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This year I finally got my shit together and applied to six Creative Writing MFA programs. I was accepted to three of the six, and two of them offered me merit scholarships!

Honestly? I was totally shocked! I thought maybe ONE program would accept me, if I was lucky. I never imagined I’d actually have to make a choice.

It was tough, probably one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. But after a lot of thought, I decided to attend the Vermont College of Fine Arts. It’s a low-residency program, and I start in June :-) 1 year ago

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I finally managed to worm my way into a larger house by moving in with my long-time boyfriend who owns a condo on Long Island. Yes, my work commute sucks now, but at least I have space to put all my crap AND I have heat in the winter. Huzzah! 2 years ago

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