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Nana T.Almost there...

After 6 months in Costa Rica I would say I am so close to meeting this goal. I’m now completely conversant in Spanish, and now just have to work on fine tuning my grammar. I still confuse some of the conjugations, but it’s coming easier to me now. Full immersion in a language is definitely the way to go… 6 years ago

Nana T.Welcome to Paradise...

So that´s the cheesy line a DJ uses on the Engligh language radio station here, but there´s a lot of truth to it. I am spending a year here, and have loved practically every minute of it. This country is indeed rich, with wildlife, warm people and a laid back attitude that I missed in Boston, Mass.
If you haven´t been, definitely go, and try to enjoy those spots off the beaten path. 6 years ago

Nana T. 2 years ago

Nana T. 2 years ago


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