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moira123 5 months ago

moira123 5 months ago

moira123 5 months ago

moira123unable to do that

for some time now. Will not be able to go this year to to crisis. 7 months ago

moira123Descriptive Writing

Beach-my favorite place on earth! Even from far off I can smell the salty liquid expanse. Spending most summers near water I formed a connection: that fun and peaceful experiences are mostly associated with the beach. The ocean’s water is colder then the water of the seas, lakes and rivers. This large body of water is much more powerful and at times unfriendly, but I love to visit the beach on the sunny day. Feeling the sand on my body while basking in the sun, I listen to waves break the beach, at other times I associate this sound with the rhythm of my breathing in the stillness of the night.
A permanent beach residents, seagulls, amazing little scavengers, they became so accustomed to people giving them their leftovers that they will stay nearby in groups and wait either to be given food or till that particular people leave, so they can take what is left behind. Some people find seagulls annoying but I enjoy their presence and their never-ending chit-chat.
The energy of the beach is amazing, especially when there only few people to be found nearby, I draw my energy from pure nature’s sources and I find the energy of the beach the most powerful. It’s clean with no obstructions and no negative vibes. Fresh air, coming from place where only some dared to go, feels great when it hits my lungs, a drastic change from where I live. Coming back to the valley you can really see the difference, a hazy world of pollution has blown our way from costal cities on top of our own, doubling the effect. In the future I hope to live by the beach or a lake surrounded by nature, until that day and thereafter…………………………………

With love from California 12 months ago

moira123Welcome to the pond

Style -Comedy

At this time this is the best comedy I can do.

Welcome to the pond!

“Darn honey, this coffee will wake up the dead” said Dan spitting into the sink. “Anything for you dear” came reply from the living room. Dan’s wife Sara was reclining on the chair and checking her inbox when Dan stroll into the living room. Sara acknowledged his presence for a second and returned her gaze back to a laptop screen. This morning Dan wore his suit and necktie in order to impress his new boss who happened to work for a big corporation in the past and when he met Dan, his new employee, he thought that Dan worked in the mail room. “So… what do you think?” ask Dan looking at his wife. Sara looked up: “you look like a desperate sheep”. “Ha-ha, no really? Sara had to admit that Dan looked very good, however her husband’s conformation to a new boss’s style took away from his individuality.

Dan entered his office building and almost run in into his new boss, who was talking on his cell phone and is on his way out. Without looking at Dan who was expressing his apology, the new boss kept walking out the door and disappeared into a black Volvo that was parked in front of the building’s main entrance. “Can I help you?” a voice from behind reached Dan’s ears as he was looking dumfounded in the direction of moving Volvo entering main traffic. Dan turned around facing a young receptionist Lucy. “Oh my god! Dan? What happened to you? “Well I am wearing a suit, however that does not make me your god” Dan said with a grin. Lucy burst out laughing. When she finally stopped she told Dan latest about their new boss.

Mr.Trovoly came from a long line Italian family who can trace their heritage all the way back to 1500 BC. He was born in Florence but raised in US. Few years back worked for a big corporation, apparently got fired for being a big pain in the ass. “A frog that believes he is a prince” Lucy finished. “Well welcome to the pond Mr.Trovoly“ Dan turned to look at the exit . “Come on cricket, back to work, we don’t want the big fat frog eat us for lunch” Dan smiled at Lucy and they both departed to their places of work. 12 months ago

moira123 12 months ago

moira123 15 months ago

moira123I appreciate

your comment on this dragonfy35. I know few people who injure themselves by using improper posture or movements. I absolutely agree with you! Its very important to do a research and work with knowledgeable teacher such as yourself . Again, I appreciate your very informative comment. 12 months ago

moira123Working on it

Last week removed the doors and supporting wall. Today I pulled out the dryer and saw that inside it was full of lint. When I removed the panel the lint was everywhere. I purchased this unit 8 years ago and I did not know that lint went everywhere like this. When I vacuumed all the lint I saw that there some burned marks on heating element, I am surprised it did not catch on fire. So I removed the element and the wire coil was broken in one place right near the clamp so my husband said he could fix that and he did. He overlapped one wire on top of the other, soldier it together and secured in the clamp. I put it back and it worked.
Also I sand the wall, clean out bunch more lint and other junk under both units and painted part of laundry room. All I have to do now is mud, texture and paint the rest of the room.

From now on I will clean out dryer every 6 month at least.

Also thanks to this easy video instruction I have a working dryer: 13 months ago

moira123 14 months ago


Probably will never be done with this goal as long as pinterest exist or a long as I am. Lol, I keep adding more recipes and love trying new things. I don’t even have a desire to go out and eat anymore. Not everything I cook agrees with my tastes but I like most of it, so is my family. They all get excited to see what I am going to cook next.

I guess I keep this goal up until I need more room for another goal. 13 months ago


Have been making juice every so often and every time its gone in few hours but its ok, I am glad. I left pomegranates in the tree and its so much better then I first started picking them, actually they are fully matured now and I have to take them down. Hope all the drinkers can help. 13 months ago

moira123My little girl

is in her first year of college and pursuing a degree in psychology. She decided to go all the way for PhD and I hope everything will go well. I will do everything I can to support her in this pursuit. 13 months ago

moira123Martial Arts

I am adding martial arts to my workout routine. Just practiced with free lessons online and I love it!!!!!

14 months ago


About a week ago I was talking about how difficult it is to clean behind washer and drier because I could not just move them out. My husband installed the folding door when we bought the house long time ago but did not realized that both units will not fit trough the opening. One of them had to be lifted up and lowered down. It was very difficult. And after that I can only clean it by reaching down from the top of the units. So I told him I’m gona yank this door and supporting wall out of there and fix that part of wall and paint it. The doors hardly ever used anyways and now I have to replace heating element in the drier. I will start working on it today. 14 months ago

moira123Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta & Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

My daughter pick these and it was amazing. She has a good taste.

14 months ago

moira123ugg boots

Recently I won UGG Australia gift card in the fashion contest and end up getting 3 pairs one for myself and the other two for my girls. Just got them in the mail and everyone is very happy. Thanks UGG Australia. 14 months ago

moira123Workout and PMS

This is my second month and I’ve noticed there is no PMS of any kind. I looked it up just now and apparently endorphins which are released during work out help relieve or in my case eliminate any kind of symptoms. So happy about that. 14 months ago

moira123Gilroy Garlic Shrimp & Persian Flatbread

Delish!!!!! For the bread I could not find one of the seeds so I used poppy seeds and did not have pizza stone so I used upside down glass baking pans.

14 months ago

moira123Crispy Cheddar Chicken/ mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs

Yesterday: Crispy Cheddar Chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Very good!!! Today: mozzarella stuffed turkey meatballs. Unfortunately when I start cooking, mozzarella was nowhere to be found so I don’t know the true taste of this dish. I cooked it without it and it was ok, nothing special.

14 months ago


Great way to workout and learn some moves!!!!

I did 2 videos : This one is hard

This one is easy 14 months ago

moira123 14 months ago

moira123This looks

Awesome!!!! 14 months ago

moira123Spicy Sausage Pasta


Spicy Sausage Pasta

14 months ago


I want to be able to do what I used to : splits, bend all the way backwards, flips but its been long time. I found some videos to help me get there, they are great to begin with. I did them today.

Here some if anyone interested and
14 months ago

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