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molcoBook 122

The Denial of Death – Ernest Becker 8 months ago

molcoBook 121

Sauermugg – Stig Sæterbakken 9 months ago

molcoI'll never let myself look back

I just don’t see anymore why I have to keep this goal on my list. I’ll never look back again, I’ll never use this way to cope when I’m having a hard time. I will deal with wathever comes my way how it’s supposed to be dealt with.
Working out has been a huge help in my late recovery. It has truly made me able to shift my focus from my obsession with being thin. Yes, it’s a crutch, but that’s okay. I’m doing very good now.

Goodbye ED. 9 months ago

molco 6 years ago

molco 5 years ago

molcoBook 114-120

De boodschapper en de Koran – Kader Abdolah
De Koran – Kader Abdolah
The Political Ideology of Hamas: A Grassroots Perspective – Michael Irving Jensen
This Side of Peace – Hanan Ashrawi
Gaza in Crisis – Noam Chomsky
Løsningen er Grønn – Per Hj. Svae
Lasso rundt fru Luna – Agnar Mykle 9 months ago

molcoBook 113

The Arabs: A History – Eugene Rogan 15 months ago

molcoBook 112

Israel: A Concise Political History – Yossi Beilin 16 months ago

molcoBook 111

The Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner’s Guide – Dan Cohn-Sherbok, Dawoud El-Alami

A book with both sides represented. The Palestinian view I thought was very well written, the end debate in particular. 17 months ago

molcoBook 110

Jerusalem – Simon Sebag Montefiore

A compelling read about the history of Jerusalem 17 months ago

molcoBook 109

The Dead Sea Scrolls 18 months ago


Thank you for commenting. I’m too body conscious to swim. Silly, I know, but I just can’t do it. I think soon I can go for some short runs again though. Running is like my thing when it comes to working out, and it makes me happy.
Thanks again:-) 19 months ago


A running injury stopped me from running. Running made me be careful to eat enough so I could perform well. Contrary to many with eating disorders I never over-exercised, I was a pure restricting anorectic. Working out actually aids me in my recovery. Now when I can’t focus on running my focus shifts back to restricting. It’s very hard not to act upon these recent but oh so familiar thoughts. I don’t want to elaborate on them because everyone that has had an eating disorder pretty much know how it goes.

I understand now that why the average time it takes to recover from an ED is seven years. 19 months ago

molcoBook 108

1987 – Dag Solstad 19 months ago

molcoBook 107

En Far – Stein Erik Lunde 20 months ago

molcoBook 106

The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco 22 months ago


I’m very drawn to learning the so-called hard or even, claimed by some, impossible languages. Russian is definitely one of those. The pronunciation sounds very complicated and consonant-heavy, almost alien to an untrained air, but there’s not too many foreign sounds I’ve discovered. Nothing crazy where the correct sound is produced by attempting to choke yourself (ع anyone?). I’m having a bit of a hard time differentiating ж, ш, and щ, but hopefully I just need a lot of practice.

I’m currently going through the courses on Livemocha and reading some grammar on the side.

So excited for this. I hope I can keep my motivation up and study a little everyday. 22 months ago

molco 22 months ago

molcoBook 105

The Trial – Franz Kafka

I’m not sure I understood the more complex ideas that are proposed in the Trial, but it was a very engaging read in its own claustrophobic and everyday language-numbing way. And now I know what is meant by ‘Kafkaesque’. Personally I much prefer The Castle though.
When I get older and wiser I want to reread this book. 22 months ago


勉強頑張ってください!When you get over those kind of hurdles and get a feeling for the sentence stucture everything will become so much fun:-) 22 months ago

molcoBook 104

The Castle – Franz Kafka 23 months ago

molcoBook 103

The Man Who Disappeared – Franz Kafka 23 months ago

molcoBook 101 and 102

Natten Drømmer om Dagen – Ingvar Ambjørnsen
Moby-Dick – Herman Melville 23 months ago




数年の努力を台無しになるのが心配なので、これからは絶対頑張ります。 2 years ago


The way it is, I could leave it all
And I ask myself, would you care at all 2 years ago


A lot has changed health-wise in 2012.
Early this year I started fell running, which is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Over the course of the year I have come to love this sport, and I have noticed a curious change in my relationship to my body as I’ve progressed. I’ve finally found a goal I’m passionate about that is in conflict with my always #1 goal, which is being thin (or most preferably, skeletal). Now I’d rather get stronger and better at running. If I could push myself so hard to do something that my whole system resisted as best as it could, if I managed to ignore and fight hunger to such an extreme – then I wonder how much I can push myself at something my body is actually made to do? This thought exites me quite a lot.
My body does not have to showcase my feelings and despair through my unhealthy manipulation anymore – it has finally gotten a new task which it is more suited to do. Sure, I still get that desire to be thin, to pursue that sick dream of going even lower than my lowest, but I’ll never act upon it. It’s a sympton disguised as a passion, intriguing, almost intoxicating in nature. And I can recognize it as that, merely a symptom. Now, if I’d have to gain a couple of kilos to get better at running, I would do it. Maybe not happily, but willingly. I still have some ED-hangups, and I’m not yet a picture of health, so I’m still not finished with this goal. But as long as I keep a healthy relationship to exercise, I think there’s actually a way out of this for good. 2 years ago

molcoBook 100

Catch-22 – Joseph Heller 2 years ago

molco 2 years ago

molcoBook 100!

Catch-22 – Joseph Heller

I guess I’ll continue with the 1000 books-goal now. 2 years ago

molco 6 years ago

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