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Really?! If anyone understands this and gives me a shout-out – I’ll be so happy. Anyone?? 21 months ago


I don’t eat much of it to begin with, but my 7 y.o. loves Chik-fila and we end up there a lot. Now that the gay-bashing has intensified and hit the news again, I’ve decided it’s time to kick them to the curb for my own health and the health of the human race! Good riddance! 21 months ago

marezydotes 21 months ago


The divorce is legally finalized and has been for a year. But the debt, bankruptcy, forclosure and court dates are still horrible looming issues that seem like they are never going to go away. Such a mess. 22 months ago


I am starting with root vegetables this year and have organic radishes and carrots started. Also have 1 zucchini plant and a tomato. A good start! 22 months ago

marezydotes 22 months ago

marezydotes 22 months ago


I’d actually like to eat at all the ones in NYC. I’ve been to Jean-Georges. It was indeed totally worth it. 22 months ago

marezydotes 22 months ago


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