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Mary GeraldineDuring my trip... the beach to visit Stephanie, I finally got to purchase my ukulele and add this goal to my list. So far I’ve learned 6 chords; C, F, G, D, A, & Am. I have absolutely no idea where I am supposed to go from there. Haha. :v

PS Thanks to Stephanie for taking a picture of me before it was too late! 21 months ago

Mary Geraldine 21 months ago

Mary Geraldine 2 years ago

Mary GeraldineAnd just for fun 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineHey Stephanieeeeeeeeeee

Look what I found. It’s a list of dog friendly attractions in Wilmington!

There’s also Freeman Park at Carolina Beach and a place at Topsail but they are a bit of a drive. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineUhm

My car keeps breaking down. Keeps. Breaking. Down. I’m having to board my dogs. By the time I get there, I’m going to have spent $800 in order to do so. But it’s all good. We will make it and we will be grilling hot dogs on the beach!! :v 22 months ago

Mary Geraldine76 - 90

76. Hot Tub Time Machine
77. Snake Dogs AKA ferrets
78. my new Corkscrew Willow tree
80. H. Jon Benjamin
81. Gourds
82. hummingbirds
83. Bird feeders
84. Honda Fit
85. Mr. Men & Little Miss books/toys
86. Tony’s plinky noise
87. Serial killers
88. Corn
89. Tortoises
90. Small ponies AKA Punies 22 months ago

Mary Geraldineopposite of progress...

...i had to take out an emergency line of credit for vet bills. So I now have 3 current credit cards. Total of credit lines is only $1,300.00 and I am still steadily paying them down each month. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineMoney orders... hand. Now to send them off, pack my kit, and get busy studying!! 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineNevermind.

There they are. 22 months ago

Mary Geraldineweren't there...

...other comments on here? or am i yelling over nothing? I’M SO CONFUSED. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineHOMEWORK

Developmental Psychology
* Weekly write up due Monday 06-18
* Scrapbook & scrapbook writeup due Tuesday 06-19

History of American Music
* Powerpoint presentation due Tuesday 06-19

Argument Based Research
* Poetry reading due Monday 06-18
* Poetry research paper due Tuesday 06-19

I am so far behind on this. Not to mention all the “real life” stuff I’ve got going on.

  • getting new cell phones/service
  • tilling & planting the garden
  • water all plants & trees daily
  • draw draw draw draw draw draw
  • continue cleaning house
  • continue fixing up house
  • pay all bills, rent, etc 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineUhm...

...WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?? Hahaha. 22 months ago

Mary Geraldine71-75

71. creepy old photos
72. not so creepy, not as old family photos
73. craft stores/fairs
74. hidden object games
75. the first day/week of school

This is getting progressively more difficult!! Haha. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineSomeone...

...hit the mailbox. So I guess we will be getting a new one. Bought some things in order to start a garden. I also have some old tires and an old toilet that I am going to use as planters. I think I might even go ahead and build that reptile pen that I’ve been talking about for the last million years. I don’t have any box turtles anymore but I have a big ole sulcata baby that could use a summer house.

  • Pumpkin
  • Corn
  • Watermelon
  • Snapdragons

Corkscrew Willow !!!!


I want to get some bird feeders to hang in the trees once they are big enough. I also want to get some other trees. Weeping things and a purple smoke are some of my favorites! 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineOM NOM NOM


lole. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineI like...

...yo capitalization skillz.

PS I SECOND THAT YAY!!! 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineSince...

...leaving one of my jobs, I might be eligible for medicaid. I just found this out! Cross your fingers…... 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineThe week of...

...Independence Day is what we are striving for. It’s pretty much our last opportunity before classes are over and Stephanie comes home. The manchild has decided to come with us and that’s fine by me as long as we can make suitable arrangements for the dogs etc. One of my dogs suffered from heat exhaustion recently and so we are keeping an extra close eye on their behavior at the moment. A few of them might have to be boarded and the rest cared for by a dog sitter. We will see. I have about a million swimsuits between myself and my baby. I bought the manchild a father’s day gift that will come in handy on the beach as well. He just doesn’t know it yet. I also just had new brakes and tires installed on my car. So we are definitely preparing… 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineStill learning...


This is my first ever tattoo on fake skin. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineLearning... use a tattoo machine. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineI have...

...about ten pieces in a local art show. Yay!! Progress. (the pottery is not mine fyi just the drawings and tiny sculptures) 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineThe other arm...

...matches. Still a long way to go, obviously. But progress IS progress. _22 months ago

Mary GeraldineTwo...

...that’s right, TWO, baby cribs that are missing their hardware. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineI apparently can't do this...

....cut my hair again to try to eliminate split ends. It’s somewhere between jaw length and shoulder length now. sigh I’m kind of extremely sad about this. It was getting so long…. 22 months ago

Mary Geraldinethree weeks...

...into the summer semester!!! And already enrolled for fall. Way to go Idaho. 22 months ago

Mary GeraldineAwwww...

...thank you so much. I don’t feel very talented. I feel very nervous, out of practice, and downright horrible. But I think that the feeling I get once I share my work with people makes it all worth it. Thank you for your interest and definitely your comment. It means a lot to me. 2 years ago

Mary GeraldineEnrolled...

...for the summer & fall with 4 classes for each of the two semesters. I still need to…

  • apply for student loan
  • apply for fall financial aid
  • buy books
  • GO TO CLASS & PASS2 years ago

Mary GeraldineMarch 2012


2.17 years until payoff

Interest charges with plan: $3,218.28
Interest charges without plan: $10,881.14 2 years ago

Mary GeraldineProgress

I’m trying to get back into modeling. I had a shoot last week & am making plans with a few other people. My main goals now are to progress as a model (not accept sub par photos for my portfolio) and to become published. 2 years ago

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