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Recent entries from miola
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maybe, i should post an entry at each of my goals whenever i can t think of something worthwhile to do. i think of great writers forcing themselves to write and wonder how they did it. i suppose they simply sat down and began typing, handwriting,computing,printing,drawing,talking into a recorder until an idea popped into their head which they wanted to pursue. i had the idea to post entries at each of my goals a few minutes ago while trying to think of something to do. that s a good idea which i am going to pursue. it takes will power but most acts require some will power. 2 years ago


does it count if i post here that nothing is on my mind ? can one die from boredom ? i have trouble filling my mind with things to think about besides chess. that can t be healthy. i read books but aren t too impressed with them. i collect books, kindle e books and need to find a way to be more stimulated by the things i read. i surf this net all day reading news, sports, celebrity stuff and none of it impresses me well enough to get worked up about. i am tired of all of the stories. they seem all the same. gun people keep shooting people and no one can stop them. republicans keep helping the one percent of americans get wealthier while we in the 99 per cent group keep losing money. people preach against bullying and nothing can really stop it cause there are no adults around when the bullies cowardly go after helpless people. my wife even said that many who are bullied ask for it. i wonder where that statement came from ? so much for posting whatever is on my mind..joe 2 years ago


i see you used a chess example. have our talks got you thinking of chess ? if so, good. people say i am stingy when i play chess. they say i have to learn to make effective sacrifices at appropriate times. this is called using tactics. i have been trying to do this. sometimes these tactics are also considered tricks. i play with many experienced old men and they don t fall for tricks. thanks..joe 2 years ago


lord help lara to quit smoking and learn to cope with her bi polar condition. thank you..joe 2 years ago


i am confused, ashamed and embarrassed about my behavior during the chess match last thursday against the old chess player roger. why did i act like that ? i lost my queen carelessly in an aggressive move and then resigned in anger after i did that. if i write about that event here and confess it to all of you good people, maybe i can build the self control necessary to not do such things again. i should hand write one thousand not move your queen until you see that such a move is a safe one..take care..joe 2 years ago

miolaa tip

i just got a tip from a 43er. she said control emotions by thinking of your breathing when becoming upset. it s a yoga skill. think..breath in, breath out, think of the air going in and out as you breath and thus take your mind off what is upsetting you . this sounds great. can people actually do this during an emotional situation ? i hope so. i am going to,out,air,nose,in ,out, air, nose..take care..joe 2 years ago

miolaemotions out

i want to take emotions out of my chess games. is this possible ? i hate that people who never practice,read or study chess continue to beat me who studies, practices, reads about chess. i need to accept this fact in order to play these people and to continue to enjoy my hobby. how can i take emotion out of my games ? take care..joe 2 years ago


i think my main problem in chess is forgetting the things i have learned when facing an opponent. can one improve one s memory at age 70 ? i have an acronym s.p.i.t which i try to think of when playing but i keep forgetting the s=safety part. before each move i should think safety first and then move,,position..gain position through development of my pieces i. invade my opponents territory or watch for his,her invasion..tactics..try to use a tactic or trick to gain an advantage..i also need to remember successful ways to avoid problems which opponents present to me. i apologize to those of you who have problems on this site and know my problem must seem trite to you. take care..joe 2 years ago


i have had little if any success trying to accomplish this goal. i am not even close to achieving this goal. i am 70 . i have little confidence. tell me it s possible those of you who can accept yourself and do not criticize yourselves. my wife is a very positive person. we are opposites. she criticizes me a lot but not herself. she has contributed to my lack of ability to accept myself but i know she is not entirely to blame. 2 years ago

miolamy experience

i am from a small town, went to a small catholic school,small catholic college. i had to take a job teaching in an inner city jr. high. the teachers who had been born and raised there did much better coping than i did. i could write a book about my experiences there. i hated working there but i had to stay for 20 yrs. to support my family. i still have dreams about those years. the most common dream is about trying to teach while students are walking around the room, talking, arguing. good luck with your project . write to me for more such stories. take care..joe


i think i have strained my achilles tendon. i have been walking in doors and out side weather permitting for years and now i may have to quit for a while. i dread thinking of this cause i am afraid i will gain weight and my sugar problem will come back. i can t do any other form of exercise cause i have arthritis so bad in many parts of my body. take care..joe 2 years ago


i have a vocabulary app on my kindle which would be a great aid to a person trying to build their vocabulary. try it. take care..joe 2 years ago


in order to continue to enjoy chess, i must eliminate the emotional downs which come with the many losses i obtain. i have gotten to the point of accepting losses unemotionally when i have played well but simply outmanuevered but the careless loss of the queen or other important pieces still invokes an emotion which is still very difficult for me to cope with.
i know the people on this site with serious problems must think it s silly for me to worry about chess match losses, but in retirement some seniors, like me, create problems to overcome the boredom of not having any problems.. take care..joe 2 years ago


thank you to the many supporters here who are praying with us to help my daughter stop smoking. it is a discouraging issue. when i ask her when she is going to stop smoking, she says,,i don t know,,. i don t have much faith but this problem has forced me to seek my last resort. lord help us to help lara to see the danger in smoking and quit for good before her body is destroyed by this poisonous habit.
god grant her mother and i the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the differences. take care..joe 2 years ago


i love THE EAGLES and can t believe they are still so successful after all these years. there is a shortage of good rock bands and when they go it ,rock, will be gone too. take care..joe 2 years ago


my favorite writers are richard russo and pat conroy. they write about families and their problems but they don t write enough
my wife is reading all of anne tyler s books . she has read about 15 so far. she says they are about families and they are short ,like short stories. i am reading the bio of jerry west the great basketball star and may read arnold palmer s autobio next in my quest to read all the books i own ,which i haven t read, a daunting happy reading, take care..joe 2 years ago

miola5 things

that s a great idea. i hope your health is ok . take care..joe 2 years ago

miolaM.O.A.D.S ETC.

i haven t thought much about my cds today. i tried to remember them while losing chess matches last night but i couldn t get my frozen brain to think of other stuff. it s 4.15 and i should check the 3 talk shows to see their topics..ellen, dr. phil, anderson cooper. 2 years ago


what an interesting an unique goal. good luck with it. take care..joe 2 years ago


josh, our subscribers are giving us very many self help tips today which i am grateful for . what is you occupation ? i am a retired teacher. see my profile..take care..joe 2 years ago


you are self helping us to death..oops ,i mean to life today. thanks for the great tips. when i get home, i am going to print this page. i can t do so now cause im at my sister in laws. are you a professional couselor ? did you see my post about cognitive distortions which i posted earlier today ? thanks ..keep taking care..joe 2 years ago

miolason ?

did i ignore my son while he was growing up ? was my mind always at school fighting with jr. high kids when he wanted my attention ? now, we see each other about 4 days over an entire year. when we are together, he barely speaks to me and rarely listens to me. i have always tried to tell him interesting stories about life,sports, books and he always half listens. he has a small window of patience for listening to me. i try to ask him questions about his life and he answers with short responses. during our recent visits, he sits there with his I pad and surfs on it. he is addicted to electronic stuff. he receives texts from friends, shops on his laptop. we aren t mad. we rarely argue. his mother was very quiet and her mother was very awkward with strangers. is his behavior towards me more a result of his genes or a result of the way i treated him while he was growing up ? this involves the old nurture nature theory. there is no answer. i have to continue to try to listen to him with interest and attention and hope our communication improves before either of us dies. take care..joe 2 years ago

miolacognitive distortions

i have memorized dr. burn s 14 cognitive distortions and this is how i did it. M.O.A.D.S. J.J. M.M. A.R. E.R. C.CH. L.= m= mentally filtering out positive things..o. overgeneralizing, a..all or nothing thinking..d.disqualifying positive happenings, s. should statements..j. jumping to conclusions..j.. judging myself and others, mm..magnifying and or right thinking(needing to be right all the time) reasoning, ch..change ,being afraid of..c..controlling others,being controlled by others..l..labeling
when i experience bad, negative feelings, i try to go over the list, pick out the distortion then i try to contradict it with reasoning. just doing the processing helps to take the mind off of the bad feelings. i learned this method 20 years ago but have just started trying to use it. it helps. better late than never..good luck..take care..joe 2 years ago

miolasister in law

my wife and her sister are sitting in the front room talking at 11.33 pm. i am in my man s den writing and surfing. i wish i had someone to sit and listen to me talk all night as she does. if i try to go to sleep i may awaken at 4 am and not be able to sleep again. i am pleased and grateful that i have this computer to fill my time with, my laptop which can t be connected to the net here, my kindle which the reading from puts me to sleep. 2 years ago


she was supposedly one of the first feminist writers. important books are sometimes boring but they may represent a breakthrough in literature. happy reading..take care..joe 2 years ago


i am getting a lesson in how to care for an old person by watching my sister in law take care of pop. pop is 93. he spent 3 nights in the hospital last week. he is home now with an oxygen tube stuck in his nose. he does nothing but eat,sleep,read the same pages over again, walk to the bathroom with help dragging his tube behind him. i didn t know they had machines to use at home which take the air out of the house and put it into the tube in your nose. i have seen people with oxygen tanks and nose tubes in restaurants and such. the home kit saves money for the oxygen tank systems are expensive. she has two smaller portable tanks for emergencies. how long will this go on ? she talks as if he will be better as soon as the latest problems clear up. i hope he dies soon so he can go to heaven and be with his wife who died 3 years ago. 2 years ago

miolafather in law

we are visiting my sister in law and father in law. he is 93 and has been put on an oxygen tank. is this an artificial means to support his life ? i am praying that the poor guy dies and goes to heaven to be with his wife who died 3 years ago. he keeps coughing. he didn t recognize his daughter but he recognized me. my wife, his daughter, is a retired nurse. presently, she is telling him to cough out his flem. he isn t on his death bed yet but may soon be. is it selfish of me to wish for him to die ? i have mixed emotions about this issue. 2 years ago


i hate it when i read people saying they are bored for there is so much to do on this planet and yet, today i am bored. i have my kindle to read, my laptop to surf,write upon, my music playing in my ears, movies in the den to view.
i have written my 750words for the 17th straight day. i could play chess on line but i hate losing and it puts me in a bad mood. my wife is shopping and i have no one to argue with. i already took my nap. i know it sounds pathetic to complain about this great, easy, peaceful life i have. i should be like thomas wolfe and write about everything. he had a photographic and encyclopedic memory and he wrote everything that he could remember. if you read his great writing , you will see that he does become tedious and repetitious. i got it. when bored, write to you guys. take care..joe 2 years ago


lord, help lara to cope with her bi polar condition and help her to stop smoking. god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference. 2 years ago


i am not going to say i am addicted to my laptop cause that word is overused and should be used for druggies. today, my laptop went down for a few minutes and i thought i would have to take it as well as the pc to the shop tomorrow. our pc was in the shop, brought home, found to still be frozen ,my layman s term. we may have to give up on the pc. it s very old and cumbersome compared to this laptop which i love. you shouldn t love material things cause they can t love you back. that s what i was told one time. i like my laptop very much.
since it s so easy for me to type on this laptop, i am gaining satisfaction from writing. i started writing at this and i really enjoy doing that. i am writing more on this site as well as writing on that site. write to me..thanks..joe 2 years ago

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