ ball and chest presses; leg presses too but i dont think i did that right; though not sure what i did wrong….so all in all not a great work out; dont feel too sweaty and dont feel like ive done half as much as last week.

So. Tomorrow I will select Workout 2 and keep doing that for a while (not workout 1)

Although to get maximum benefit im goin to have to work out how to do that session also.

NOt bad but not brilliant——but I went and …enjoyed it too!! 2 years ago

madaddamSession 1

YAy: I finally plucked up the currage to do my resistance training programme; I had it all saved on my Key from when Richie took me throigh it 2 yeasr ago…

It was great! Partly cos a session for over 50+ was booked there and so everyone, mostly, was inept and asking how does this machine work!! So I felt okay to ask…

And once I did the routin tine, well it was fine, I can remember what to do for tomorrow; and I can now figure out how to record the session on to the Key so I will have a log of calories burened.

IN haste as Ive a meeting to attend. Typos ahoy.

And, even better?; the calories I burned from todays session came in just shy of 400 calories and I can feel-in my arms the benefit; so, feeling very positive that I will do thi ssession (which includes cariiod work out at start) and may swap now to dong this every day until my birthday in February-then see whewre we are.

I mean if I can shift 400 cals per ssion and Im doin some cardio too; then surely this will not be a bad thing.

On anotgher more sombre note…I was appaling at the chest press….was down to do 3 reps of 15 of 40 or I had to drop it to 10 just to do any!!!

So-room for improvement!!

Yowza Yowza Yowza 2 years ago

madaddamTreadmill Blues

So, last week was uber busy with work and home and I was unable to make time (lame or what) to go to the gym. And by last night and a few days before I had slipped into a few naughty habits….salted peanuts anyone? I even bought a kitkat-yum!!

Ahh well, as the batteries on my scales have failed, we will let last week go.

This week, or today I should say, I have been to the gym.

Cardio again and burned off 510 calories: YAY!!

If I can time it right I really must start mixing in some resistance machines…

Watched afew people doing their’s; and there is a good variety of ability-which means plenty of pple not super perfect (jus havin a go-which is what i will do)

Mainly I am embarrased about not remembering how to work the machines…if only there was a really quiet time…hmm can explore this (spose)

Anyhow, I may not be able to go tomorrow or till Friday now; but I feel so much better having been (BS was 5.4 before and ate bannana and some almonds; now, 20 mins later it is 4.8)

Cheers 2 years ago

madaddamNew Record

Well, just come back from the Gym. 2.30-3.30pm; felt pretty washed out and didnt reckon Id manage much. Anyhow, carried on and after 20 mins it was pretty obvious I was going to make a new (personal best) record: Yay.

Ran on the eliptical, varying levels from 5 to 19; mostly@ 11, ran for 60 minutes and burned off 610 calories (wow) and ran for a total of 2.41km…

BS after exercise was 4.1

Had a mid afternoon snack of 1/4 pot low fat hummus and 140 cals worth of almonds…

This si coz, I was reading last night that I should be aiming to meet my TDEE across 6 meals a day…

IN the am, I had my porridge, made with water; and followed it with 2 teaspoons of no sugar added peanut butter; whole came to around (less) 340 calories; and was nice.

I have been wondering if I am eating enough calories. But watching my calories/carbs and balancing with food diary and exercise routine is….time and brain consuming….Oh, and of course when I weighed myself this morning my scales said I was 13 st and 3 pounds…

The only really sound indicator is goin to be my waist/chest slimming down…here’s hoping; I want that bulge to go!

Yay to me…wont be goin to the Gym much next week as I am on holiday. 2 years ago

madaddamBack from the Gym

410 calories on the eliptical; aimed for distance and ran a paltry 1.68km

Yay! But my BS was 3.2 when I checked afterwards to possibly not so great. Ive had an apple and some Alpro Soya yog in case you are interested.

The Wii Fit is yet to arrive 2 years ago

madaddamLies Damned Lies..

I am not sure I believe my scales-I was 13 st & 5 pounds.9 days holiday and (some naughty habits later…) I am 13 st 9 pounds; that’s what they said this am.

Well, okay; I’m not fixated on the scales; I am thinking now about my waist/chest size and eating better as well as exercising…all is not lost.

Jus returned from the Gym; hope I didnt push my knee too much. BUt the break must have done me some good. I felt like I was motoring through (on the eliptical again).
So I did 350 calories in 33 minutes.

Started off at level 1 (easiest) did about 15 at level 5; moved it up for about 10 on 12-17; settled on 14 for most of the work out; last 10 mins or so had to goo back to level 5-which felt very pleasurable really!! and for the last 10 calories or so I bumped it up…

Anyhow, felt like a good workout. I am ‘worried’ about my left knee and I dont want to push that again so tomorrow I will do cardio again but…

I may aim to go for km rather than calories-and see where that goes.

I scarecely did 2 km today so seeing as Ive tried to do c25k before (b4?) maybe I should give that a whirl…set the controls for the heart of the sun (or should that be crash and burn?); we will see…

Oh and ‘we’ bought Wii Fit PLus & balance board which will arrive tomorrow; fun fun fun

Out. 2 years ago

madaddamNew Goals

These new goals come from having now lost 37 pounds in weight and realizing that: I am within spitting distant of achieveing a healthy body and that weight loss alone is not what I need.

So, may aim is to lose weight to get to circa 12.5 stone (175 pounds) and:

Lean: not muscly as such but lose the fat and just get lean
Longevity: Develop capacity to run for longer and or further
Lift: Increase my strenghth.
Limber: to become more flexible-feeling very stiff back-ish right now
and possibly,Lengths: to start and relearn swimming 2 years ago

madaddam 2 years ago

madaddamWeight Lost

My goal when I started as to lose 42 pounds. At the height of the summer, just before I started 43 Things in the New Year I weighed in at 224 pounds…, taken from there I have actually lost 37 pounds!!

If I’d a worked harder, committed to the gym etc than this would have been a better and quicker process but still; I am going in a good direction.

Still gunning for target weight cira 175 pounds or 12.5 2 years ago


Well, weighed myself this morning and I was 13 st 5 pounds
And did the BMI check which gave me 24.5-which is apparently normal.


However it is abundantly clear to me that tho I may be normal by one regard I still have too much bulge around my waist and amd generally flabby and unfit!!

Looked at the British Heart Foundation and they said that if you waist is over 40 you could be in trouble. Trouser size doesnt really map on to real waist size I have snce dsicovered!!

So a Marks and Sparks pair of (stretch) 34” does not alas mean you have a 34” waist (why on earth not but there we are).

So in terms of girth I have about 7”s to lose and I dont know how many pounds that equates to.

Also, I am clearly not ‘toned’ and am very unfit-tho fitter for sure.

So,plan is to:

do another 3 weeks of cardio
From September I will start adding resistence training to my regime.

Remain eating the same.

Errrm, bought some swimming shorts today; this is somehting I have avoided for years but maybe I ought to ‘take the plunge’ 2 years ago

madaddamAlpro Soya Yog-PLain

Arr, jus to say that I went (third this week) to the gym jus now.
Only cardio at the moment-and managed to do the cross trainer (easier on my knee) for jus under 40 mins and burned 300 calries.

so 220, 285,300= 805 calories

1 Boost bar=326
So Ive only almost made up for the ‘number’ of boost bars I succumbed to past frtnite!!

Anyhow, BS before exercise was 5.1-ate apple so that’d spike it up a bit (neglibible cals) and now, after exercise I am 4.3

So Im goin to down some H2O and then halve half a pot of Soya Apro Yog which I i believe lw fat, low car and low cal

2.1 g carbs per 100 (5 in large tub)
50 cals per 100…

hopefully tea will be salardy and I will watch those terrible Hairy Dieters ;-) 2 years ago

madaddamGym Again

Just got back from 35 mins on the eliptical trainer. HArd Work-feel shattered-managed to burn 285 cals.

BS is agin 3.6

I ate my Banannas this morning as I went to 4.1 at 9.30 am; and only 4.4 an hour later after havin eaten bannana at 1 hr before….so I have no lunch.

Arhh well, I will go an dhave a sandwhich…

Also-I weighed myself this am and I was 192 pounds and 8 oz (not the 194/196 I really thought I was)...

2hrs or so after my sarnie i was 6.8 (obvioiusly too high); walked down the hill into Town and(obvioulsy) back up; sweating cobs.

Bought myself some new trainers-Nike Dual Fusion, balck an dBlue-very comfy (in comparision to my old Hi Tech Silver Shadow); I will wear thee tomorrow.

Anyhow, after coming back up the hill I am 4.2

Gotta keep this up! 2 years ago

madaddamBrie and Tomato & Basil Sarnie

Still hovering around 14 (fraction under).
Had 1 of two sarnies from local cafe today-came in at 22 carbs (for the one that I ate).
BS was 4.1 befor elunch and I reckoned the extra carbs would see me thru the Gym….for yes, it is the case tat I went ot eh Gym

Did 30 mins Xtrain and totalled: 220 cals!!

Hard work

Did an Excel on Sunday night which sees me goin 4x a week and doin 300 cals per time.

So, pretty aspirational-but, I feel better already.. But I need to go and go and go-not sure I can.

Anyway, BS after excercise had gone down to 3.6

So had an apple plus mug of H2O

Chekkin out.. 2 years ago


A note to myself really to stop wavering!

I have maintained the close to 14 stone (either side); but feel as if I am slipping away…

Had a few nights of pigging-out on Krave. We’ve had a few meals of pizza too and both been at a low-ish ebb. Just work stuff really teaking its toll. And this has led me to be somewhat demotivated.

Anyhow, even today, my lunch was a latte, bag of tyrells crisps and two biscuits.

I tested my BS and engineered my walk back via the slot machine-I was going to get some chocolate and drive off and have a cry! I know-wow how stupid. Just feel tired of work and sad about my Mum and Dad and home life’s ups and downs.

Anyhow, I walked past, having decided that it would only screw my BS up. I tested and was 7.9 (only just eaten mind). So decided on walk into town and around the cemetry and back up by the library. Really pleasant and I was able to have a think. Cant say I’ve got those out of my system (ever will I?); but at leat my BS now is 4.3

Ahem, so I can get back to food watch. I’m drinking my large mug of H20. Hopefully tonight I can have quorn burgers and salad. This morning I had 40g porridege wth H20; calory wise not too much to worry on.

So-I still have not got into exercise at the gym and that is surely the best way of toning up and feelng morivated. Trouble is I am still feeling low :( 2 years ago

madaddamBack on Track-2

Just another badly typed missive to say; YAY!

Weighed myself this morning and I have at long last broken the 14 stone barrier…

Scraped in @ 13 stone 12 and 8 ounces…..feeling jubilant; though there is a long way to go.

I am having Kale Salad with Tofu and Miso for tea tonight.

Drinking loads of H20. My Blood Sugars have been excellent and I am reducing on medic’s advice my Metformin.

Anyhows, aiming, long term to get to 12.5 (175 pounds) which will be more ‘normal’ than I have ever been… 2 years ago

madaddamBack on Track

Almost!! So, I ve flicked my mental switch and I am in ‘lose weight eat healthy and wastch BS levels’ mode.

Been some weeks now of not snoring (yay)
and been some weeks (since May post) of healthy eating and fodd diary/calorie counting; but still no sign of exercising (boo)

Current weighs are fluctuating between 14.4 and 14.5 pounds-so an improvement on prev posting and I feel now that in a month or so I will definitely be in the 14 zone from which I know I will feel healthier (yay) and be then (again) mmre confident to head over to 13 st 10 which is my first ‘goal’.
My ultimate goal tho and with renewed vigour is to get to 12 st 7 pounds.

But isnt it amazing how a few weeks of getting your ‘mind right’ can turn you around.

For sure, I ama little cranky/eccentric (and in any case I am) especially about carb content and calorie content. And if this is not a passion shared elsewhere then that deosnt matter for ‘tis I what is losing weight. 2 years ago

madaddamThe Return of the Giant Hogweed

Ot Hogweed-but habits.

Weighed last night and was 14 st 11pounds.

I’ve just switche doff and let slip into bad habits; sly snacking and (at work) lattes and crisps…so: here we are, 5 months in and setting to turn about (again).

Trying not to think in terms of 6 months to lose this amoun of weight but to

a. live in the moment and make healthy choises for my BS and weight.
b. return to strict calorie and low carb veggie eating
c. (reluctantly) to find someway to increase activity…

I am losing this 11 pounds ;-)

Were I to make good habit forming trips to the Gym (21 times they say) and at each time lose say 200 cals..

Taht would only be 4200 calories.. which is only 1.2 pounds of weight….so (is that right!!?); diet is the key to quicker and more sustainable weight loss.

Anyhow-jeans are gettin tight and the smorer has returned.

Goin to get my diary opened up and c=start monitoring my BS and gettin it right again.

Today being Tuesday May 8th 2012… 2 years ago


Yeah, read this 1q84 and finished it on my Kindle iphone
Was expecting a soft kinda recreation of 1984 but you know it was pretty damn good. Unsatisfactory ending (Books 1 & 2), maybe, but fine translation and very beguiling. It had allusions to 1984 or some passages or turns of thought that I felt were evocative of Orwell. But, yip, pretty bizarre too.

I have downloaded books 3 & 4 but have (re) started William Gibson’s Idoru.

As a treat I got the other half the entire Rebus on Kindle-we can clear some shelf space now, Yay! And I may go there too.

I also have the latest Chris Priest novel-I suspect it might be too much for me. Unreliable narrator and unstable narratives. 2 years ago


Hmm. I’ve been a wee bit blaise(haven’t I?).

Found myself eating 2 boost bars and 1 packet of Kettle Xrisps for ‘lunch’.

And for a wholesome snack yesternight I had a large packet of Sea Salt and Balsamic Vingear (Kettle Crisps)

And the night before I had a Large Packet of (you guessed it) Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Crisps. Wife bouught both of those :-)

All yum in a sickeningly disgusto sorta way!

And the poundage is creeping back.

Aaargh. I have got to geta grip of this madness. I’m happy with the lunacy of a freakish diet-but I am not happy with the poundage creepin back.

Also, it is affecting my previously rather good BS results.

I know this is supposed to be a log of ‘success’ and ‘how I did it’.

Well, bought some new trainers and joggers which will be delivered to the office and I will ( I hope) get back on the treadmill of the treadmill.

All it shouod take me is finding that way back into a state of mind that can say : No


Aargh 2 years ago

madaddamIndian Blow Out

Yeah. Had an Indian takeaway blowout last night. And yep I have let things go a bit but chill out. iamback on the scene. got my new journal and keen to move ahead. 2 years ago

madaddamFollow your inner voice

I think you are right. And well done for having the courage of your convictions. I did what my folks wanted re. Courses and they only had the best in mind for me. But it was a hard slog for me. And not really suited to me or what I really want to do…and I am way down the line now. I applaud you. Good Luck!
M. 2 years ago


Oct-Jan saw a handful of new music-and got ‘em out!
No planning the next ‘uns.

Still prone to ‘deliberation’

Still prone to ‘anxiety’ but keep remnding myself to have fun and chill out and reflect that I havent got to do anything-and do what I reckon Id want to see/hear…

Chill out! Also, in the car on the ay home or here-full of ideas-but gotta get my sleep so days on here or days off here-you need your energy to ‘be creative’ and you need to ‘work through’ your projects not everything is goin to be ‘right’ no matter——it’s the doing that counts. 2 years ago

madaddam 2 years ago

madaddamYeah Man! Still working on this

Yip Hurraah! I am still working this out.
Got a few pounds on over Christmas; aint it alwaies the way. But, I am lookinat 14stone-so In a few weeks Im goin to be 13 st one somehting.

I ran all the way back to the car last night-Cool, it was fun.

Found a photo of my dad from the 60s where he was living in Jamaica (at the time) ; a photo sent home, he was on the beach lookin cool-he penned that he’d need to watch it as he was coming up for 13 stone (almost).

So, saw him over Xmas and he was sayin his ‘fighting weight’ (what) was 12.5 stone.

Well he is a sixfooter adn I am a wee bit over.

Anyhow, had areal Hitchcock christmas and I see that at 6ft 1 Carey Grant was a meer 11 stone!!

Recokn that’s too emaciated but yeah-here’s the year I get me se’n down to 12.5 stone.

I’ve got 40 days till me birthday to I am keen to make progress by then….

So-watch this sapce!!

Low Carb/Low Cal is working for me…...and my diabetes
Checking out for a while

Kristopher 2 years ago


Yup, this is a note to say that I have slipped. All the old favourite bad habits have shown themselves….night time snacks on Jaffa Cakes and bourbon biscuits…sure send my bloods high and give you a quick fix and I have enjoyed my comfort eating: is this really what it is?-and I can feels the pounds begin to gather about my waist. I seem almost incapable to pull myself back. I tend to skip lunch-have a hypo and then over react by eating some crud, usually snickers and bounty bar-like that is ever good for a diabetic trying to lose weight. by the time I get home, 30 mins drive I am feeling vaguely rough-tend to crave a carbby tea (still!) and then come 8-9pm when kids are asleep and there is some ‘free’ time it’s too tempting to find the biscuits and jaffacakes.
None of this is good or to be proud of. And I am writing this now and here as part of a corrective stance. Or by writing this now I hope to be able to refocus what I need to do. Coz the weird thing is, it only takes a few days of eating good to begin to feel good and to get control. I have not done any exercise for a very long spell, And I was wondering why not. What is the thing that I am resistant to? So I have a tshirt and kecks and runners; I need to act-without so much thinking!

12 weeks or so before years end. I cannot even bring myself to weight myself. If I can only get back to 14 stone. Argh! Here goes…. 3 years ago

madaddamShort Story...A Cheat!!

Still reading No 1 Ladies Detective-got stuck half way as we went away for a week.

Anyway, read Magnus Mills ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ short story (pubished by Acorn Books) ; typical Mills. Understated, nuanced, wry, manic. A good read, one of my favourite authors, I guess, although I had not thought that until I just typed it.

Also, read first chapter on my partner’s kindle of new Cynan Jones novel “Everything I Found on the Beach” and want to read that when I finish the Ladies.

Also, want to re-read Mythago Wood
Plus gt on with Neverwhere by Gaiman.

Kid is urging me to read-Hunger Games and still on about Timeriders. PLus, I want to finish the Necropolis by Anthony Horowitz. Scanned a bit of Vampirates whilst we were away too and that could be a series to check out; plus I have found Havoc by Chris Wooding and that is on my list-also, saw Christopher Priest has new novel coming out next month and I have to read that. I have always thoughht of Chris Priest as my favourite author alomg with PKD. And George Orwell. Kafka. Greene. Hardy. Lawrence. Camus. Hoban.

Maybe if I used my 91 days better!!!

Maybe I need to write a list of books I want to read in sequence! 3 years ago


So I just want to record that I am still reading 1984-pretty slow-but appreciating it. Its on my Iphone and everytme daughter has Flute lesson I read a few chapters. I am re-reading it; read all the Orwells and his essays back in the 80s and along with Hardy, Kafka, Camus, Forster, Greene these are the novels I turn to-Goodness knows why I pursued academic enquiry into the Metaphysicals…. 3 years ago

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