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twinkle star

is learning English

Recent entries from twinkle star
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twinkle star 16 months ago

twinkle star 4 years ago

twinkle starI try self introduction.

I was born in Fukuoka prefecture in kyushu.
from Infant until 15 years old , I lived in Yamaguchi Prefecture that is my father’s town.
In high school 3 years, I lived in Kochi without my parents to learn something and play baseball in Tosa High school.
then ,I learned in Yokohama City University accounting and corporate finance .
In 2002, I graduated YCU.
I joined Recof Corporation that is M&A advisory firm one of the biggest company in Japan.
In Recof ,I had experienced about execution section and coverage section for total 8 years. Execution section was for 6 years,and coverage section is for 2 years.
...... 8 months ago

twinkle starLearn world affairs

I should Learn world affairs more.
I visited Seoul in Korea
and I went a tour program that guide us to visit Hanmonten.
There is in JSA ,is the abbreviation for Joint Security Area.
I learned the history between north Korea and Korea .
I feel that Korea is exposed to world than Japan militarily.
So I should learn more world affairs. 8 months ago

twinkle star 8 months ago

twinkle starUnfortunately,I've not got score 800 in TOEIC yet.

Unfortunately,I’ve not got score 800 in TOEIC yet.
But I’ve caught knacks to have got it.
In this 3 months,I will practice those knacks.
So I will got score 800.
I will set target score 900. 8 months ago

twinkle starit is slightly difficult for me to do well with my wife .

it is slightly difficult for me to do well with my wife .
I am eager to do well with her .
So I help house chore sometimes .
but she often points me that what I do is not for her perfect.
I think that time “Please do not expect being perfect.
At first ,I expect that she says “thank you”.
And I also think that if she expect her own perfect ,she cover the parts of shortage by herself. 8 months ago

twinkle star 22 months ago

twinkle starNow I remains some money

Now I remains some money for emergency event . For example firing me by my firm, in such case I have to prepare for life cost and paying back my debt. 9 months ago

twinkle starI feel so good.

I feel so good.
Because of moving to new house, my living in house get greatly better.
I decide by comparison to previous house and previous lives.

For example ,I had to walk over hill to nearest station.
Now , I must walk over walk bridge to new nearest station from new house .
But it is no matter for me with comparing to walk over hill .

Thus, I tend to decide my feeling according to compare to previous situation.
If I make plan , decision, and action, this tendency will impact me not a little. 9 months ago

twinkle starIn my opinion

In my opinion ,in Tokyo ,the real estate price will be higher than it now.
Especially ,the price of urban areas will be higher.
Abenomix helps the trend.

I must watch the movement in real estate price near my house and the place we want to move in that time. 9 months ago

twinkle starIspent a lot of money for getting new house.

Ispent a lot of money for getting new house.And I’m having a lot of debt.On the other hand ,I got a real estate.We have an option to sell it.If it price will be higher enough ,we will sell it and buy other one ,which is suitable for lifestyle of us in that time .Because, we will pay back for debt to save money. 9 months ago

twinkle starBecause of our moving to new house

Because of our moving to new house,it spend more time than ever for the arrangement of breakfast.

I’ve just moved 2 days before
I’ve not memorized the places of each dishes and tools for cook.

So today it spend a lot of time to arrange for cooking. 9 months ago

twinkle star3 days ago ,we've bought our house

3 days ago,we’ve bought our house.
2 days ago,we moved to new house.

We’re satisfied about it.
Because it solve our problems we had for previous house.
For example fungus,bath function for”おいたき”,security system , rental fee which is not contribute on our asset accumulation etc 9 months ago

twinkle star 22 months ago

twinkle starThank you for your cheer

Your comment make me relax !
Now I make simple recipe for breakfast .
For example,baked bread,ham and egg,fruits with yauglte and coffee. 9 months ago

twinkle starI've not learned about cooking yet.

I’ve not learned about cooking yet.
But I will have to cook every morning.
That’s why I must do some of housework for family ,especially my wife.
Consequently I will learn cooking in practice 9 months ago

twinkle starBank accepted our proposal

Fortunately the bank accepted our proposal.
We can buy a block of apartments on this Friday !
It makes me nervous to think about payment for debt.
But we,My wife ,me and our son ,can get new stage for lives.
It is very good !
And it motivate me to improve myself more and more! 9 months ago

twinkle starIt's difficult to improve toeic score

It’s difficult for me to improve topic score.

For improving listening skill,I listen VOA or The moth.

But I cannot understand almost all about those.

I’d like to improve not only toeic score,but also conversation skill for fun,business and my son’s education . 10 months ago

twinkle starWhich bank should I choose?

I consider about loan and bank. 10 months ago

twinkle starworkflow install project is going on

workflow install project is going on! 10 months ago

twinkle starI will go to NYC this summer.

I will go to NYC this summer.
Fortunately,My best friend invited me his wedding ceremony in London.
My wife , I and my son will go to London and NYC this summer. 10 months ago

twinkle starMy wife and I contracted to buy our house.

My wife and I contracted to buy our house.
I am feeling that greatly and heavily. 10 months ago

twinkle starTUJ'S final class.

Yesterday,TUJ English class finish its all session.
I’ve got some very useful tips.
But the teacher said to us “most important thing is to speak more and more ”
So,I really thought that what he says is exactly true !
IF I want to speak naturally and to listen native speech,
I should speak aloud English ,have conversation in English ,and listen native speaking . 13 months ago

twinkle starcallan method seem to be fit for me

I have learned 3 sessions in callan method class.
I feel nice that.
Especially,What I spend time for speaking is different from other English school. 13 months ago

twinkle starNext TUJ class is final session.

Next TUJ class is final session.
I should prepare a story for final session which is homework.
The story should be made for 5-10 minutes.
We can prepare memo , but we can’t just read it .

Umm, I think What I will talk then. 13 months ago

twinkle starI learned the way of "Shadowing"

Yesterday,I learned the way of “Shadowing” in Speaking Naturally Class of TUJ.
My teacher said important things below.
・Using a mouth
・Taking care of stresss
・Speaking fast!
・Not taking care so much about vocabulaly
・Taking care grammar
not for perfect,but close perfect
・Imagining what the speaker says. feeling nuance.

In last class, we did shadowing behind a couple of classmates’s conversation which they had played a roll about article,which had been provided by teacher.

we couldn’t hear the conversation clearly.

But we gathered words we could hear,
Then we thought about what they talk .

It’s difficult for us to hear at once.

Teacher said to us “No matter, do practice”

He advise us to do shadowing with my Language Japanease. 13 months ago

twinkle starI think I can't listen

Sometimes I can hear what each speaker says ,
But sometimes I can’t hear that .

I think no idea about that excepting short of lack of my listening skill.

Now I check my Habit of listening.

as far as I know now,
I think I can’t listen well about “I” ,”They”,”There might be”,”It’s” ,”when he”in the conversation.
I sound about “where the” like “weather”. 13 months ago

twinkle starPractice of ”the past perfect”

the grammatical form used for an action that had already finished when another action happened. It is made with ‘had’ and a past participle:
(from Cambridge)

1)I had taken a trip to Europe for 10 days 5 years ago.

2)I took a trip to Europe 5 years ago.I stayed for 10 days.

Umm, I kind of thought that both 1) and 2) is same meaning…

Maybe ,I need not to use “had stayed” without “for 10 days”.
On the other hand , I should use “had stayed” for adding “for 10 days”.

Anyone, Please tell me what I should think. 13 months ago

twinkle starThank you for your comments

Dear CystalAmber
Thank you for your comments.
You learn French!
I am encouraged by you .
I hope you to improve more and more about French.

By the way , I want to practice tense of the verb. I always make mistakes about it .

I’ll write my short history . 13 months ago

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