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New Isabella

vaya con Dios...

Recent entries from New Isabella
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New IsabellaHappy Birthday, Julie Andrews styl-ee, flowergirlresumed!

Sound of Music cake image from Between the Pages blog

I’ve always loved Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music, and your “favourite things” goal inspired me today! Wishing you all your favourite birthday things today, and I took the liberty of updating the original song lyrics with some of your favorite things for you to sing (with apologies to Oscar Hamerstein II). :)

Flowergirlresumed’s Favourite Things

la la, la la
Trees silouetted against dusky skies
Swift rivers roaring as waters rush by
Wild flowers everywhere grow towards the sky,
These are a few of my favourite things…

la la, la la
Comedy sketches by Morecombe and Wise
Watching birds nurturing chicks til they fly
the attitude of an inspiring guy,
These are a few of my favourite things…

When I’m fearful,
Nothing’s cheerful,
And I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel…so bad…
la la, la la la la…

Hope your new year to come is filled to the brim with love, beauty, inner peace, health & every happiness, and many happy returns! 2 years ago

New Isabella 2 years ago

New IsabellaHere's a Peachy-keen sun for summer solstice avatar week...

Impression sunrise by Claude Monet, 1872; image via wikimedia commons2 years ago

New IsabellaThanks, Kim, for your encouragement!

And best wishes on your mission today. The flylady would be proud of you and your shiny (or at least clear) sink!

I’m glad notifications are working again here, so that I could see your comment and cheer it tonight! 2 years ago

New Isabella"There is a sense of accomplishment...."

That’s the beginning line of the very first entry I ever cheered on 43-Things, which was 19,000 cheers and almost 5 years ago. I went back to read that entry again tonight, which was written by a fellow who called himself JunkYardSaint, who hasn’t been around here for quite awhile. I really identified with his entry about the changes that he wanted to make in his life, and how he hoped that 43 Things would help him. I especially identified with how he’d put things off for YEARS and how he seemed to have lost all motivation.

The bad news is that I STILL really identify with what he wrote. I STILL feel stuck in many of the same ways I did when I first came here, and wonder why I can’t seem to get motivated. But the good news is that I’m glad I’m still here in spite of my struggles.

I gave my 19,000th cheer to his goal “make my life matter.” I hope that, wherever his is, he feels like his life does matter. My interactions with him mattered when I was new here, and feeling quite alone. And at least on a good day, I do feel like my life matters, even if I’m not where I think I’m supposed to be. And at least giving 19,000 cheers does give me some sense of accomplishment tonight.

Thanks, JunkYardSaint, wherever you are. (Maybe now that notifications are fixed, I should send him a comment or message and try to tell him.)

And thanks, 43 Things, and all the people here, for inspiring me and teaching me and entertaining me and cheering me on and helping me remember that my life matters, and so do yours. A big cheer to you all.

CHEER! 2 years ago

New IsabellaSo very close today!!!

:D 2 years ago

New IsabellaWeek of 6/11/12-6/17/12 - June berry austerity...

June berry or serviceberry tree fruit – image via

Now that the bright red berries lend
Color to the June berry tree
My need is urgent to befriend
Denial and austerity.

I touch the fruit with lips of wish
And with the fingers of soft words,
And leave them, a delicious dish
In taste and substance to the birds.

- Jessica Powers, Richer Berry (excerpt)

A friend here has a June berry tree and I’ve tasted muffins that she made from the fruit – they tasted like blueberries. Last week at the local park I got a chance to pick and taste a different type of June berry – wild raspberries – but I left most of them for the birds or whoever else finds them. It brought back memories of childhood berry picking.

Wed.:N:- I took care of a committment, and then I dawdled away the afternoon and evening.
Thu.:N:- I dawdled away the entire day. Sigh...
Fri.:N:- FINALLY did 2 things I’d been dreading; now taking care of my volunteer committment
Sat.:N:- FINALLY bought a refrigerator.

. 2 years ago

New IsabellaThank you for all you're doing year after year, Segsy!

And congratulations to your team this year.

How was the walk? I hope you had a great turnout, and had lots of fun. 2 years ago


image via seasonsoflove ’s avatar – nice job, seasonsoflove!

Today’s the day that Segsy and her team are set to walk on their annual quest to help those with Crohn’s disease and colitis. Please cheer her on, and if you have a dime or two you can spare, throw her team another Hail Mary pass by donating those spare dimes via the link here at this entry. Segsy and her team are really close to their goal of raising $3,000.00. Every dime counts towards a great cause. Thanks to all who are supporting Segsy this year!

GO, TEAM SEGSY! 2 years ago

New IsabellaThanks, Colleen...

I’ve never heard of this organization, and I’ve never heard my friend mention it, so I doubt that she knows about it. We’ll have to check it out. 2 years ago

New IsabellaYou are most welcome, Jansu...

I’m glad your day today was better, and that you do like John O’Donohue. Actually, it’s good for me to read that blessing back to myself again tonight along with reading yours. Thank-you. 2 years ago

New IsabellaToday will go away soon enough, Jansu...

I hope a better day is coming for you soon.

Last weekend I saved something I’d come across, and I didn’t know why. Today after reading your recent posts I decided to pass it along to you. It’s one of the many blessings written by John O’Donohue. I find his writing to be comforting and healing, and hope that you do, too.

To Come Home to Yourself by John O’Donohue

May all that is unforgiven in you
Be released.

May your fears yield
Their deepest tranquillities.

May all that is unlived in you
Blossom into a future
Graced with love. 2 years ago

New IsabellaErnie has found a home, even though he has not been tamed...

Ernie spent over a week being boarded by the spay/neuter clinic, but he wasn’t tame enough to be put up for normal adoption. After a number of false leads, my friend finally had her friend & co-worker agree to take Ernie to live in her back yard as an outdoor kitty. She delivered Ernie to his new home yesterday. I hope it works out for all concerned.

Meanwhile, I’ve heard rumors of several people finding ways to help the remaining feral cats until they can be caught, neutered, and possibly adopted out.2 years ago

New IsabellaWeek of 6/4/12-6/10/12 - Going with the flow...

image: postcard of Augusta canal, approx 1875; source –

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Tue.:Y:2 – spent too much time at the library in the afternoon…
Wed.:N:was running late this morning; I accomplished 2 things that needed to be done
Thu.:N:accomplished something in the morning, but ended up reading a book all afternoon…
Fri.:N:walked with a friend in the morning; did normal volunteer commitment this afternoon…
Sat.:N:spent way too much unproductive time on the computer in the afternoon…

Notes to self:
I did make some notes so I can reconstruct what I did and didn’t do. Not a good week for this goal. Avoidance is probably not flow, and I was avoiding some things that still need to be done… 2 years ago

New IsabellaNo, you are not a bad person...

I spent a short time this week helping out a couple from my church. She has just been put in hospice care, and he had a doctor’s appointment, and is afraid to leave her alone. So I sat with her while he went out. I could see after my brief visit that he really has his hands full. He told me that he may have to find someone to come in and spend the night, as she is not sleeping well at night, which means he is not getting enough sleep. She is also confused and does not seem to be aware that she is in hospice care now. The poor woman has been suffering from cancer for a long time.

I hope weallareone is right and there are other resources available that can help fill the gap. Do you know why the respite care company shut down? 2 years ago

New IsabellaWow, that would stress me out, Carm!

I hope people will be able to fill in for you while you’re gone so that there isn’t a huge backlog of work waiting for you when you return. Maybe it will turn out to be a good time to sort through and declutter your stuff when you get back to your office.

I have a friend (and fellow packrat) who was told suddenly and unexpectedly last week that her little group has to move their classroom teaching materials & supplies to a new location, and she and her co-workers are really stressed out about it, too. 2 years ago

New IsabellaBest Birthday Wishes to you, Carm!

image via wikimedia commons

In the language of flowers, pansies mean “thoughts”, and my thoughts will be with you in the weeks to come as you go through your surgery and recovery. I wish I could send a staff of helpers to assist you and Walter and your mom through all this, but I hope that plenty of people will be there to care for you all until you are completely healed from your injuries and restored to good health. May the coming year be filled with wonder, joy, peace, and love, and many happy returns! 2 years ago

New IsabellaWeek of 5/28/12-6/3/12 - Ode to June's return...

Macadam country road image via wikipedia

What joy have I in June’s return?
My feet are parched — my eyeballs burn,
I scent no flowery gust;
But faint the flagging Zephyr springs,
With dry Macadam on its wings,
And turns me “dust to dust.”

- Thomas Hood, Ode Imitated from Horace (1844), st. 2.

|Sat.|:|?|:|- went refrigerator shopping but could not make up my mind| 2 years ago

New Isabella#8 I like that I've become open-minded enough to explore what is meant by the word "spiritual"...

artwork A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment by Nicola Dale

Today, on Pentecost Sunday, my church celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit to the early Christian church. I wore red, which is customary to symbolize how the first Christians saw “tongues of fire” indicating the presence of this spirit amongst them.

When I was very young, the church I attended with my mother used to refer to this spirit as “the Holy Ghost”, which was even more mysterious, and even after two years of catechism class, I really had no clue as to what this could really mean. In my later teenage years I became a believer in science and rationality, relegating “things of the spirit” (and most things religious) to the realm of superstition and mumbo-jumbo.

But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that my habits of thinking are often quite irrational in spite of my best efforts. Simultaneously, I’ve grown more and more interested in spiritual practices and ideas, things like prayer and meditation and forgiveness and devotional reading, for example, and the wisdom I can gleen from them about better ways to live my life. I still have trouble with the word “spiritual”, but I liked some ideas I found today in this article by Brother David Steindl-Rast: about how a better word for spirituality might be “aliveness”; and how “aliveness” might be measured by the ability to be “in touch with reality, all of reality, and not have to block out certain aspects”; and how my habits of thinking can be what blocks my ability to be in touch with reality. Of course, it’s one thing to read about spiritual practices, and another thing entirely to actually practice them, and I have a bad habit of getting these two things confused. Even so, I occassionally have glimpses of what I think might be meant by “walking in the spirit”, enough to keep me trying to open myself up even more.

In his article, Brother David also mentioned poetry as a way to access the spirit, or one’s aliveness, and quoted poetry by T. S. Eliot. That reminds me of my favorite lines from Eliot’s poem The Four Quartets, East Coker, which I’ve pondered for years now, and which seem to tie right in with the fire of Pentecost and coming to discover more than a lifetime’s aliveness burning in each moment:

Home is where one starts from. As we grow older
The world becomes stranger, the pattern more complicated
Of dead and living. Not the intense moment
Isolated, with no before and after,
But a lifetime burning in every moment
And not the lifetime of one man only
But of old stones that cannot be deciphered.
2 years ago

New Isabella 2 years ago

New IsabellaI am thankful that my headache is gone, for now anyways...

It hit me yesterday afternoon when I got home, and I didn’t get anything done except sleep.

I felt soooo much better this morning. Still grateful this afternoon. 2 years ago

New IsabellaBeginning all over again...

image from wikimedia commons

I don’t know what zone I’m supposed to be in this week, but my bedroom and bathroom really REALLY needed a good cleaning, and I was able to get that done this morning. I got up early to help out my cat-catching friend, and then another commitment that I’d made got cancelled at the last minute.

I feel so much better tonight. 2 years ago

New IsabellaFeral cat report....

1. The Good: Bella (formerly known as Ashley) is doing well, although she is still a little skittish compared with Sweet Pea. I saw their owner last night and he said that he likes to carry Bella around and comfort her when she gets scared, and he knows she is going to be just fine.

2. The Bad: My friend’s apartment complex has sent out letters forbidding any tenants to feed any of the feral cats. Now my friend is trying desperately to rescue at least some of the 5 adult cats that were coming regularly to her door to be fed. She got permission to try to trap cats, and early this morning she caught one that she has named “Ernie”. (Ernie looks like Arnie’s twin brother, except he’s got more white and less orange fur than Arnie.) Ernie was neutered today and my friend will have to find someplace for him to stay tomorrow.

And, to make things even more exciting, my friend discovered two new kittens early this morning outside her door, so her next priority is to attempt to trap the mother and the kittens. My friend had known the mother cat, who has been coming to be fed for a long time now, was nursing again, but the mother had kept the kittens hidden until today. This same cat is probably the mother of Arnie, Sweetie Pie and Sweet Pea as well.

I have told my friend that I cannot take any more cats or kittens right now. It takes too much of my time and energy and I have many other things that I’ve been neglecting lately. She’s ok with that, although I don’t know if I am. I wasn’t going to take Bella/Ashley until the morning that I saw her in the trap and felt the need to step in and help. Sigh…

I am really hoping that this will turn out to actually be a good thing, and that my friend will be able to save at least a few of the cats without getting herself in trouble and without getting me too involved. Luckily, she has some unexpected time off right now to devote to her rescue mission, and she’s not shy about asking other people for help. 2 years ago

New IsabellaIt's time for Memorial Day weekend appliance timely!

I hope I can get my act together soon and make a decision. 2 years ago

New IsabellaProgress on seizure impermanence...

My kitty’s seizures seem to have disappeared thanks to the new medicine she’s been taking.

However, at the original dose, my kitty was very groggy and grumpy and just not herself, and there was a discharge from one eye as well.

Per the vet, I am slowly reducing the dose to half the original amount. My kitty is still sometimes groggy and grumpy, but lately she is also jumping into bed with me early in the morning to purr, and jumping up on the counter to eat. In other words, she’s getting back to normal. Her eye is looking better too, although she will not let me clean it.

Have to go pick up another prescription of the medicine tomorrow. 2 years ago

New IsabellaWeek of 5/21/12-5/27/12 - My goodness how May has flewn!

image of Salvador Dali’s “exploding soft watch” via

“How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?”

- Dr. Seuss (source unknown)

|Mon.|:|Y|:|2 – late-in-the-day excuses: oh, my aching back & head…|
|Tue.|:|N|:|- no good excuses…at least my aching back and head were much better…|
|Wed.|:|N|:|- no good excuses…at least I sat at my desk for awhile & sorted through some papers.|
|Thu.|:|Y|:|2 – making a new beginning, but then something unexpected came along… |
|Fri.|:|Y|:|2 – change of plans late in the day…|
|Sat.|:|N|:|- came down with a headache – 2nd one of the week – at least my back was fine!...| 2 years ago

New IsabellaSympathy cheer...

I think I would have been angry and upset to have someone tear off the shower door if I were in your shoes. Of course, he is a very sick person, as is your MIL. And the job of a caregiver for one person with dementia is challenging, let alone caring for two people at the same time.

Wish I could help somehow, and I hope that you can get some help from others. And there is one who has all power – I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

((((hugs)))) 2 years ago

New IsabellaToe bells?

That would be a feet feat now, wouldn’t it? I’ll have to suggest that for the next talent show. Thanks! :)

(or maybe we could have bells in our fingers and rings on our toes, which might be easier) 2 years ago

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