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meganomaniac 2 years ago

meganomaniac 1 year ago

meganomaniac 5 years ago

meganomaniacWow, it's been a while

since I’ve logged on to 43Things! This goal was most definitely worth completing. :) 14 months ago

meganomaniacI really needed

to hear what you said about your deep realization today. Thank you! 20 months ago

meganomaniacF yeah!

Finally!! I don’t even know what else to say about it, besides NEVER AGAIN if I can even remotely help it. 21 months ago

meganomaniac 2 years ago

meganomaniacI didn't love it.

I called it Consumerismworld. So many people looked irritated and unhappy…not too much visible amusement at the amusement park. 21 months ago

meganomaniac 2 years ago

meganomaniacI'm the caboose!

Happy super belated birthday, Josh! 21 months ago

meganomaniac 2 years ago

meganomaniacThis made me so nostalgic!

I lived in the Twin Cities from 1995-2002, and I miss all of these places. Thanks for this! 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 23

Sushi! 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 22

- A cozy, blustery, cloudy day.

- Finding out that I’ll be getting a little bit of $ for the things I took to the consignment shop.

- Helping people heal. <3

- Helping myself heal. 23 months ago


That is awesome! 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 21

Life, health, transformation, new beginnings, and a cozy, blustery day. 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 20

Shameless lazy Sunday! Knitting, reading, movies, and not much else. It’s amazing how many things I can reach without having to get off the couch. 23 months ago

meganomaniacOh yes,

absolutely! This is now my favorite book in the world. I checked it out from the library, but I’m going to buy it so I have it to read over and over again. I’m excited for you to read it! 23 months ago

meganomaniacLife changer.

“When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times” by Pema Chodron. 23 months ago

meganomaniac 2 years ago

meganomaniacMay 19

I just found out that I can check out e-books from the library, and they have quite a selection! 23 months ago

meganomaniacThis was

Exactly what I needed today. Thank you. 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 18

Apologizing, forgiveness, physical and emotional relief. Sunshine. Friday. Last but certainly not least, my beloved husband was able to fix my broken computer! 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 17

My classmate brought me a big piece of fresh goat cheese from her very own farm! 23 months ago

meganomaniacMay 16

Sunshine, giving a massage outside, and cool, clean water to drink. 23 months ago

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