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Recent entries from meditation7
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meditation7i don't know if this goal is about weight loss...

...or body definition… But it might help to have an understanding of how the human body functions biochemically… And usually a nutritionist is the person who cuts past fads and half-truths to help people achieve their goals by working smart, not hard. Two books I found useful were The Four Hour Body and The Virgin Diet. The latter is written by a nutritionist; the former is probably more helpful in helping people reach goals faster, even if it’s written by a layman who researches and consults extensively. 17 months ago

meditation7Page 98... Sometimes you write, you backtrack...

... and you realize that what you wrote isn’t worth keeping. I used to keep a file of all the snippets (or pages) of things that were so good but didn’t really fit the story anymore, hoping that I’d go back to the file to rescue these gems… and there hasn’t been a single occasion in which I’ve done that. RIP, scenes discarded for the sake of a better flow.

And that was today’s experience: write, back-track, remove. At least there’s some net gain. :-) 17 months ago

meditation7Page 96!

And continuing! I love my new “literary sandwich”: exercise-write-exercise. :-) 17 months ago

meditation7... Especially if you have legs like those.

:-) 17 months ago

meditation7Another hard day at the office...

...not! Not if your office is the park with this view! Nice bike ride, nice weather, and five more pages in the screenplay written in an enjoyable, easy way! Page 91! 17 months ago

meditation7What a cutie!

Thanks for this laughter-inducing post! :-) 17 months ago

meditation7It was only the description of your ride in nature that I found enticing. :-)

And yes, it does sound very beautiful. :-) 17 months ago

meditation7I thought I'd never leave gluten behind...

... because, like you, I had no problem with it. And, well, what’s a meal without bread, right? Even if it’s the organic, whole-everything, good for you variety? Well, to my surprise, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. It’s been two months, and even though I just tried it for the sake of seeing whether I could do it, I don’t feel like I need to put it back into my diet. Sure, every few weeks I might have a bite of something that has gluten, but in a hard-to-quantify way, my body feels better. So, good for your for trying it out! 17 months ago

meditation7Very impressive!

Especially for someone whose range is 20 minutes each way in flat city streets! :-) But these and your other bike-related entries are very enticing. 17 months ago

meditation7May and June: Embracing the 3-day weekends

A few years ago I discovered that I tend to get depressed in May and June, after comparing notes from year to year. I realized what it is, is that it starts to get nice around here and I’m still caught up in the “I must keep working on my writing projects” while in fact yearning to be outside, doing nothing. I finally discovered the solution to this. It’s the 3-day weekend. :-) Whereas I tend to continue working even on the weekends (mind you, this is the “work” that I enjoy doing), if it’s nice and I take off the last three days of the week for being outside (especially now that I’ve gotten a bike for the first time since I was 7 years old and am enjoying riding it just for fun), then there’s no depression or blue feelings. I don’t get as much accomplished, but it seems like a fair compromise between working and playing. 17 months ago

meditation7Don't feel like writing? Well, try the beach instead! Page 86!

Not to bathe, mind you, to write! I got up at 5, did a bunch of things prior to starting the writing process, kept thinking “This would be so much nicer at the beach”... got on my bike, and 20 minutes later there I was, muscularly stimulated from the ride and writing away for a good 5 pages’ worth! Can’t beat this inspiring view for an office! :-) 17 months ago

meditation7This was a tongue-in-cheek goal when I added it...

... since it really means spend all day playing on the things that I enjoy working on, as opposed to spend all day goofing off.

Last weekend I spent three days goofing off.

It felt different, it felt renewing, and it felt like I could come back on Monday to my assorted projects with a renewed interest and spirit.

I have to explore this goofing off concept… :-) 18 months ago

meditation7Page 81!

Lots of progress over the course of the last few days, even if I took the weekend off. Characters, and story, rolling right along! 18 months ago

meditation7My head is spinning around black holes

... and whether they destroy matter, energy and information as stuff falls into them… or whether, per the Suskin-Hawkins long-standing debate, the information is preserved in the black hole. The conclusion has been that the information is preserved and reflected on the black hole’s event horizon… which leads to the supposition that all information that has ever been generated is reflected and preserved in the universe’s event horizon: the very edge of the universe.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. I’m just parroting a provocative documentary that I just saw, but need to mull before I can actually understand this from the inside out… :-) 18 months ago

meditation7Page 67!

Momentum! Characters going places! Important things happening in every page that keep the story dynamic! A pinball of a story bouncing around yet with discernible destination! I like the way this adaptation is going! 18 months ago

meditation7Membrane universes are born...

...when all the energy in them flattens out and disappears and two adjacent universes then attract each other and touch, setting off a huge Big Bang that repeats the cycle endlessly. This is the current theory that seeks to unify string theory with the causes for the Big Bang. An interesting theory, if for no other reason than there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for the universe to contract after its expansion (to regenerate itself in another Big Bang, which is how Hindu cosmology envisions one cosmic “Breath of Brahma” – a large expansion followed by a large contraction). Anyway, who knows if this is true or not, but it is nevertheless and mind-expanding idea. 18 months ago

meditation7Yes, this appears to be a universal issue

... that we’re all experiencing. And, as evidenced by the four posts of your comment, it’s hard to tell when things are going through. So if I appear in triplicate now, it’s not a doppelganger and it’s not that we’ve gone senile… :-) 18 months ago

meditation7This is a very sweet entry...

... thanks for the heart-warming thoughts. 18 months ago

meditation7Deep, continuous abdominal breathing frees up energy...

... and the emotional body, confirms a book I’m reading. I’d had this experience numerous times over the years, but it was the first time that this was confirmed by someone else… who has a background in physiology. 18 months ago

meditation7Page 56

Lately I’ve had trouble logging into 43T from my mobile phone—it feels like the network is overloaded and it’s virtually impossible to update my entries. But going through a computer seems to work. So, I’m up to page 56, and continuing the work. Oftentimes it’s two, three hours a day… and the results show. 18 months ago

meditation7Page 48

Slow going, but past the 1/3 rd mark. Still a fun, enjoyable process even if I have to backtrack from time to time and delete stuff that is not strictly necessary, and hence lose some of the page count progress… 18 months ago

meditation7page 44

... And counting! Slow but steady. 18 months ago

meditation7The psoas muscles: the seat of the "gut feeling"

Wow. I always thought that the tightened innards when you get a bad or anxious feeling about something were the visceral muscles tightening. Turns out, per “YogAlign: Pain-Free Yoga from Your Inner Core”, the mind-blowing yoga book I’m reading, it’s not. The psoas is both smooth muscle (involuntary, like the heart) and skeletal muscle (consciously controlled). When you get anxious, that’s what tightens. Which of course pulls on the diaphragm, which is why your breath gets shallow. Verrrry interesting. 18 months ago

meditation7Page 37

Well, with an abundance of socializing, I didn’t much work on this project this weekend… but today I caught up, with a vengeance! But we’ll see if the ratio of screenplay to novel is right. If my algebra serves me, page 73 / 246 in the novel is 37 / what in the screenplay? Hm. Comes out to 124 total screenplay pages. Will need to tighten it up post-adaptation to get it to sub-120 pages… 18 months ago


Congratulations! 18 months ago

meditation7Page 25...

... which makes it about 1/5 of the way there… Challenges in converting something that’s narrated (the novel) to something that’s purely visual (the screenplay), but it’s coming along well. For certain I’ll have to do a second-pass to condense, but all’s well. 18 months ago

meditation7Page 23...

... and moving on. Today was a good writing day, for sure. 18 months ago

meditation7Thank you for the follow-up on LSD...

... I myself researched it online in the same fashion years ago, and I think your conclusion is the most important thing to have front and center: you can have these experiences through other (more natural) means and choose when to end them… Not so when the drug process is the one that determines it.

Now I wonder how to train myself to be more synesthetic? :-)18 months ago

meditation7Page 11

A purely-enjoyment breakfast meeting with some friends cut into my writing time… I tried to catch up later, but was uninspired… undeterred, I took the laptop on the bus with me and figured where it was that I was stuck… and zoomed through to Page 11. I’m happy. 18 months ago

meditation7Page 6

This goal has sat here long enough, not forgotten but waylaid by other projects. Today I finally started it. Rose early and put in a decent 3 hours, resulting in 6 pages. Do I feel alive because I spent many hours outside yesterday in my walking meditation, because all of a sudden many new people are coming into my life, or because I wrote this morning? Or all 3? I know from experience that the most contributing factor was definitely the latter… 18 months ago

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